Theodore's World: Thought Control on the American Campus~ Sheesh!

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January 07, 2010

Thought Control on the American Campus~ Sheesh!

Think What We Think...Or Else: Thought Control on the American Campus

Texas teachers warned against being 'heterosexist'

'We must help people to become committed to social change'


Candidates for certification to teach in public schools in Texas are being told that they will be held accountable for any "heterosexist" leanings and must become agents working to change society, according to one candidate who was alarmed by the demands.

The applicant, who requested anonymity for fear of repercussions, told WND part of the teachings on multiculturalism required him to read several online postings about the issue inside the education industry.

One warns that "teachers and administrators must be held accountable for practices deemed to be racist, sexist, heterosexist, classist, or in any other way discriminatory." And a second warned that educators must not define education as the basic skills.

"How do we create a better world? How do we do more than simply survive? As educators, we must help people to become committed to social change," the article demanded.

The teacher candidate told WND the studies were mandated by the Region 10 service center for the public school educators' program.

The center had a recording that it was closed throughout the holidays and officials could not be reached by WND.

But spokeswoman Debbie Ratcliffe at the Texas Education Agency said the state rules require teacher preparation programs to cover 17 curriculum topics, but not multiculturalism.

Although the training should address educating special populations such as English language learners and children with disabilities," she added.

"While we establish the broad rules that are to be followed, we do not write or approve a training program's curriculum," she said.
She said the articles, if part of the program, were chosen at the region level.

One of the articles was on the EdChange Multicultural Pavilion and discussed defining "multicultural education."

There it states that there are several focuses for such programs, including those that insist "on education change as part of a larger societal transformation in which we more closely explore and criticize the oppressive foundations of society and how education serves to maintain the status quo – foundations such as white supremacy, capitalism, global socioeconomic situations, and exploitation."

The article demands, "Schools must be active participants in ending oppression of all types, first by ending oppression within their own walls, then by producing socially and critically active and aware students."

"The underlying goal of multicultural education is to affect social change. The pathway toward this goal incorporates three strands of transformation: 1. The transformation of self; 2. The transformation of schools and schooling; and 3. The transformation of society," the teaching material said.

The traditional teaching approaches, it continued, "must be deconstructed to examine how they are contributing to and supporting institutional systems of oppression."

It demands that the "transformation of society" be part of a school's goals.
"It is not enough to continue working within an ailing, oppressive, and outdated system to make changes, when the problems in education are themselves symptoms of a system that continues to be controlled by the economic elite."

In Minnesota, among the issues discussed in the plans, are requirements that teachers would be able to instruct students on the "myth of meritocracy" in the United States, "the history of demands for assimilation to white, middle-class, Christian meanings and values," and the "history of white racism."

Those demands appeared to be similar to those promoted earlier at the University of Delaware.

As WND reported, the Delaware university's office of residential life was caught requiring students to participate in a program that taught "all whites are racist."

School officials immediately defended the teaching, but in the face of a backlash from alumni and publicity about its work, the school decided to drop the curriculum, although some factions later suggested its revival.

FIRE, which challenged the Delaware plan, later produced a video explaining how the institution of the university pushed for the teachings, was caught and later backed off:

Minneapolis Star-Tribune columnist Katherine Kersten said the Minnesota plan would have required teachers to "embrace – and be prepared to teach our state's kids – the task force's own vision of America as an oppressive hellhole: racist, sexist and homophobic."
She wrote, "The first step toward 'cultural competence,' says the task group, is for future teachers to recognize – and confess – their own bigotry. Anyone familiar with the re-education camps of China's Cultural Revolution will recognize the modus operandi.
"What if some aspiring teachers resist this effort at thought control and object to parroting back an ideological line as a condition of future employment?" she posed. "The task group has Orwellian plans for such rebels: The U, it says, must 'develop clear steps and procedures for working with nonperforming students, including a remediation plan.'"

Wild Thing's comment.......

Even if we could stop this , right now, it will still take 10-20 years to undo the crap they have already instilled in our society.

Let's file one complaint after another alleging discrimination against conservatives, Christians, etc.

The Demonrats keep adding to the list of non-problems.

AGW, racism, now it’s “heterosexist”, an entirely new creation from the laboratries of Hell. The Liberal cancer continues to consume our Republic.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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Posted by Wild Thing at January 7, 2010 02:45 AM


It sounds like they are actively promoting Queerism. Since when has the public school had the responsibility to teach anything except the 3-R's.

This is proof positive, why graduating Seniors can't read their diplomas. If we do get the congress back in 2010, we got alot more work to do than just kick obama in the ass but to take our whole country back.

The Public School's are a cesspool of degradation and perversion.

Posted by: Mark at January 7, 2010 10:55 AM

Liberalism/communism almost has to be indoctrinated(or forced). It is not a natural human leaning. America, with it's constitutionally guaranteed freedoms, has not been a good arena for liberalism. So the minority liberals have sought to devalue The Constitution and also control public education. They seek to weaken the Republic by turning groups against one another while at the same time promoting multiculturalism(geared to the minority culture).

I know younger people who have been all the way through this education process from grade school to college. I am surprised at how many of them reject the indoctination and retain traditional values. It may be that once they are out in the real world all that phony indoctrination doesn't stand up to day to day reality.

Posted by: TomR at January 7, 2010 12:18 PM

Union Made!!!

Posted by: Jack at January 7, 2010 07:40 PM

Mark, it sure does.
Praying for our country. All of this enters in to weaken our Nation.

Tom, thanks for sharing that, I bet your right.

Posted by: Wild Thing at January 8, 2010 12:54 AM