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January 29, 2010

Senator-elect Scott Brown On Jay Leno Show Last Night ( video )


JAY LENO: My guest and I have two things in common: We are both from Massachusetts and both known for our good looks. It's amazing, Kevin. This is when we ask ten questions. We call it '10 @ 10.'

Tonight, our special guest won a stunning victory to be the first Republican senator from Massachusetts in 30 years. Say hello to Senator-elect Scott Brown.

Scott, how are you doing?

SCOTT BROWN: Great, Jay. It's good to be on.

LENO: I just talked to him back stage for about two seconds. You told me something amazing. Your dad was a frequent guest in our home. My dad hired your dad, and he was the new young insurance agent. Your dad would come to my house when I was a kid.

BROWN: That's right. And apparently your folks named your dog 'Bruce' after my dad.

LENO: That's right. I did have a collie named 'Bruce' after his dad. Well, say 'hi' to your father for me. Give him my best.

BROWN: I sure will. I will, Jay. Thank you.

LENO: Now are you ready for these 10 hard-hitting questions?

BROWN: I think so.

LENO: All right. Here we go. Number one: First thing you do in the morning?

BROWN: Well, after I obviously clean up, I work out. I probably swim throughout the week probably two miles, I bike about 95, and I run probably 15 to 20 miles a week. So you divide that by five or six, and that's how it works out.

LENO: God, that's another thing we have in common. This is unbelievable. I can't believe it.

Question number two: Have you ever stolen anything?

BROWN: Yes, I did. When I was 12, I hate to tell you, but I stole some records up at Lechmere, up in Middleton-Danvers area, and I put 'em in my farmer jeans. I got caught and went to the judge's chambers.

He said, 'Hey, I see you like music. What else do you do?' I said, 'Well, I like basketball.' He said, 'Are you good?' I said, 'Yeah, I’m really good.' He said, 'Do you have any brothers or sisters?' I said, 'Yeah I do.' He said, 'Do they look up to you?' 'Yes.' 'Do they love you?' 'Yes.' 'Well, how do you think they'd like to see you play basketball in jail?' And he had me write a 1,500-word essay. I wrote it, and I haven't done anything like that since. And it's a good reminder.

LENO: There you go. Very good. Very good.

Now, question number three: It's been widely publicized that while you were attending law school you posed for Cosmopolitan Magazine.

BROWN: Yeah.

LENO: Now if you would ever run for president... (Shot of the centerfold) God, that's another thing we have in common. If you were to ever run for president, would you consider doing it again to get female voters?

BROWN: Well, that's an interesting question, Jay. And the only reason I did it back in 1982 is because you weren't available, number one.

Leno: Yeah, that's right.

BROWN: And then, obviously, it's almost 30 years later. I'd probably have to do it for Mature Senior or AARP Magazine. So it's a little different now.

LENO: See, I didn't do it because they didn't want to spring for the extra flap for the magazine. All right.

Number four: A friend of mine from Massachusetts told me that car dealerships are having Scott Brown specials. What does that mean to the car dealership?

BROWN: Well, there's two of them actually, Jay. One is that you can buy a used GMC Canyon and you get a special deal. The other one, Jay, is this right here. (Holds up official Scott Brown toy truck) You've got the official Scott Brown truck and you're going to get the first one. These are available, too. So...

LENO: Really?

BROWN: So, there's two things going on. I'm gonna get you the first one.

LENO: How many miles do you got on your truck?

BROWN: 202,000.

LENO: Wow! Very good. Very good.

Number five: What movie have you watched the most, and can you recite a line from it?

BROWN: Well, I like a lot, all movies, but I've watched probably Rocky, 1 through 30, Rambo, 1 through 25. So, obviously you know, 'Adrian, Adrian. We did it. I did it.' So...

LENO: There you go. All right. So, you like the art house films.

BROWN: Yeah, yeah, they're really deep.

LENO: Number six: Your opponent Martha Coakley made a huge mistake not knowing that Curt Schilling played for the Red Sox. I think she said the Yankees. What was your biggest campaign blunder?

BROWN: Oh, gosh. Well, aside from forgetting to take the dogs out and coming home to a very messy house, a couple of times I just made some verbal gaffes, but nothing to worry about. But certainly nothing like the Red Sox gaffe. Curt Schilling is definitely a Red Sox fan.

LENO: OK. Number seven: Did you have a nickname growing up?

BROWN: Yeah, they called me 'Downtown Scotty Brown' when I played basketball because I enjoyed shooting first of all, all the time, but secondly, from behind the three-point line. But the difference is when I played, I hate to say it, they didn't even have the three-point line.

LENO: All right. Here you go: When was last time you talked to the President? And could you beat him one-on-one in basketball? You're about the same age and he's pretty fit, too.

BROWN: Well, he looks like he's in great shape. It would certainly be a tough game. But the only time I spoke to him was election night. And I did challenge him to pick his best, and I'll take my daughter, Ayla, who plays for Boston College. And we challenged him to a little two-on-two. I think we'd have the upper hand.

LENO: Really? Really? All right. You heard it. So that is a, that is a challenge going out tonight.

BROWN: Yes, absolutely.

LENO: All right. You heard it. All right.

BROWN: It'll be fun.

LENO: All right.

Number nine: Unlike your former opponent, Martha Coakley, you are a big Red Sox fan. In 15 seconds, can you name the starting five pitchers for the Red Sox in 2010? Starting five pitchers--

BROWN: Well, it's obviously up in the air a little bit. But you have Lester, Lackey, Buchholz, Beckett and Wakefield or... Let me see here, yeah, probably Wakefield or Daisuke.

LENO: All right. Very good, very good. OK.

Last question: A B or C-- When your daughters heard you say on election night that they are available, they were A) embarrassed, B) they laughed it off, C) got over 500 phone calls from John Edwards?

BROWN: I'd have to go with B. They laughed it off, and then they yelled at me. So...

LENO: There you go. Senator Brown, congratulations. Thank you for coming on.

BROWN: Thank you.

Wild Thing's comment.......

Scott Brown is so unflappable .. that trait will serve him really really well in DC.

Leno and Brown are from Massachusetts and their fathers know each other. Jay's dog when he was a kid was named after the Scott's father.

Posted by Wild Thing at January 29, 2010 04:50 AM


That's his strong point thinking outside the box. Unlike obama, uh, oh , dah...

Posted by: Mark at January 29, 2010 10:51 AM

Let's just hope Brown doesn't turn out to be one of those New England "moderate" Republicans, a RINO. So far he seems to be very conservative.

Posted by: TomR at January 29, 2010 12:32 PM

He seems like an everyday average Joe so far. He's got great appeal to just about everyone. Did you read that some genealogists says he's 10th cousins to Barack Obama? What a hoot! Now that's comedy!

Posted by: Lynn at January 29, 2010 02:04 PM

Mark, hahahahahaha good one.

Tom, yes he seems pretty conservative about most things. I hope he stays that way. I would hate to add him to the list of Snowe and McCain etc. that we have to worry about

Lynn,oh how funny, no I did not know that. hahahaha

Posted by: Wild Thing at January 30, 2010 12:31 AM