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July 25, 2009

Sarah Palin Says Goodbye at Picnic

As She Steps Down, Palin Vows to Reclaim Ethics Fight

Washington Post


Sarah Palin, who rose from obscurity to become Alaska's governor three years ago, began her career as a combative whistleblower crusading against state political corruption. She accused GOP leaders of violating ethics laws, then publicized details of the confidential investigations.

Now, as Palin prepares to step down Sunday, 18 months before the end of her term, she vows to resurrect her early crusader image on a national stage.....

"I'm not leaving the governorship because of any particular ethics complaint. Rather, I have explained that the millions of dollars spent by the state and the diversion of resources to address politically inspired records requests, personnel board costs and wasting staff time is unnecessary and harmful to the state," Palin said in written comments to The Washington Post. "I will take the battle nationally and I won't shy away from challenging the powerful, the entrenched, the corrupt and anyone standing in the way of getting our country back on the right track."

~snipet ~

"I will not worry about some 'political image,' " she said. "The people will judge me on my substance and my message, not my 'image.' "

Friday July 24th, .......More than a thousand people showed up Friday for Gov. Sarah Palin's annual picnic held in her hometown of Wasilla. Palin, who is resigning and leaves office on Sunday, used the occasion to sign autographs and hand out hot dogs.


"Palin's Wild Ride: Early popularity an advantage with Legislature"


Wild Thing's comment......

The article is mostly about her campaign with McCain and other things from the past but her quotes are what stand out so I wanted to share them with you.

giggle, the fact that she gave this statement to the Washington Post was to make sure it got wide distribution to all the liberals out there. WaPo articles are picked up by lots of smaller newspapers. It’ll go all over. She knows it.

Posted by Wild Thing at July 25, 2009 04:55 AM


Palin has the makings of a good politican - but she lacks sharp political savvy. Especially when it comes to policy. When you are swimming with sharks you need to be up to speed to out manouvre your opponent. Maybe her having time out is a good thing. If someone in the Repubican party could mentor Sarah she good come back stronger than ever in 2012 and make a serious impact. Newt Gingrich would be my choice in helping Sarah get the right tools when it comes to playing in the big national arena. What say you guys??

Posted by: Lynette in Australia at July 25, 2009 07:50 AM

Sarah is a class act compared to what we have now. She is charming, sweet and intelligent. I think she is outmaneuvering her opponents by stepping aside now. It's rattled cages and has made the devil go, "Uh-Oh, she's up and ready to go."
I for one, prefer the more down to earth style of a politician because I know they will listen to the people and at least try to make an informed decision on all the facts.
yep, she could use some tutoring and I hope she gets it. But I hope she never loses her down to earth appeal that is so American.

Posted by: Lynn at July 25, 2009 07:58 AM

I agree Lynette and Lynn I hope that she dresses like she is on the Time cover as she pushes the political buttons with common sense. Talk to the American people and don't use stupid terms like perhaps I should have calibrated my words differently That is the real Sarah Palin.

Posted by: Bob A at July 25, 2009 11:39 AM

Have we devolved so far in our despondent state that we'll desperately accept mediocre over honesty, excellence and innocence? I for one just love Palin's spunk, feistyness and downright independence, yes she needs to sharpen her political skills, surely if an asshole like Al Franken can become an instant "Senator" by law, Sarah has equal billing, remember the 3rd in line for the presidency is a house representative by virtue of 'position. But as to a suitable tutor, good question. How about Charles Krauthammer, he's a straight shooter, knowledgable and honest without his own personal agenda and he always quotes facts because he does his homework. To put it bluntly Newt stepped on his crank, sure he's intelligent and articulate and likeable, but he's a tainted insider, a globalist. Newt Gingrich is a glib member of the CFR and World Future Society, he will support the one world government and global dominance, not sovereignty. Besides that he's not going to risk his chances of getting elected by helping the competition. That 'contract with America' plan had merit but for the insider contractors it was business as usual, pretending to be saints while looting the treasury. It succeeded in snookering we voters into establishing the right wing of the Democratic Party (RINO's) to our detriment.

She just had another ethic's complaint dismissed, the wolves are howling for blood in their attempt to take Sarah off the political scene, that speaks volumes about her integrity. She needs to set up independent funding for her own warchest, not one drop of blood for the duplicity of the GOP.

Board dismisses another Palin ethics complaint

Posted by: Jack at July 25, 2009 11:49 AM

I agree with everyone else. Sarah is a great choice for the White House. I agree with Jack about Gingrich. Newt is a two-timing, self serving narcisist just like obama.

Sarh Palin is the personna America needs. She is the All-American gal. She has moral values instead of slickness. Sarah understands how bad government can be, and is. She knows how to control spending. She can be charming to America's friends and direct with our non friends. She really understands our energy needs and how to solve them. Sarah loves the military. And she is not a NorthEasterner. She is of Ronald Reagan soul.

As far as a mentor or tutor to help her I agree that Charles Krauthammer would be great. He is Bill Buckley sharp. Another person I would like to see her go to would be John Bolton. How about a Palin-Bolton ticket! I think that would rekindle the Reagan Democrats. One more conserative sharpie coming onto the public stage I really like is Liz Cheney. Liz would be a great advisor for Sarah.

We conservatives have some great people. Sadly we are saddled with a horrible organization, the RNC.
It is made up of NorthEastern, Ivy Leagued, NWO globalists who know less about fly over country than their Democrat opponents. How do we get rid of the traitorous bastards? The only way I know is to donate to and work only for individual candidates, not the party.

