Theodore's World: Responding to Obamacare: Restore, Defeat. Defund, Repeal by Dick Morris

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March 25, 2010

Responding to Obamacare: Restore, Defeat. Defund, Repeal by Dick Morris

Responding to Obamacare: Restore, Defeat. Defund, Repeal

By Dick Morris

Let's begin our reaction to the passage of Obamacare by remembering Winston Churchill's famous formulation with which he introduced his war memoirs:
In defeat: defiance
In war: resolution
In victory: magnanimity
In peace: goodwill

Now is the time for defiance! Here's what we must do:

1. Restore the Medicare cuts mandated in this bill. Block the reduction of physicians' fees by 21% scheduled to take effect this fall. Override the cuts in Medicare that require annual approval by Congress. Challenge the Democrats over each and every cut. Try to peel away enough votes to stop the cuts from driving doctors and hospitals to adopt the course already taken by the Mayo Clinic in refusing to take Medicare patients.

2. Defeat the Democrats in the 2010 election! Start with the traitors who voted no in November and then switched to a shameful yes when it counted in March: Baird (Washington), Nye (Virginia), Kosmas and Boyd (Florida), Then go on to win the open seats in the House and Senate. And then fight to replace as many Democrats as possible. Remember: Any Democrat who voted no would have voted yes if they had needed his or her vote. The only way to repeal Obamacare is to vote Republican.

3. Defund Once we get the majority in both chambers, defund appropriations for the Obamacare program. The bill passed by the Congress and signed by the president is simply an authorization measure. Funds must be appropriated for it each year by Congress. Through zero funding these changes, we can cripple them before they take full effect.

4. Repeal And, once we defeat Barack Obama, we need to proceed to repeal this disastrous plan before it can ruin our health care system. Then, we must replace it with a Republican alternative which relies on the marketplace, tax incentives, and individual responsibility to provide health care to all Americans.

Above all, we must finally learn the fundamental lesson this political process we have been through has to teach: That there is no such thing as a conservative or moderate Democrat. Blue dogs don't exist in real life. Only yellow dogs.

The days when there were Democrats who refused to follow their radical leftwing party line are over. There are no longer "state" Democrats who vote conservative as opposed to "national" Democrats who vote with the left. They are an extinct species. Some Senators and Congressmen capitalize on our memories of those days and pretend to be moderates. But they are just faking it.

Nancy Pelosi knew -- as Harry Reid knew in the Senate -- that she had the potential support of every single Democrat in her chamber if only the price was right. The sole difference between moderate and liberal Democrats is their asking price. Moderates require slightly higher bribes to assure their votes.

There are only two kinds of Congressmen or Senators: Democrats and Republicans. We have had a national education and its time to learn from it. In days gone by, intelligent people liked to say that they voted for the person, not the party. Now those who say this are fooling themselves. There is only party! The most conservative Democrat is way to the left of the most liberal Republican.

The Democratic victory on Obamacare will prove the most expensive in the party's history. It will lead to the eradication of their majority, the defeat of more than fifty of their Congressmen, the switch of Senate control, and Republican domination for decades. And, in the end, it will have done nothing to improve health care. But, fortunately, we can win the 2010 election to stop it from doing much damage.


Wild Thing's comment........

Obama has trashed the Constitution, so ofar he has the green light to his destruction.

It’s not enough to see them swept out of office. I want to see them physically tortured and put into a zoo cage for people to throw rocks at.

At the very least strip them of all their benefits and force Obamacare on them only. See how they like living under their own rules.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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Posted by Wild Thing at March 25, 2010 05:40 AM


Nice thesis. However there are still a significant number of voters who will vote for the Dems. The Dems also have a very successful vote getting machine in place. They have their gerrymandered safe dstricts and an army of community activists and union members to get out the vote in contested districts. ACORN folded up but morphed into a number of other identical organizations with the same methods and goals. If they get an amnesty bill passed before 2012 they will garner millions of new voters spread out over the country.

Defeating Dems may be more of a challenge than Morris admits.

Posted by: TomR at March 25, 2010 11:05 AM

If Massaachusetts is any indication the democrats don't have the numbers to run the tables again. They had to depend on the Independents to get obama in. New Jersey and Virginia also were good indications of how the country is feeling and it aint good. But if the Republicans start running RINOs again then we are dead in the water.

The biggest obstacle will be a fight between the Republicans and the Tea Party. we can win this thing if we work together, a common cause if you will, to kill Obamacare, defund it, castrate it whatever it takes but it will take a big effort on all our parts.

Posted by: Mark at March 25, 2010 07:50 PM