Theodore's World: Democrat Congressman Jim Moran Demands to See Constituent’s ID Before Allowing Town Hall Question

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August 28, 2009

Democrat Congressman Jim Moran Demands to See Constituent’s ID Before Allowing Town Hall Question

Virginia Democrat Congressman Jim Moran unbelievably demanding that a man at a Town Hall Meeting show his I.D. before he would allow him to ask a question. The crowd went crazy, as the man told Moran "You're the Imposter!" and "Let's me see your I.D."

Moran looked at the man's I.D. and then told him to "Ask your question."

Wild Thing's comment.......

OH I see.....But Barack Obama can remake the country without having to prove who he is.

Jim Moran a drunken wife-beating, child abusing, bar fighting, hyper-corrupt sociopath.

Story HERE about Moran.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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Posted by Wild Thing at August 28, 2009 06:55 AM


Now that is bad. Asking for ID. We are legitimately angry and Moran had no place asking for it. What part of "WE THE PEOPLE" don't these idiots understand?

Posted by: Lynn at August 28, 2009 08:10 AM

Should have locked his sorry ass at the position of attention and gone up one side and down the other, verbally. The Brits had a cool name for an ass-chewing. The called it tearing a strip off. This Moron named moran deserves it, in pades!

Posted by: Glenn Cassel AMH1(AW) USN RET at August 28, 2009 08:34 AM

"Your Papers pleas!" is a traditional request in Obama's tiype of government. Yes Congressmen are finding it desterbing to find out that there are voters out there as well as the sycopnants that they meet in Washington.

Posted by: Avitar at August 28, 2009 09:18 AM

Jim Moran(dumbass Va) we all know the spelling of his name is wrong. Should be an 'O' NOT AN 'A'.

If this bill goes through it won't start til 2013, and in 2010 we can dump all these asshole congressmen and get some new blood in there. That should give us plenty of time to dismantle this POS nightmare of Health Care.

Posted by: Mark at August 28, 2009 09:42 AM

I watched the whole thing commercial and edit free on C-SPAN. I don't like these two scumbags, but Moran did apologize (and it was accepted) to the man and thanked him for his question. The reason Moran was paranoid was because he'd called on a woman and another one got up there and asked a different question and he no likey. Moran got pissy a couple times when people he called on didn't ask the questions that were on the cards they submitted. They did allow some questions they obviously didn't like, and the most telling and probably honest answer was when Howard said the reason they didn't put Tort Reform in the bill was because it already had too many enemies already and it didn't need need trial lawyers added to the enemy list, and he didn't think if it was added it would make any difference at this point anyway the way the bill is written.

They are turds, and with the way media edits against conservatives, etc., I'm glad to see this get an edit like this.

Posted by: Eden at August 28, 2009 09:44 AM

A monied aristocracy in our country ... has already set the government at defiance.
--Thomas Jefferson

Now isn't it amazing how astute Jefferson was?

I remember Terry Gilliam's dystopian movie Brazil and it's theme of run amok bureaucrats, Jim Moran is so arrogant that he demands a citizen show ID, the stupid prick doesn't even realize he's a pawn in the Marxist Socialist movement. That makes him a Communist.

There is an old saying:
"You are either part of the solution or part of the problem.~ Cleaver, Eldridge"

Moran is part of the problem and for damned sure he isn't listening to his employers.

Do these idiots really want a civil guerrilla war in this country? Their arrogant actions alone justify a revolt.

Posted by: Jack at August 28, 2009 12:58 PM

We don't really have representatives, we have royalty in government. Moran knows that it is commom practice to put some of your own people in an opponent's townhall meeting to ask leading or embarrassing questions.

However, this comes back to one main point. We the people have asked for obama's birth certificate and he has failed t produce it.

Posted by: TomR at August 28, 2009 01:04 PM

An ID check by the leftards? How many illegal voters don't have their IDs checked every November? 1st Amendment RIGHTS now require ID checks? Imagine if a Republican in office had done this!

Posted by: darthcrUSAderworldtour07 at August 28, 2009 06:32 PM

Thank you everyone, your input means
a lot. Great points about this stupid
and disgusting thing Moran did.

Posted by: Wild Thing at August 29, 2009 12:27 AM