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September 24, 2009

Rush Limbaugh Discusses Obama's UN Speech

snipets from the Rush Limbaugh show during Obama's speech at United Nations

Also Rush will be on Jay Leno's new show tonight

This is scary dreadful. The mask came off. Obama took the mask off, and he is who he is. He was who he is today. He just ripped this country to shreds. He ripped Israel to shreds. He's promised we're no longer going to be a superpower. We're no better, we're no bigger, we're no different than any other nation, and he's going to see to it that this happens. The biggest applause line was when he said that the Israeli settlements are illegitimate. He challenged the legitimacy of them and the place erupted.

I got here in a great mood and I'm now peeved again just like I ended yesterday's show. Obama won this election by ten million votes but this is not what he had a mandate to do. I would describe what Obama is doing to this country as basically a coup. It is just frightening. He talks about a New World Order, and a New World Order is him. Obama is bigger than his country; he's bigger than the presidency; he is the world. He delivered the United States of America to global powers today, just handed us over on a silver platter without a gunshot, without a shot being fired. The United States has just surrendered and accepted all of the blame and guilt that the world has, that's why they love him at the United Nations. They love him at the UN. This collection of tyrants, thugs, weirdos, perverts, this collection loves this guy because he doesn't like America and they don't, either. So he goes up there, he rips his own country and they love it because they don't like America, either. This has been so sad and disappointing to watch.

He talked about Israeli occupation, the illegitimacy of the continued settlements. Barack Obama is deconstructing the United States of America, internally and now externally in terms of foreign policy. He's not an ambassador of our nation to the world. When our presidents in the past have gone to the United Nations, it has been as an ambassador of our country to the world. And he shows up just as he's done in other world tours ripping this country to shreds, criticizing it, telling the people at the UN that their negative thoughts of this country have been justified, but it's all different now, it's going to be better now because Barack Hussein Obama is in the Oval Orifice. There will be no world order that elevates one nation or group of people over another. That will not succeed. That's the future America wants, Obama said, speaking for you and me. He goes up to this bunch of miscreants at the United Nations and says, "No world order that elevates one nation or group of people over another will succeed."

Okay, good. Good. I then assume that to mean that we will not be helping any of these countries that ask for our help anymore, since we're all equal now; we can cancel the foreign aid budget. We're all equal so they can fend for themselves. No one nation is going to be bigger or more important than any other. The next tsunami, wherever it happens, that nation's on its own. We aren't the United States of America anymore. We're not going to send anybody over there to help them out. Next time there's an earthquake, next time there's a typhoon, next time there's a meteorite that destroys some part of the world, "Hey, you get hit, it's your problem," is that what this means? Obama basically apologized for the United States and relinquished our superpower status today. He declared that the United States is no longer the world's leading nation. He declared that we are not different than any other nation and so, folks, the whole concept of American exceptionalism by the bye, it's history. I saw it. I heard it. It is a disgusting spectacle.

Obama, folks, here we have a man who has contributed nothing to the success of this great nation, and I want you to listen to me on this. I'm going to say this as often as I have to for it to sink in. Barack Hussein Obama, a man who has contributed nothing to the success of this great nation, Barack Hussein Obama has contributed no greatness himself, has made no contribution whatsoever that has furthered this nation's advancement, nothing at all.

Instead, Barack Obama is constantly tearing down this country. He is disrespectful of the American people, all who have come before us. He disrespects every president prior to him. He disrespects all who have built this great nation at enormous cost. In his mind, everything prior to his presidency contributed to an unjust and immoral United States of America. He's contributed nothing. He's a sponge. He simply soaks it up. He is the beneficiary of the greatness, all the greatness this nation has to offer and he trashes this country nevertheless like a spoiled brat, 1960s radical born of the middle class but constantly seeking to slay ideological images. I think it is important to point out this man has contributed nothing, not one thing to the greatness of this country. His daughters, the greatest health care system in the world, he has access to it. Does he praise it? No. He tries to rip it to shreds and change it. He doesn't see anything in this country that is worthy of praise, other than unions, minorities, and community organizers.

He sees no greatness in the traditions and institutions that define this country. And this is constant. Whether it's the economy, the judiciary, foreign policy, he's constantly tearing at the fabric of this nation, and now he took it to the world stage today at the United Nations. He says the United States cannot solve all the world's problems yet his Marxist agenda says the opposite when it comes to the domestic policy, that is that the federal government can solve all the nation's problems. So he's up there at the United Nations, he's telling all these people, hey, we can't solve all the world's problems, we can't go it alone, and we can't do it, we can't do that this, oh, oh, but domestically the federal government is the only outfit that can do anything, and it's going to be the only outfit that will do anything because we're going to trash everything in the private sector.

