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November 05, 2009

Deadly Mass Shooting At Fort Hood Army Base In Texas

At least 7 are dead and 30 were injured after 3 gunmen opened fire on a crowd at Fort Hood in Texas.
Reuters reported:

At least seven people were killed and 12 wounded in a shooting at the Fort Hood, Texas, U.S. Army base Thursday, local media reported.

One gunman was in custody and another was on the loose at the military base, one of the largest military installations in the world, local media reported. There could be a third shooter involved, MSNBC reported.

Via FOX News– The FBI says terrorism was not involved. The shootings began about 1:30 p.m. Thursday at a personnel and medical processing center at Ft. Hood. 6 of the 7 victims were military.

The base is still on lockdown.

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX) reports on MSNBC that there may be 30 wounded.

McClatchey reports that the shooters used M-16 rifles.

KCEN-TV in Waco

KCEN-TV reports that about '500 military personnel are moving sacross the base' in order to secure it. Two suspects now in custody.

KWTX-TV and CNN reporting nine dead.

KCEN-TV is now reporting that there are two additional areas reporting shots fired. This is unconfirmed.

Reporting - 12 dead and 31 wounded.


SNIPPET: “KILLEEN, Texas - Officials at the Fort Hood Army Base in Killeen say 12 people are dead and about 30 are wounded in a mass shooting on the Fort property.


According to officials, a soldier carrying two handguns opened fire at about 1:30 p.m. Thursday at the Soldier Readiness Center at the post in Killeen, Texas.

“It would be an environment that would be very susceptible to casualties or injuries,” Killeen City Manager Connie Green said.

Officials said the gunman was shot and killed after quick response from security officers.

At least two other soldiers were taken into custody.

Army personnel said a civilian police officer was among the deceased. At least six of the wounded were military.

“We’re praying that those who are injured … are not seriously injured,” Green said.

The Fort Hood public affairs spokesman said the Army has set up a special operations center to handle the response.

The official base Web site posted a message that it is on lock down and in an emergency situation. It also urged people to stay indoors.

Nine schools on the base — seven elementary and two middle — are included in the lock down.


Military: Fort Hood Shooter, Suspects Soldiers


ABC News

Military Major Malik Hassan, a convert to Islam, originally from Virginia, is the Prime Suspect and now dead, killed by two PD Ofc

The shooter was killed and two other suspects, who are also soldiers, have been apprehended, Lt. Gen. Robert W. Cone said.

The general said there were "eyewitness accounts of more than one shooter," and the others were tracked to an adjacent facility.

Cone said that a gunman entered a facility known as the Soldier Readiness Facility, where soldiers who are preparing to deploy go for last minute medical check ups and dental treatment. Sources told ABC News that the soldiers gathered there were getting ready to deploy to Iraq.

The gunman used two handguns, Cone said. He wasn't sure if the shooter reloaded the weapons during the attack.

"The gunman opened fire and essentially due to the quick respond of the police forces was killed," said Cone.

The shooter was killed by civilian law enforcement and one police officer died in the shootout, Cone said.

The gunman's suspected accomplices were taken into custody in an adjacent facility known as the old SportsDome Complex.


OMG...OMG....Fort Barack Obama Gives "Shout-Out" Before He Comments on Shooting -- FOX News

Wild Thing's comment......

Prayers for the victims and their families. I will update as things come on the news.

I am not positive , but I think this is the Facebook for the shooter that was shot.

He is convert no less; the most dangerous type of jihadi. In a sane version of America, all madrassas and mosques would be shut down immediately !! And also when anyone in our military converts to Islam they should be kicked OUT asap!!!!!! Isalm is not religion, it is a LAW they follow, it is dangerous to our troops and to all of us. This was a TERRORIST ATTACK! Like the Muslim convert grenade thrower in Kuwait. He didn’t want to fight against his Muslim brethren.

Posted by Wild Thing at November 5, 2009 04:55 PM


The suspected gunman was identified as Major Malik Nadal Hasan a muzzie convert.

Shepard Smith would not say his name for fear of whatever... Obviously obama knew who it was too. He had trouble getting to the point of the Presser, and dildled around with some stupid meeting this morning before approaching the real subject of the Presser. This muslim bastard.

Posted by: Mark at November 5, 2009 05:47 PM

Prayers for these wonderful courageous murdered soldiers, and prayers for their families and loved ones. We await any news as we have school alumni and scouts there.....And it is apparent that going forward we will have to be the adults in the room because there are none in the WH.

Posted by: jan at November 5, 2009 06:04 PM

Great posting on this breaking story Wild Thing---you are quick. I noticed Sheppard Smith and others were slow in reporting the name of the shooter and I must say this political correctness thing has gone too far and most American are sick of this type of reporting. Sheppard Smith needs to find work at MSNBC he would fit right in there. It certainly appears this shooter was a muslim convert and wanted to kill as many American soldiers as possible. Again Wild thing, get posting on this breaking story.

Posted by: Ron Russell at November 5, 2009 06:28 PM

Realize that I worked for the Army for 34 years and was an Army reservist for eight. In a world long ago and far away.

Shut the Army down. It is obviously out of control and overrun with Muslims. A Major? How the Hell could a black Muslim be a Major. Bring the Army home. I'm sure they're just in the Marines way in Afghanistan. How the hell can you fight Muslims when you are in a foxhole with one? That question is what my WWII war hero-soldier father would ask if he were alive. I'll ask it for him. SHUT THE ARMY DOWN!

Posted by: horace at November 5, 2009 06:31 PM

Islamic Terrorists Kills 12 and 31 Wounded at Ft. Hood, TX!!!

Prayers for the victims and their families.

