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February 11, 2010

Congressman Carney And Obama's Health Care Reform

Christopher Carney ( Democrat ) US Representative for the 10th Congressional District of Pennsylvania

Congressman Carney:

Just received your answer to one of my letters(E-mails). Thank your for the reply it is always good to know that I am not writing to a ghost.

I have been to the Town Hall meetings and was not allowed in because the lines were too long and so many SEIU members were taking up space for real people with real concerns.

I know you voted for this behemoth, progressive, anti-American Health Care Reform bill. No where in the Constitution is Health Care considered a 'God Given Right'. You do agree all of our rights come from God and not the government ? But since you voted as Nancy Pelosi wanted you to vote you don't believe that.

You talk about the exploding cost of covering Medical Bills for the uninsured and those who have pre-existing condition and mention a figure of $4.3 Trillion dollars. You failed to mention the unfunded Liabilities, Medicare, the American people are on the hook for to the tune of $ 74.7 Trillion dollars and that number keeps on growing, as do they all, along with Prescription Drug Liability of $18.7 Trillion dollars plus Social Security 14.7 Trillion for a grand total of $ 107 Trillion dollars. Putting every single citizen in debt for a whopping $340,000.00 each. This unfunded Liability has to be paid. Do you know, Congressman, where this money is going to come from, Your Great grand Children and mine. And if this government keeps aggravating the Chinese and the Chinese call in their marker (over a Trillion dollars), that we owe them , Where is that money going to come from Congressman ? You just voted to raise the debt limit to $1.9 Trillion dollars. Debt is debt Congressman, somebody has to pay for this...Who will that be Hmmmmm?

And whatever happened to the transparency on Health Care that was promised. It was promised to be on CSPAN not behind a LOCKED DOOR where nobody could even get a look at what was being 'cooked up'.

Abortion and Illegal Aliens will get this Health Insurance according to the House Bill you voted for, then there was no reason for Joe Wilson to be censored in the House Chamber, he was telling the truth.

How is this reform of any value to a Taxpayer. When the Government comes between Me and my Doctor and tells my doctor what he can do and what he can not do for me. Since when is the government in the business of studying medicine and knowing what each individual needs, ergo, this is really, rationing. This is what your Health Care system is all about. Special Needs children and Seniors are on the short end of the stick on your Health Care Bill, Congressman. Since when do the American People leave one person behind because of a disability due to either age or a birth defect.

No, Congressman, this is the worst government intrusion into the private lives of Americans ever. At the Chosin reservoir in Korea the Marines even brought out their dead at 30 degrees below zero. We as Americans have a duty to take care of our own not punish them for being sick, not punish them because they don't want your 'Progressive, egalitarian nonsense Health Care Reform'. Blue dog ???

Since you have been in the Navy, and now the House of Representatives, you swore an oath to the United States Constitution, 'to protect and defend it against all enemies foreign and domestic'. As smart as you are, you of all people should know we are not a democracy but a representative Republic.

After the Constitution was ratified, Benjamin Franklin was asked by a woman on the street, " Sir, what have you given us"?. Franklin, replied, " A Republic, Madam, if you can handle it". I will keep the Republic, Congressman, oh one more thing, remember Massachusetts.

God Bless, America

And Semper Fi, Congressman.

Mark T. Gray


Wiild Thing's comment......

Thank you Mark for this excellent letter to Congressman Carney. So often when we send an email, any of us, they seldom respond so that is a ray of hope that he will listen.

Below is some information I thought would be interesting with this:

Other information about Carney:

McCain called Carney, asked him to switch parties

McCain called Mr. Carney at his home in Dimock Twp. to ask whether he would consider joining the GOP, a Carney spokesman confirmed. The effort to persuade Mr. Carney was first reported by Politico, which quoted a GOP aide who said the party received "a nibble" from Mr. Carney.

But Mr. Carney's spokesman, press secretary Joshua Drobnyk, rebutted that part of the report. Mr. Carney in a statement late Wednesday said he was "flattered" but not interested.

"I appreciate the Republican Party's outreach, but I have no plans to change parties," Mr. Carney said.

Mr. McCain is not the only high-profile Republican to court Mr. Carney. He has also received phone calls from U.S. Rep. Peter Sessions, chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, and U.S. Rep. Bill Shuster, a "close friend" who represents a large district in Southcentral Pennsylvania, Mr. Drobnyk said.

Twenty-Eight Blue Dogs Vote For Pelosi's $1.3 Trillion Health Bill

He was also one of the 28 Blue Dogs voting in favor of $1.3 TRILLION Pelosicare (who apparently fear the wrath of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi more than the will of their own constituents).

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

Posted by Wild Thing at February 11, 2010 03:47 AM


That is a great letter Mark. I hope Rep Carney receives enough letters and realizes his district is not a bastion of liberals. Or, we can hope the Repubs run a good conservative against him in Nov. Again, that was well written Mark.

Posted by: TomR at February 11, 2010 02:33 PM

Mark, thank you again for writing this and for letting all of us see it too. I need to see this kind of thing becauae I tend to go off too much when I write sometimes and I think I might come off too hot angry. You did a great job making your points and concerns.

Posted by: Wild Thing at February 11, 2010 07:20 PM