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September 01, 2009

Health Care Bill Breeches IRS Privacy

Health Care Bill Breeches IRS Privacy

By Dick Morris And Eileen McGann


As if Obama’s health care proposals were not flawed enough, CBS News reports a previously unnoticed provision of the bill which makes a shambles of any privacy surrounding your federal tax returns. Under the House bill, the IRS is required to make available to the new government Health Choices Commissioner” established by the legislation and to each state health program all of your personal tax information.

In a blog, CBSNews’ Declan McCullagh reports that “Section 431 (a) of the bill says that the IRS must divulge taxpayer identity information, including the filing status, the modified adjusted grow income, the number of dependents, and ‘other information as is prescribed by’ regulation” to the “new Health Choices Commissioner and state health programs.”

And, McCullagh also reports that, under Section 1801(a) “the Social Security Administration can obtain tax return data on anyone who may be eligible for a ‘low-income prescription drug subsidy’ but has not applied for it.”
So the Health Choices Commissioner and anyone in his office, the fifty state health programs and their staffs, and the vast Social Security Administration will all now have access to your personal tax information. It might as well be published in the newspapers. The rationale for providing this confidential tax information to all these people is not only to check on the eligibility of those who are seeking federal subsidy – a possibly appropriate use of it – but, also, to those who have not applied but might be eligible. This later20provision essentially authorizes the Social Security Administration to seek and obtain anyone’s income tax information under the guise of determining if they should have applied for a subsidy.
In his blog, McCullagh quotes Tom Giovanetti of the Institute for Policy Innovation as saying “How many thousands of federal employees will have access to your record? The privacy of your health records will be only as good as the most nosy, most dishonest, and most malcontented federal employee.” And not just your health records, your financial records too!
This legislation requiring an agency-to-agency transfer of confidential tax information runs against the general policy of the Privacy Act which prohibits such a paper flow. Generally, information has to come from the individual involved and cannot simply be passed from one government bureau to another. The IRS takes particular pains to keep tax returns confidential and leaks are rare. But this legislation will end any hope or pretense of privacy.

Wild Thing's comment......

But....but Obama is above all laws. Could obama leave any part of our existence alone? I guess he will have his ACORN pod people working on this too.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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Posted by Wild Thing at September 1, 2009 06:49 AM


They've opened the door for investigating past administrations with their latest witch hunt. I just hope the next one has the guts to take these people down and lock them up where they belong.

I don't believe it will happen until they are out of office, and that's going to have to be by election. The big players have too much money in this to not protect these bastards all they can, and as we know money = power and that's what speaks to our current corrupt politicians.

I mean, check out how Dodd skated on his loans, Rangel...come on, can you believe that guy? A Republican would have been in stocks on the town square at the first hint of bad tax returns. Turbo Timmy, the only guy who could save our finances? It's all so upside down it doesn't seem real.

It will happen, I become more encouraged everyday. Blago's book The Governor is out or coming out soon, I might have to buy that on eBay used -- not giving him another dime -- but I'll read it no-sales-taxed second-hand.

Posted by: Eden at September 1, 2009 08:08 AM

Do they really have to know everything about me? If they want to, they can check with the FBI. Because my brother went to Officer Candidate School way back when, they have a file on me. What are they going to find out? That I'm a boring, chunky little working housewife with no criminal past? Sure, I'm a danger-I support the Constitution. Like anyone could be frightened of little ole me. Give me a break and stay out of my finances. I can handle them just fine on my own. I can balance my own checkbook. Someone is awfully scared of something or they wouldn't be putting all the crap in this bill.

Posted by: Lynn at September 1, 2009 08:18 AM

This is part of the plan to circumvent the current laws especially that pesky thing the Constitution. The government will have access to your IRS account, records, files what you paid when and how much. And they will be able to access your personal Bank Accounts and take what they want when the time comes. In other words, you have nothing it all belongs to the state.

Above is a violation of a whole bunch of Rights guaranteed by the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

knowingly or unknowingly the democrats, Rinos and independents have elected the most radical leftists from and since the 1960's. They are now all in power. As we have seen they are moving at break neck speed to get this done. Before the American people wake up.

Posted by: Mark at September 1, 2009 08:47 AM

So, the new bureaucratic health agency can have access to my financial records, even if I don't apply for any benefits. I imagine they will also hav access to my VA records. No privacy at all. Yet, we cannot see our president's birth certificate.

Posted by: TomR at September 1, 2009 12:13 PM

Posted by: Jack at September 1, 2009 10:19 PM

Thank you everyone soooo much.

Thank you Jack for the link. I LOVE
that one so much Jack. Huge thank you.

Posted by: Wild Thing at September 2, 2009 01:52 AM