Posted by: TomR at July 25, 2009 02:10 PM

For me there is something so
refreshing in Sarah. I love how she
brings a whole new life to politics.

Honestly if she had a mentor I would
wish that she read about Reagan and

If I were to pick politicians to be
in my foxhole, people I knew loved
our country more then wanting to be
liked by the left, Newt would not be
on the list.

Newt's ad he did with Pelosi for Global
warming where they were sitting on the
park bench. Is something that went
toward this Cap and Trade bill. And he
can't see the damage he did agreeing
with this.How can he argue Cap and Trade
after doing that stupid ad, he can't.

His not understanding the simple statement
Rush Limbaugh made about wanting Obama to
fail with his agenda for our country. He
even came out against Rush saying that and
that shocked the heck out of me, because
it is something that any true conservative
should want. Newt even went so far as to
speak out against what Rush said knowing
that conservatives were thrilled that Rush
took a stand saying that and how we all agreed
with his statement.Sarah understood it and has
made statements saying the same thing as Rush
did and how I feel about Obama. She gets
it that this is war on our homeland for our
country against the enemy within.

Too many times Newt will take one step forward
for conservative issues, values etc. and
then turn around and take 5 steps back
sounding more like a Democrat lite. LOL If he
spent as much time speaking out as a
conservative as he does sending emails
of petitions and asking for donations he
could be making a difference. I stopped
donating to Newt and people like him.

I love how Sarah has passion for our
country like Reagan did. When I listen
to Rush and hear him get choked up at
how much he loves America and why
the left must fail I want that in a politician.
And Sarah has that.

Sarah was thrown to the wolves by the McCain
camp. I have seen a difference when she has
done her own choosing of interviews even the
one did with the leftie Wolf Blitzer, after
the campaign was over, months later and she
was great and one could see his regard for
her even if he disagreed with her politics.
She was impressive in that interview.Strong
but sweet and got her point across.

I agree we are blessed with some really awesome
people that are speaking out. Sarah, Liz Cheney
(Dick Cheney's daughter), Michele Bachmann,
even some of the men are coming through finally
and need to be thanked and encouraged, like
Jim DeMint, John Boehner,Mike Pence, and

There isn't anything I would change about Sarah
and I hope she ignores what the GOP/RNC tells
her to do unless she agrees with it. I really
believe if she stays Sarah, stays who she is
and sure learns about policies that she is
not familiar with yet, that is all she needs. And
there is nothing to stop her whatever she
wants to do in the political world. She is
not a belt way politician and thank God for

A very personal note here about decisions and
letting the wrong person or people force a person
to not be themselves.
Many years ago the first movie I ever did I did not
want to do. Nothing in me wanted to do it. It went
against all I was as a person. I was married at the
time to someone not Nicholas. I had said no I would
not do that movie and my ex found out about it.
He was an abuser and I was young and terrified 24/7.
I allowed his forcing me to do that film and said I
would. That movie haunted me the rest of my life.
Totally embarrassed that I did it. Knowing people
could judge me on just that one thing. To my
misfortune it turned out to be a huge hit, a cult
film for followers of the man that made the film.
Even today having a blog I had to have a post
about the stupid film because of a stalker due
to that one mistake I made. IMO Sarah learned
a lesson about being silent and trying to play the
political game during the McCain campaign. It
was obvious the turning point for her when she
began to include the truth about Obama in her
speeches. She broke lose from the ties that
binded her with the rino's from McCain and
McCain himself and her turnout went from
3 to 4 thousand to 20,000 at her speeches.

I pray Sarah stays Sarah and always remembers
the nightmare the rino's put her through as much
as the left did. If she can do that she will zoom
with me cheering her on. Let the GOP grab a
hold of her and join in instead of the other way
around. Let the GOP learn Sarah and her
conservative values are what has kept this
country alive and well and the American
dream kept alive, not the rino infested GOP
and their wanting to cave in to the Meghan
McCain's of this world that want to drag our
country down along side the democrats.

I learned my lesson in life to stand up for
myself and what I believed in and the cost of
not doing so, and I truly believe Sarah has too.

Posted by: Wild Thing at July 25, 2009 04:50 PM

She's got my vote.

Posted by: Mark at July 25, 2009 05:04 PM

I just read Rush said, somewhere, Sarah may jump ship to a third Conservative party. I don't know about this, everytime there's a third party they split the vote with the Republicans and the republicans lose big time. I would hate to see obama get a second term because of a third party.

Posted by: Mark at July 25, 2009 07:09 PM

Reading your post regarding your first movie experience and all the attendant problems,was very enlightening. It shows how unfair life can be and how it is filled with pitfalls and traps.
We all have had similar situations to one extent or another. It is how we decide to handle these situations that shows the character and integrity within us.
I don't think any of us have to worry about Sarah losing her way.
As I said in an earlier post, she is following a game plan that has worked for her before. She is moving away from the public eye and making plans to become a succesful national figure. She is doing it her way.
As far as her needing tutoring on how to be politically savvy, I question that. She seems to have been able to advance from samll town council member to Governor in a few short years. She has political savvy, but more importantly she has instincts, beliefs and values, and this is what makes her appealing to so many of us.

Posted by: SEAN. at July 26, 2009 01:31 AM

SEAN, thank you.
I am so exicted at what the possibilites are
for Sarah whatever she wants to do. What you
said was so good and so true too.

Posted by: Wild Thing at July 26, 2009 04:43 AM