Theodore's World: Jane Fonda's Friend Jodie Evans Met With Taliban ~ Code Pink Gives Terrorists Direct Line to Obama

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November 18, 2009

Jane Fonda's Friend Jodie Evans Met With Taliban ~ Code Pink Gives Terrorists Direct Line to Obama

Jane Fonda: Obama Funder Jodie Evans Met With Taliban; Code Pink Gives Terrorists Direct Line to Obama

Big Government

Top Obama donor and fundraiser Jodie Evans met with the Taliban in Afghanistan on a recent trip there, according to a report by Jane Fonda of a discussion she had with Evans last month. The meeting with the Taliban took place just weeks before Evans was videotaped directly handing to President Barack Obama a package of information about her trip to Afghanistan at a high dollar fundraiser in San Francisco.

The meeting with the Taliban was kept secret by Evans and her group Code Pink in reports she and the group posted from Kabul and in interviews with the media and bloggers about the trip. Fonda, a close friend of Evans, let the secret meeting slip in an account of her dinner with Evans at a fundraiser for the Armand Hammer Museum in Los Angeles:

Last Saturday, My dear friends Jodie Evans and Max Palevsky, invited Richard and me to join them at their table at a fundraiser at the Armand Hammer Museum in Westwood. It was a good evening for lots of reasons. I had never been to the museum and definitely want to go back. Clearly it is a courageous place, very cutting edge. Then, too, I saw lots of friends I hadn’t seen in a long time and I sat next to Jodie who told me a little about her recent trip to Afghanistan with an American delegation that included a retired colonel, and member the State Department (Army Reserves Col. (Ret.) and ex-diplomat Ann Wright). While there, she met with people ranging from the brother of President Karzai, Afghan members of Parliament, activists, to warlords and members of the Taliban (emphasis added.) Jodie is co-founder of the peace organization, Code Pink, and always willing to go to any lengths to try and find out what’s really going on. Bottom line: everyone she met with wants the U.S. Military out of their country. They feel our presence there has brought more violence rather than security. Please read a short article she wrote about the trip which is on the Women’s Media Center website.

There is precedent to suspect that Evans is acting as a conduit for the Taliban to Obama. In June, her fellow Code Pink co-founder Medea Benjamin hand carried a letter out of Gaza from the terrorist group Hamas addressed to Obama.

Over the seven years of its existence, Code Pink has acted as propaganda shills for the anti-American governments of Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez, Bolivia’s President Evo Morales, Cuba’s Castro brothers and Iraq under Saddam Hussein, as well as Middle Eastern terrorist groups.

Fonda has her own history of working with America’s enemies. During the Vietnam war she visited North Vietnam in 1972 and was photographed manning an anti-aircraft battery used to shoot down American planes. Fonda also recorded propaganda radio broadcasts for the North Vietnamese communists

In 2007 Code Pink brought Fonda out of protest retirement at a so-called antiwar demonstration held at the Navy Memorial in Washington, D.C.

What was in the package that Evans gave Obama at the San Francisco fundraiser? She describes what she gave Obama in an article at the Huffington Post:

…we were careful to make the package very user and security friendly. It was filled with photos, quotes, thousands of signatures (on a petition against more troops for Afghanistan), a copy of Rethink Afghanistan and our 25-minute interview with Afghan MP Dr. Roshanak Wardak from Wardak Province, who is adamant that the U.S. should not send new troops and rather, must leave.

Evans notes that she gave a similar package to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi who was also at the fundraiser being held in her city.

No mention is made by Evans on whether she relayed oral or written messages from the Taliban to Obama. However, it is a strong possibility given Fonda’s revelation and Code Pink’s history.

Code Pink’s image as kooky but well-meaning women committed to peace is belied by their words and actions. At home they work to undermine morale in our soldiers, their families and the American public. Abroad they work with terrorist enemies of the United States.

And one of Code Pink’s co-founders, Jodie Evans, works with President Obama. Is anyone in our nation’s capital paying attention?


Wild Thing's comment.......

So Obama gets his news from terrorists, next he will be bowing to them.

A hand-delivered package, though, will be off-record. They probably have other channels that are more watched, monitored, and regulated. So, Obama has a Code Pinko carrying on now not-so-secret talks with the Taliban and being a envoy between them. He’s completely not involving the CIA or any intelligence agency.