The war against Islamic terrorism is an asymmetrical war. Front lines can be everywhere.

Ft. Hood, TX, today, November 5, 2009, became one battlefield of Islamic terrorism, amongst, WTC in New York, Pentagon in Washington, DC, and Shanksville, PA on 9/11/01, as well as, 1993 WTC bombing in New York, the attack on our embassies in East Africa in 1998, and the attack on USS Cole in 2000.

Posted by: Anon at November 5, 2009 07:02 PM

Thank you Chrissie.

I felt this was the case from the outset. I'm furious, this politically correct bullshit has gone on too far. Please my fellow Americans eradicate this Menace from our society. Shepard, grinning asshole, Smith get your goat smelling ass down to Ft. Hood, go to the morgue and view what those you and your politically correct weasels refuse to acknowledge, muzzies did this you chickenshit candyass!!! It wasn't a PTSD incident as was espoused and speculated on by you and you can't shift the blame to honorable soldiers. The insanity lies squarely in the liberalism and the media. It's a deadly game anyone can play.

Posted by: Jack at November 5, 2009 07:05 PM

I hope one of my buddies from AIT is alright. I'm trying to get ahold of him. Last I heard he was at Ft. Hood. Dammit I wish I could find his phone number. I guess I'll try AKO.

P.S. I had suspected it would be a muslim.

Posted by: JohnE PFC U.S. Army at November 5, 2009 07:22 PM

Malik Nadal Hasan, the jihadi that led the attack on Fort Hood, was quoted as saying "Muslims have the right to rise up against the US military" "The Muslims have a right to stand up against the aggressors" "maybe we should have more of these where people strap bombs on themselves and go into Times Square" - this according to Col Terry Lee who worked with Muslim convert. ...Ahh why didn't this Colonel say anything to anybody .

This is what we are dealing with and we got one of these in the White House. If the other two are found guilty they should be hanged for treason.

We now have 42 casualties at Fort Hood, all because of Political Correctness. If a member of the Military suddenly changes his name, shouldn't that raise a RED FLAG, these are the people we are fighting. Isn't that something like a soldier changing his name to Japanese during the second world war...Helloooo...

Posted by: Mark at November 5, 2009 07:27 PM

I stand corrected. He's not a black Muslim, he's a psychiatrist M.D. Muslim. That's much worse.

I still say, Shut the Army down and clean all these people out. The Founders were strongly against a standing Army, no doubt thinking it would become as corrupt as Congress over time. Well, clean them all out.

Posted by: horace at November 5, 2009 07:30 PM

Thank you for the added information, oh man
it is up to 42 now? God help us.

This is worse then anything to be attacked on
a military base!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Wild Thing at November 5, 2009 07:42 PM

Ron, thank you so much. I appreciate it.

I agree, Shep Smith kept holding off
saying the shooters name. sheesh
News should not be just what they
feel like telling, it has to be
just out there, honest and this
is the way it is kind of news.

Posted by: Wild Thing at November 5, 2009 07:44 PM

JohnE PFC U.S. Army, lots of prayers for
your friend. Let us know when you hear
from him.

I have a friend at another base too waiting
to hear from his frineds at Ft.Hood.

Posted by: Wild Thing at November 5, 2009 07:46 PM

In my many years I have come to a conclusion that one useless man is a shame, two is a law firm and three or more is a congress.-- John Adams

Therein lies the problem!!!

Posted by: Jack at November 5, 2009 08:10 PM

Just heard the shooter is not amongst the dead as previously stated. Praying for your friend John!!!

Posted by: Jack at November 5, 2009 09:18 PM

Jack, your right.

The son of a bitch is alive -- can you believe it? He is in the hospital receiving the best medical care that your taxpayer dollars can buy.............. he is in stable condition. I am sure the libturd media will be lining up to get his sob story. CAIR must have lined up their Saudi financed legal team.

Now who get jurisdiction the Army or state of Texas.

If the Feds get involved in the prosecution he won't swing. this sux

Posted by: Mark at November 5, 2009 09:54 PM

Jack and Mark, OMG the second shooter is alive???
Shoot him again for pete's sake.

Posted by: Wild Thing at November 5, 2009 10:11 PM

WT, short summary of LTG Robert W. Cone´s 2nd press meeting:

1. Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan is a sole gunman.
2. 12 people are killed, and 31 are wounded at Ft. Hood, TX, by the sole gunman, Maj. Hasan.
3. The gunman, Maj. Hasan is only wounded, and in stable condition in an hospital.
4. My remark: Give the Islamic terrorist, aka Maj. Hasan the death penalty, and then hang him.

Posted by: Anon at November 5, 2009 11:10 PM

No dear, he's the goddam primary shooter, let me put a .45 into his f'king skull, we'll save the taxpayers a medical and trial bill. No he'll be scrutinized by the medico's, scrotumized by the muzzies at CAIR as a victim and exploited as a typical PTSD crazed soldier in the media making us all look like we're nuts. Obama will lionize him as a brother muslim being persecuted. Unfortunately it's a UCMJ federal case, the SOB will be fed and cared for like royalty for life. Rick Perry would likely let the Rangers do a little practice shooting. Mark is right again.

Posted by: Jack at November 5, 2009 11:14 PM

Jack thank you so much.
GRRRRRRRRRRRRR I wish they had not even taken him to a hospital.

Posted by: Wild Thing at November 6, 2009 12:26 AM

Why didn't they just say he tried to escape...Halt 3 times...then shoot his muzzie ass.

Posted by: Mark at November 6, 2009 07:06 AM

More Shocking and latest details on this case:

Posted by: James at November 6, 2009 08:50 AM