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August 05, 2009

Glenn Beck: Focus On Obama's Agenda Not His Eligibility

Glenn Beck's "The Story Of Barack Obama" On His Birthday ( Beck includes some of Obama's lies...there so many so these are just very few)

Now Glenn Beck Slams Obama Birth Issue


Glenn Beck, host of the Fox News' program, says people should be focusing more on the goals President Obama is pursuing and the way he is reaching them instead of questioning his eligibility to be president.

"I have to tell you, the – I mean, first of all, the birther thing, what are you going to do. Even if it was true, what, are you going to take him out of office?" he said today. "You can't do that."

Beck's comments came during a segment of his show when columnist Michelle Malkin was discussing the dangers of the dozens of "czars" appointed by Obama to run various projects for him.

Beck calls the "czars" "truly frightening."

Well, there are upwards of 44 of them now, at least that's the count of the watchdogs in the blogosphere that have been installed into office through presidential appointment and it is, as you've said on your show and I've said many times over the course of the last six months, a complete shadow government. And it's not just the amount of them. It's also the superfluousness. We all know that there have been czars in past administrations, Homeland Security czar, drug czar, et cetera, but there are so many extra layers here of overlords who have usurped authority from confirmed cabinet appointments, and this includes a very shady character, Adolfo Carrion, who was the Bronx borough president and delivered Latino votes to Obama in that neighborhood. This guy is now the urban czar who has many more powers over the already confirmed Housing and Urban Development secretary Shaun Donovan," Malkin said.
"One, it was a payoff and two, it's a way for Adolfo Carrion to carry out the same kind of 'pay for play' deals that he specialized in when he was the Bronx borough president. Now he can use millions, tens of millions, hundreds of millions of dollars in federal grants to pay off developers who are seeking favors from the Obama administration," she said. "That's just one example."

She also expressed concern about the administration's fascination with population control.

"John Holdren's mentors include one of the top international eugenics members most renowned, again, for promoting these same ideas of social engineering through the guise of quote/unquote science that basically amounts to eugenics and taking away babies from quote/unquote undesirables. He was paying homage to this mentor as recently as two years ago at one of the most prominent science gatherings of the country, the AAAS gathering, and there has been little, if any public questioning about it," she said.



1. Technology Czar: Aneesh Chopra.
2. Drug Czar: Gil Kerlikowske
3. Copyright Czar: Not appointed yet.
4. Energy Czar: Carol M. Browner
5. Car Czar: Ron Bloom
6. Terrorism/WMD Czar: Gary Samore.
7. Health Care Czar: Nancy-Ann DeParle.
8. Education Czar: Arne Duncan
9. Economic Czar: Paul Volcker.
10. Mortgage Czar: Not appointed yet.
11. Urban Affairs/Housing Czar: Adolfo Carrion.
12. Guantanomo closure Czar: Danny Fried.
13. Great lakes Czar: Cameron Davis.
14. Stimulus accountability Czar: Earl Devaney.
15. Cyberspace Czar: Not appointed yet.
16. Border Czar: Alan Bersin (Former US attorney).
17. Intelligence Czar: Admiral Dennis Blair.
18. Regulatory Czar: Cass Sunstein.
19. Pay Czar: Kenneth Feinberg
20. Iran Czar: Not appointed yet.
21. TARP Czar: Herb Allison.
22. Middle-East peace Czar: George Mitchell.
23. Science Czar: John Holdren.
24. Green jobs Czar: Van Jones.
25. Afghanistan Czar: Richard Holbrooke.
26. Sudan Czar: J. Scott Gration.
27. Mideast policy Czar: Dennis Ross.
28. Information Czar: Vivek Kundra.
29. AIDS Czar: Jeffrey Crowley.
30. Faith-based Czar: Joshua Dubois.
31. Climate Czar: Todd Stern.
32. Green Czar: Anthony Jones
33. Safe Schools Czar Kevin Jennings (google this guy for background)


Wild Thing's comment.......

Even if it was true, what, are you going to take him out of office?

Yes, Glenn, we will. Under penalty of law and the US Constitution. Any president who has been elected by means of deceit and who did not attain the office according to the rules set forth in our Constitution must be removed from office. We want our Constitution and laws honored and upheld.