Our government is arrogant, he says, when it comes to international affairs. I mean that seems to be the theme of his argument. We're arrogant, we're conceited, we walk around with a big head, we strut around and we don't care about the world's poor, we don't care about the world's disadvantaged, we steal the world's resources, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Arrogant, he says we are, when it comes to the international affairs. But our government is compassionate and all-knowing when it comes to our own liberty here at home, our government is wonderful, now that he's in charge. Never, ever has it been better. But internationally we've been arrogant. I have also never, in my period of time listening to presidential speeches at the United Nations, I have never heard a president reference his predecessor in a derogatory way, ever. And Obama did it repeatedly today.

~ snipet ~

This is why he wanted to be president. He's now president of the world. He's bigger than this country, in his mind. In his own inflated ego he's bigger than the presidency; he's bigger than this country.

America has always and first shouldered the burden of shared responsibility. We're a decent nation. We're an exceptional people. We've done things throughout our history for the betterment and the good of the world, and now this man is up at the United Nations before the Star Wars bar scene trashing the history of this country, ripping his own country to shreds and saying the days of American greatness are over because I'm going to tear it down. This speech is the one he wanted to give. This is why he ran for president, to be president of the world.

You, the American people, elected this guy by what was the margin? Ten million votes. He didn't have this mandate. He was not elected to cut this country down. He was not elected to serve this country up on a silver platter to our enemies and the globalists around the world. We have a disaster on our hands. It's Barack Obama.

Never in our history as human beings had such a man trod the earth with the remarkable ability to bring peoples of all kinds together, remember that magic?

Rush will be on Jay Leno tonight and he brings this up and speaks up about the left and Obama.

There were actually some dolts in this country who voted for the guy thinking that was possible. I did my pre-interview yesterday afternoon for the Leno Show tomorrow. And one of the questions they want to ask me is, "Why can't we all just get along? Why can't we just compromise, Rush?" And I said to the pre-interviewer, you know what the purpose of a pre-interview is? I learned this long ago. The purpose of a pre-interview is not to find out what you'd like to talk about. It's to find out what irritates you. They keep goading you and goading you and finally when you raise your voice, you get a little mad, that's when they know what to ask you about. I know this is true, it's happened, so I purposely acted like I was being goaded so that they would ask me things I want to be asked. You can't trick old El Rushbo. I said to the person doing the pre-interview, I said, "How come you're always talking to me about this? How come you're always coming to people on my side and saying, 'Why can't you compromise?' When's the last time any liberal Democrat ever compromised with me on anything?"

I said, "Where is the compromise between good and evil? Where is the compromise between victory and defeat? Where is this?" I said, "Besides, why are you even asking me about this? Obama said this is what he was going to bring and make happen, and you're asking me?" There are people who voted for Obama thinking all this was going to happen, and now he's up there giving this country away, remaking it, reforming it, blaming it for everything that's wrong in the world, cutting it down to what he thinks is its proper size and then lying to the people of the world about the dangers posed by climate change? He describes things of biblical proportion when he gets into all this destruction. Good Lord, folks, this is just breathtaking to listen to this. So I'm thinking, how many of these precious, very intelligent, stupid -- we got some of the smartest dumb people in this country you could ever run into -- how many of them voted for this guy, now are thinking, "Wait a minute, this is not what I voted for."

He did not have a landslide victory. He had a ten million vote margin. Even scarier than that, though, is to start thinking about and conjuring up, envisioning the Looney Tunes people that voted for the guy hoping to get exactly what he's giving them, people who also have some giant guilt complex about this country. They think this country is the source of all evil in the modern world along with the US military and it needs to be cut down, there's a lot of those people that did vote for the guy. But I am confident the vast majority of this country, conservative people, are just listening in increased shock and horror every day at what they hear from this guy. You walk by a television, I don't care where you are, he's on it. Every day, night and day, weekends, wherever you see a TV, likely he's going to be on it. And I think at some point people are going to tune him out, which is not good. Oh, Obama again, screw it, move on to something else.

refer to this as a coup, a bloodless coup. He has delivered the United States to the global powers without firing a shot. Nobody fired a shot at us and he's surrendering. He's giving up the country so he can lead the world. Now, this business of when he says that we're no better, and your rejoinder is that we're the best, this is something that, when I rarely go out there and make a speech in public, I ask people to consider. I'm still in awe of it. There are nations, populations, groups of people, who have been around for who knows, thousands of years. We've been around for less than 250. In less than 250 years, less than 300 million people have produced a lifestyle and a country of roaring opportunity and prosperity, a living standard the likes that the world has never seen before. And we have shared our greatness, the things that we have learned and done with everybody around the world, we have shared our prosperity, we have shared our abundance.

