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December 01, 2009

Global Warming Consensus: Garbage In, Garbage Out ~ by Michael Barone

Michael Barone on Cavuto is excellent!!!! This is a must see video.

Global warming consensus: garbage in, garbage out

The Washington Examiner

By: Michael Barone

Senior Political Analyst
November 29, 2009

As Air Force One heads to Copenhagen for the climate summit Dec. 9, it will presumably not make a U-turn while flying over the Climate Research Unit at University of East Anglia near Norwich, England. But perhaps it should. The 61 megabytes of CRU e-mails and documents made public by a hacker cast serious doubt on the ballyhooed consensus on man-made global warming that the Copenhagen summit was called to address.

The CRU has been a major source of data on global temperatures, relied on by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. But the e-mails suggest that CRU scientists have been suppressing and misstating data and working to prevent the publication of conflicting views in peer-reviewed science periodicals. Some of the more pungent e-mails:

"I can't see either of these papers being in the next IPCC report. Kevin and I will keep them out somehow -- even if we have to redefine what the peer-review literature is!"
"Can you delete any e-mails you may have had with Keith re AR4?"
"I've just completed Mike's Nature trick of adding in the real temps to each series for the last 20 years (ie from 1981 onwards) and from 1961 for Keith's to hide the decline."
"The fact is that we can't account for the lack of warming at the moment and it is a travesty we can't."
"I'm getting hassled by a couple of people to release the CRU temperature station data. Don't any of you three tell anybody that the UK has a Freedom of Information Act!"

You get the idea. The most charitable plausible explanation I have seen comes from the Atlantic's Megan McArdle. "The CRU's main computer model may be, to put it bluntly, complete rubbish."

Australian geologist Ian Plimer, a global warming skeptic, is more blunt.

The e-mails "show that data was massaged, numbers were fudged, diagrams were biased, there was destruction of data after freedom of information requests, and there was refusal to submit taxpayer-funded date for independent examination."

Global warming alarmist George Monbiot of the Guardian concedes that the e-mails "could scarcely be more damaging," adding, "I'm dismayed and deeply shaken by them." He has called for the resignation of the CRU director.

All of which brings to mind the old computer geek's phrase: Garbage in, garbage out.

The Copenhagen climate summit was convened to get the leaders of nations to commit to sharp reductions in carbon dioxide emissions -- and thus sharp reductions in almost all energy usage, at huge economic cost -- in order to prevent disasters that supposedly were predicted with absolute certainty by a scientific consensus.

But that consensus was based in large part on CRU data that was, to take the charitable explanation, "complete rubbish" or, to take the more dire view, the product of deliberate fraud.

Quite possibly the CRU e-mailers were sincere in their belief that they were saving the planet. Like Al Gore, they wanted to convince the world's elites that the time for argument is over, the scientific consensus is clear and those who disagree can be dismissed as cranks (and should be disqualified from receiving research grants). If they had to cut a few corners, well, you have to break eggs to make an omelette.

For those of us who have long suspected that constructing scientific models of climate and weather is an enormously complex undertaking quite possibly beyond the capacity of current computer technology, the CRU e-mails are not so surprising.

Do we really suppose that anyone can construct a database of weather observations for the entire planet and its atmosphere adequate to make confident predictions of weather and climate 60 years from now? Predictions in which we have enough confidence to impose enormous costs on the American and world economies?

Copenhagen, despite Barack Obama's presence, seems sure to be a bust; there will be no agreement on mandatory limits on carbon emissions. Even if there were, it would probably turn out to be no more effective than the limits others agreed to in Kyoto in 1997. In any case, China and India are not going to choke off their dazzling economic growth to please Western global warming alarmists.

The more interesting question going forward is whether European and American governmental, academic and corporate elites, having embraced global warming alarmism with religious fervor, will be shaken by the scandalous CRU e-mails. They should be.


Wild Thing's comment........

They aren’t going to go quietly into that good night......and neither shall we!!

Garbage In, Garbage Out! ..........Nice slogan for the 2010 elections.

Posted by Wild Thing at December 1, 2009 04:49 AM


"Garbage In, Garbage Out!".....I work at inputting boiler and pressure vessel inspection information into a newly formed national database. Not a day goes by I do not use that slogan. Sadly, it is VERY TRUE!!!!

Posted by: jan at December 1, 2009 06:45 AM

forgot to mention - I think it is Rush that says how out of touch this WH is. Parallel universe. Another term I use in my work :).... And the proof once again is right here; not allowing hard proven facts and truths get in the way of their smoke and mirrors agenda. I feel like I am watching Romper Room or Capt'n Kangaroo. Even they were more believable than this band of charlatons. I sincerely despise these clowns.

Posted by: jan at December 1, 2009 06:52 AM

What a knee buckling disappointment these emails must be to obama and Congress. These revelations may have killed their chance to saddle us with great taxation and loss of freedom. Oh well. These boys and girls will pull other schemes out of their sleeves.

Posted by: TomR at December 1, 2009 12:12 PM

I agree, Tom, their attempt at raping this country to make us survivally-dependent on them is a disgusting travesty - and a big blow to any trust that may have ever been there for our country's leadership/admin. Now I wonder what other creative way(s) they will choose to steal our freedom. We must stay on the front line of the fight aka not drop our guard.

Posted by: jan at December 1, 2009 01:43 PM

This disclosure will show how much credibility obama really has. So far the white house has given short shrift to this leak of E mails disclosing the fraud perpetrated by these pseudo Scientists, Algore included. So in spite of the facts obama is going to go forward with the Cap and Trade anyway knowing full well the people know this whole global warming is a scam.

They have refused to debate the issue, as if there data is impeccable, beyond reproach and not open to peer review. What data has leaked out has been flatly disputed by greater minds than those hiding the facts.

For the Hypothesis of Climate Change they have proceeded with biased data and skew the results to come out as they want, not by honest interpretation. This is why the destruction of some 40,000 E-mails and the FOA has been declined. Their data consists of nothing more than faked Computer models.

On Rush yesterday, one geologists said, the the Glaciers have been melting for 11,000 years...hell-o this isn't new in other words the Earth does as it damn well pleases and nothing we can do to destroy it nor prevent it...Like turning the light on in the basement all the cockroaches run for cover.

Posted by: Mark at December 1, 2009 02:52 PM

Jan, thank you for sharing about that, your work and what Rush says too.
That is very interesting.

I despise these clowns too. I just keep praying
we can turn all this around, the destruction from
within and one day take our country back.

Posted by: Wild Thing at December 2, 2009 01:29 AM

Tom, good way to put it and that is what
could happen too.

" These boys and girls will pull other schemes out of their sleeves."

Posted by: Wild Thing at December 2, 2009 01:32 AM

Mark,agree, when they refused to debate the
issue that made them look guilty then too.

Posted by: Wild Thing at December 2, 2009 01:34 AM