Theodore's World: Rush Calls Obama's Lies About The Stimulus "The Big Lie"

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February 18, 2010

Rush Calls Obama's Lies About The Stimulus "The Big Lie"

Rhetoric vs. Results: Exploring the Democrat Record on Jobs

"Here are the results of one party control of the government by the Democrats: 4 million 22 thousand total jobs lost with unemployment reaching its highest point in 25 years"

The last 11 months have been spent on an agenda that is out of step with the struggles of the American people. An agenda that expands the reach of government, increases the deficit, and requires us to borrow even more money from foreign countries.


Rush: "Lets go back to Hitler and The Big Lie, in his 1925 autobiography Mein Kampf, 'expression was coined by Hitler to describe a lie so colossal...The Big Lie had to big, it had to be so big that nobody would believe anybody would have the audacity to lie that way, if you're gonna go, if you're gonna lie, go big, put your lie on an Atlas rocket and launch and fire that sucker

"Obama has spent more than FDR did on the New Deal and there's nothing to show for it, zilch, zero, nada.

"I know, I know, I know, we're not supposed to talk about Adolf Hitler,
but this administration is making it really, really tough to ignore some facts out there."

"The Big Lie was an expression coined by Hitler and the Big Lie is exactly what all of liberalism, Marxism, socialism or communism is."

"Would somebody explain to me why we need a blue ribbon commission on fiscal responsibility?
Is that not the job of our elected leaders in Congress and in the White House?"

"I can't stand being lied to, that, and arrogance and condescension, cockiness, unwarranted conceit,
those kind of human characters just drive me nuts."

"The Big Lie today is the stimulus worked. They're doubling down on this and the reason why they're doubling down on this is because it's been such an abominable failure."

"John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan showed that you must cut taxes to increase revenues to the Treasury,
because cutting taxes will lead to new jobs."

"Long-term we're in deep, deep, deep trouble because this debt that he's run up cannot be sustained,
and down the road, if these people are still in office after 2012, we're going to have tax increases out the wazoo. Everybody."

"What do I stand for? Limited government. Fiscal responsibility. Strong military. Tax cuts. Incentivizing business.
Recognizing who it is that makes the country work, it's the private sector, recognizing the history of this country
and our traditions and our Constitution. That's the only document we need, and you apply it to every issue that comes along."

"Do you realize how much money has been spent, allocated and now wasted on a hoax?
We have destroyed the US automobile business over a hoax!
We have polluted the minds of children in our public school system for decades over a hoax!

"Barack Obama has the audacity to claim that he inherited a mess from Bush,
yet he voted for every phase of it, for every spending bill that Bush and the Republicans put forward."

"George W. Bush took the unemployment rate down to 4.7% It started skyrocketing up the moment Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats took control of the House in 2007."


Wild Thing's comment.........

They keep repeating and repeating and repeating that the stimulus worked when the economy is worse than it was when they started. Everyone knew that it was nothing more than what Rush calls a democrat slush fund full of pet projects. And apparently there is quite a sum in the order of hundreds of billions that is still unspent.

The MSM continues to repeat their lies about the stimulus, refusing to hold Obama accountable and that’s how he propagates the lie. If the MSM weren’t in his back pocket, um like the last president, he’d never get away with this lie. So when Rush compares it to Hitler’s “The Big Lie”, it doesn’t seem that far off.

Posted by Wild Thing at February 18, 2010 05:48 AM