And I asked myself, how did this happen? Because in terms of DNA, we are no different than any other human beings on the planet. Just because we're born here, and just because as a result of being born, that we're Americans, doesn't mean that as human beings we're better. We're not healthier, we're not fitter, I mean coming out of the womb there's nothing special about us. There's not a special American gene that God decides to implant in people before they're born, it's not that way. So how is it that if we're really no different, how did all this happen? And the answer to me is very, very simple, and it's what leads to the concept of American exceptionalism. And the whole notion of American exceptionalism is that we are an exceptional people because we were founded under principles that allow individuals to achieve the best they can. We have freedom, and we acknowledge the source of our freedom is God. And it's these unalienable rights: life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, they come from God, they are part of our creation, our freedom, the yearning to be free.

That's our spirit. It's our soul. We're all born with it, all around the world but the rest of the world has never been invested with that responsibility and freedom. The rest of the world, the history of the world is torture, rape, mayhem, dungeons, prisons, totalitarianism, thuggery. The exception to the normal human nature that has characterized human beings from the beginning of time, the exception is the United States. And this is what is so saddening, to watch it being torn apart, ripped to shreds, criticized, and not even understood because Obama is saying, no, there is nothing exceptional about our country. In his view, we are tarnished. In his view, we are stained. In his view, we have been immoral and unjust and our Constitution is flawed. It is negative. It is imprisoning. It doesn't recognize the concept of civil rights and human rights and all these other little bywords that leftists throw around and don't even understand the true meaning of. So while as individuals, as human beings we're no better than anybody else in the world, as a people, constituted as Americans, living under our Constitution, which gives us the freedom to be who we are, to do whatever we want to be the best we can be or to screw off and not do anything, we have had that freedom. And that has led to some of the most incredible inventions, the most advanced.

Look at what happened in the twentieth century in this country. Look at all the things that were invented that made lifestyles expand and grow and prosper, and life expectancy ditto. It's just amazing when you stop to think about it, and there have been people on this planet for thousands of years and never got close to us. This nation is truly blessed. What happened in Philadelphia with the Founding Fathers, a miracle 'cause that's not the history of the world, and that's the whole root, folks, when you hear the term "American exceptionalism," it's not an ego thing. It's not anybody saying, "We're better than you." It is that we are the exception to the rule of human nature.

Wild Thing's comment.......

If yesterday with Obama's speech at the United Nations did not turn off millions more American's then already have wised up about this dictator Obama then there is NO way that other part of America is going to wake up.

It is OK with them to hear Obama bashing America? Well it isn't with me, and it isn't with our troops that are risking their LIVES to fight for our country either.

Rosenberg's 1935! Never forget when our country DID care about TREASON and selling us out.

Posted by Wild Thing at September 24, 2009 05:48 AM


What's really sad is no one seems to care and if you do, you're called a racist or worse. It's like Americans have rolled over and given him a free reign of power. I can't stand that way of living.

Posted by: Lynn at September 24, 2009 08:28 AM

Lynn, you're probably right as demonstrated when obama was elected.

People's willingness to throw American Exceptionalism, American Military Dominance, National Security, the Troops still downrange, and pretty much everything else in the face of a mild recession at worst; just so they could think they would keep their f*cking money, feel good about overcoming some farcical racial stigma (white guilt), and get "free healthcare" has shaken my trust in the people this Country to stand up for the Freedom and Saftey of the Republic. Since then, I have all but lost my faith in the american people.

I also blame myself for actually loving and being concerned for the future of my Country. Silly me, right?

Posted by: JohnE PFC U.S. Army at September 24, 2009 09:12 AM

Lynn, good point, they can't say anything
back so they call names, untrue names to
try to silence anyone speaking out.

Posted by: Wild Thing at September 24, 2009 05:31 PM

JohnE PFC U.S. Army, you are not silly at
all...oh wait unless we all are.

heh heh

Posted by: Wild Thing at September 24, 2009 05:34 PM