“You can’t do that.” said Beck


Glenn Beck was also adamant about taxpayers attending town hall meetings keeping their cool and not getting violent. I wonder how long he will maintain that position the first time Americans are fired upon?

It is about the Constitution and Glenn Beck does not 'get it'.

To have an unqualified leader as president demonstrates a lack of caring as to the future welfare and promise of keeping our nation healthy and whole.

He is going to topple the nation into a mini U.N. with all of his insane messing around.

It would not surprise me that eventually overturns the eight year stipulation to serve into a longer term.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

Posted by Wild Thing at August 5, 2009 06:49 AM


I have always been luke warm concerning Glenn Beck. Now that he is on Fox news, Supposedly instant credibility.

Nobody in the msm will touch the Birth Certificate, Rush mentions it in off hand remarks, Oreilly claims to have investigated this and "found credible evidence obama's was born in Hawaii". But that investigation is no where to be found, Oreilly's credentials are suspect at best.

Which is pretty good nobody in this world seems to have seen the actual birth certificate.

If this is a slam dunk, why don't the Media investigate it and show us the Birth Certificate, it is that simple. No they are afraid of what they will find and probably afraid of the consequences.

Glenn Beck is suppose to be this Law and Order guy, who wants to follow the rule of law, yet when it comes to the eligibility of the President, which is suspect and is so important to tahe rule of law, he turns away and cowers and runs away from it.

If it were found out obama is not a citizen, the Supreme would start proceeding to have him removed. This is the way the constitution is set up and THEY ALL KNOW THIS.

So something else is going on here, whether a bribe as far as not removing or enforcing the Fairness doctrine, or whatever, there is something here. And our heroes in the media are backing away from it.

Posted by: Mark at August 5, 2009 11:36 AM

Hi Chrissie!

I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE your blog. I usually come here for news before WND. :D

I do have one comment to make, though, about this post. I totally agree with you about Glenn Beck. I was in shock after I heard Beck and Coulter dismiss the birth certificate issue. However, this morning as I was "digging around" I believe that I might have found something that explains WHY the talk show hosts have been covering up. Go here:

Scary, huh? I pretty much flipped out!! While I still wish that the talk show hosts would tackle this issue, I can now understand why they don't. If your family's on the line, sometimes you reconsider what you say. My aunt said this morning during the first hour of his show Beck sounded like he was going to cry and he was asking for prayers for himself and his family. I don't know where to go to listen to the 1st hour, but maybe you could find that. I hope you like all the info! :-)

Again, I love your blog! Thank you SO much for all that you do!!

Posted by: Sara at August 5, 2009 12:19 PM

Beck started out nearby in New Haven, with a show that was entirely about HIS state of mind on lots of issues, some of them political. Occasionally he was also funny in a crazy kind of way.

I don't listen to him anymore because his self-obsession has turned to paranoia. He sees calculated menace everywhere, and misconstrues events as predictable and inevitable where real life is sloppy and random. Sometimes he seems like he's off his rocker.

Posted by: Rhod at August 5, 2009 01:46 PM

Mark,you hit the nail on the head.

"So something else is going on here, whether a bribe as far as not removing or enforcing the Fairness doctrine, or whatever, there is something here. And our heroes in the media are backing away from it."

A person cannot say that believe in our
Constitution and then not care if it is
being trashed. So it makes no sense to me
why Beck, Ingraham and Coulter especially
have decided to side with the dems on this
it is just too weird.

Posted by: Wild Thing at August 5, 2009 08:12 PM

Sara, nice to meet you. I really appreciate
your kind words.

Thank you so much Sara for the link. Oh my
gosh I had not heard about this before.
I posted it after I saw your comment.
Thank you sooooo much.

Posted by: Wild Thing at August 5, 2009 08:14 PM

Rhod, I agree. hahaha Thank you for the
information Rhod. There have been times
I swear I expect men in white coats to
be at his door waiting for his show to
end to take him away. I just kept thinking
he is a very unstable person emotionally.

Posted by: Wild Thing at August 5, 2009 08:20 PM