John Kerry did this same thing during Vietnam. He should have been executed for it. Ditto for Jane and this Jodie Evans and all the other leaders of Code Pink. If it wasn't called treason when code pink went to Fallujah and Ramadi in 2003 and gave aid and comfort to the enemy. And if it wasn't called treason when jane fonda went to N. Vietnam and gave aid and comfort to the enemy. When will giving aid and comfort to the enemy ever be called treason, and dealt with accordingly?

And we all know what a scum a total scum communist Hanoi Jane is.

Jodie Evans

"..Jodie Evans is a radical activist and Democratic fundraiser best known as the co-founder -- along with Diane Wilson, Global Exchange's Medea Benjamin, and a Wiccan calling herself Starhawk -- of Code Pink for Peace. Evans also works closely with Leslie Cagan, the pro-Castro leader of United For Peace and Justice..."

Code Pink’s “Sugar Mommy” – Jodie Evans

"..Ms. Evans is a very rich and powerful woman, thanks largely to her divorce settlement from the billionaire capitalist Max Palevsky in "common property" California..."

These women can all join the John Kerry Traitors to America and our troops Club.

" a fundraiser for the Armand Hammer Museum in Los Angeles..."

Now there's an interesting connection. Look that one up. Armand was the son of one of America's earliest Communists - Julius Hammer. Despite being one of America's richest men at the time, old Julius was also a close confidant of none other than Lenin himself.

Julius's next best friend was an itinerant backwoods tent-revival preacher from Tennessee whom Julius' money and influence made into a US Senator. His name was Albert Gore, the father of our own dear frog-boiling, global warming "Chicken Little" - Albert J. (for "Julius" after his father's political/financial patron) Gore "Jr".

Armand Hammer simply followed in his daddy's footsteps and used their family fortune to promote "Socialist" (just a cowardly euphemism for Communist) causes around the world including the "Armand Hammer World College" in Montezuma, NM. Hammer was just another dirty Communist bastard. It doesn't surprise me in the least that Jane Fonda would be raising money for his "library", or that the Code Pinkos are involved.

The biggest terrorist attack on American soil since 9-11, the Fort Hood Massacre, happens on Obama's watch.

Soros’ people , Barack Hussein Obama, Ms. Fonda and Ms. Evans do not like the United States, have never liked the United States, and will not be happy until it is turned into a little Marxist dictatorship. They also never met an enemy of the United States they didn’t like.

Posted by Wild Thing at November 18, 2009 05:50 AM


Will nothing ever satisfy these wealthy bitchy ladies? (if you can call them ladies). they remind me of Elmira Gulch from the Wizard of Oz. Have to have their hands in all the cookie jars. But for us to fight the same way against them is wrong in their eyes. Turnabout is fair play. You chose your side and I chose mine. Get over it. Stop playing Russian Roulette with terrorists.

Posted by: Lynn at November 18, 2009 08:21 AM

Well, undermining your country is so safe and easy here in the US. We don't lock you up for speaking out against your government. We don't execute traitors anymore. We don't have a free press that will report facts and shed sunlight on treason and/or corruption. Hell no! We give those who would destroy this country to have their 15 minutes of fame a free pass. No country having a tyrannical government would put up with the actions of Code Pink for one minute.
It's too bad that they don't go to N. Korea and protest Nuclear Boy there for his treatment of his people. (Human Rights, anyone? That will never happen because that would be dangerous and too scary!
It's so easy to be a traitorous socialist or communist in this country. No courage needed. And all the press and WH visits you could want.
What a pitifully pathetic waste of carbon-based lifeforms and oxygen!

Posted by: yankeemom at November 18, 2009 08:34 AM

Obama's rule for success..."It's not who you know. It's who you blow."

Posted by: Steve Gaston at November 18, 2009 09:14 AM

The Leftists are like shit magnets. They attract each other. Armand Hammer and Al Gore have followed in their fathers' footsteps while living the good life. Jane Fonda is pals with the Code Pinko bunch. Guess she gave up on that vegetable powered bus.

Kerry and Fonda set the standard during the Vietnam War. They got away with treason and no one has been tried for treason since, even though the practice is widespread. Even by two presidents.

Posted by: TomR at November 18, 2009 10:37 AM

They ARE, and will ALWAYS be TRAITORS. They are FAUX-communists. You know that they, AND their ENTIRE families would be the FIRST ones rounded up, ALL their possessions confiscated, and after being made to dig their own graves, they'd be buried alive because TRUE communists wouldn't waste one 'red' cent on a bullet to wax their sorry asses. "It can't happen here" PFFFFFFFFT!!

Posted by: pontiff alex at November 18, 2009 11:41 AM

A "pinko slut" comes to mind but that is too kind. You decide:

The following public domain information is a transcript from the US Congress House Committee on Internal Security, Travel to Hostile Areas, HR 16742, 19-25 September, 1972, page 7671.

[Radio Hanoi attributes talk on DRV visit to Jane Fonda; from Hanoi in English to American servicemen involved in the Indochina War, 1 PM GMT, 22 August 1972]

Text: Here's Jane Fonda telling her impressions at the end of her visit to the Democratic Republic of Vietnam;
(follows recorded female voice with American accent);

This is Jane Fonda. During my two week visit in the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, I've had the opportunity to visit a great many places and speak to a large number of people from all walks of life--workers, peasants, students, artists and dancers, historians, journalists, film actresses, soldiers, militia girls, members of the women's union, writers.

I visited the (Dam Xuac) agricultural coop, where the silk worms are also raised and thread is made. I visited a textile factory, a kindergarten in Hanoi. The beautiful Temple of Literature was where I saw traditional dances and heard songs of resistance. I also saw unforgettable ballet about the guerrillas training bees in the south to attack enemy soldiers. The bees were danced by women, and they did their job well.

In the shadow of the Temple of Literature I saw Vietnamese actors and actresses perform the second act of Arthur Miller's play All My Sons, and this was very moving to me--the fact that artists here are translating and performing American plays while US imperialists are bombing their country.

I cherish the memory of the blushing militia girls on the roof of their factory, encouraging one of their sisters as she sang a song praising the blue sky of Vietnam--these women, who are so gentle and poetic, whose voices are so beautiful, but who, when American planes are bombing their city, become such good fighters.

I cherish the way a farmer evacuated from Hanoi, without hesitation, offered me, an American, their best individual bomb shelter while US bombs fell near by. The daughter and I, in fact, shared the shelter wrapped in each others arms, cheek against cheek. It was on the road back from Nam Dinh, where I had witnessed the systematic destruction of civilian targets-schools, hospitals, pagodas, the factories, houses, and the dike system.

As I left the United States two weeks ago, Nixon was again telling the American people that he was winding down the war, but in the rubble-strewn streets of Nam Dinh, his words echoed with sinister (words indistinct) of a true killer. And like the young Vietnamese woman I held in my arms clinging to me tightly--and I pressed my cheek against hers--I thought, this is a war against Vietnam perhaps, but the tragedy is America's.

One thing that I have learned beyond a shadow of a doubt since I've been in this country is that Nixon will never be able to break the spirit of these people; he'll never be able to turn Vietnam, north and south, into a neo-colony of the United States by bombing, by invading, by attacking in any way. One has only to go into the countryside and listen to the peasants describe the lives they led before the revolution to understand why every bomb that is dropped only strengthens their determination to resist.

I've spoken to many peasants who talked about the days when their parents had to sell themselves to landlords as virtually slaves, when there were very few schools and much illiteracy, inadequate medical care, when they were not masters of their own lives.

But now, despite the bombs, despite the crimes being created--being committed against them by Richard Nixon, these people own their own land, build their own schools--the children learning, literacy--illiteracy is being wiped out, there is no more prostitution as there was during the time when this was a French colony. In other words, the people have taken power into their own hands, and they are controlling their own lives.

And after 4,000 years of struggling against nature and foreign invaders--and the last 25 years, prior to the revolution, of struggling against French colonialism--I don't think that the people of Vietnam are about to compromise in any way, shape or form about the freedom and independence of their country, and I think Richard Nixon would do well to read Vietnamese history, particularly their poetry, and particularly the poetry written by Ho Chi Minh.

[recording ends]

Tom states the obvious very well.

These inhuman communists treated the S.Vietnamese citizens, it soldiers, allies and American prisoners alike, they tortured and butchered them as surely and in as graphic manners as any muslim butcher would ever imagine, forgive and forget, I don't think so.

Posted by: Jack at November 18, 2009 03:20 PM

Lynn that is just what he is doing too.

"Stop playing Russian Roulette with terrorists"

Thanks everyone soooo much.

Thanks Jack for the transcript.

Posted by: Wild Thing at November 18, 2009 07:49 PM

Operation Barbarella II? Did they wear burkas?

Posted by: darthcrUSAderworldtour07 at November 18, 2009 08:28 PM

"I cherish...." the the day you die Hanoi Jane. It's that simple.

Posted by: pontiff alex at November 19, 2009 02:04 PM