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June 05, 2009

CBS Takes Low Road of Going Against Freedom of Speech

Cover-up: CBS bans eligibility billboards

Industry signage leader rejects campaign asking simply 'Where's the birth certificate?'


The company touting itself as the "world's largest out-of-home media" enterprise has banned WND's national billboard campaign that asks one simple question: "Where's the birth certificate?"

CBS Outdoor, a division of CBS Corp. that sells more outdoor advertising than any other billboard company in North America, refuses to accept purchases of space on any of its 550,000 displays nationwide, media buyers for WND report.

The billboard campaign was begun last month by Joseph Farah, editor and chief executive officer of WND, due to his frustration with media colleagues not giving attention to what he sees as critical questions about Barack Obama's constitutional eligibility to serve as president.

"Here we have one of the largest media companies in the U.S. now not only refusing to allow news coverage of a vitally important national question being asked by millions of Americans, but one that won't even permit the purchase of space to raise the question," said Farah. "What is the value of a First Amendment in a country when this kind of self-censorship is at work – self-censorship specifically geared to stifle inquiry and debate about the most powerful person in the country."

Farah says CBS obviously has a focus beyond making money by selling signs.

"CBS is a company that is not squeamish about feeding America's children a steady diet of offensive movies, obscene rap music and even TV commercials that push the cultural and moral envelope," said Farah. "But CBS is afraid to put up a sign containing four innocent words of constitutionally protected, non-inflammatory speech. You explain that to me. This is a giant media conglomerate unworthy of operating under the protection of the First Amendment."

Nevertheless, Farah remains undaunted in his quest to post the eligibility issue on billboards across the country and insists CBS billboards are not needed to fulfill the mission. His media buyer, who had no opinion on the campaign when she became involved, says she has had her eyes opened.

"They (CBS) already knew about this campaign when approached," she said. "Being involved in this campaign has not only opened my eyes but has disillusioned my faith in Americans standing up for what's right and equal in the eyes of our forefathers who wrote the Constitution for this very reason. It has made me feel sad."

The local account executive at CBS was shocked by the response from the top levels of the corporation.

"We just received an e-mail from CBS Corporate," he wrote. "They are aware of this campaign and we are not allowed to install it. This came straight from corporate. Sorry!"

G. Gordon Liddy: Obama Was Born in Kenya

The Washington Independent

Richard Wolffe discussing his new Barack Obama biography, “Renegade,” on G. Gordon Liddy’s talk show, in an interview that rather quickly dovetails into Liddy’s talking about Obama’s citizenship.

LIDDY: You mentioned distractions. One of these distractions right now is these lawsuits that take the position that he is not constitutionally eligible to be president of the United States because he is not a naturally-born citizen. Now, he could clear that up in an instant by producing a genuine birth certificate. And yet he refuses to do it. He says he has one but he won’t do it. What is behind that? Hubris or what?

WOLFFE: Well, I’m going to differ with you on this one. This came up during the campaign. A copy of the birth certificate is out there. Anyone can see it. He was born in Hawaii. There are documents from the state of Hawaii that prove it. I don’t know what else you really expect me to do.

LIDDY: Well, here’s the thing. The document you speak of is a “certificate of live birth,” which is not a birth certificate. You can’t get a passport with that, you can’t even register your kids…

WOLFFE: Yes you can. That’s what I do. That’s what everyone does. The certificate of live birth is exactly what you get a passport with.

LIDDY: No, it’s a birth certificate.

WOLFFE: That’s — the copy of the birth certificate, everyone has copies of birth certificates. They use them all the time. Nobody hands out the one original document.

LIDDY: No, I wouldn’t expect them to.

WOLFFE: When you go to the DMV you take a copy with you. You don’t take the real… and it’s an official copy, it has to be embossed and stamped, it’s not just like a xerox. But that’s what it is, and it’s widely accepted.

LIDDY: Why is it redacted? Why is it redacted?

WOLFFE: I haven’t seen any redactions.

LIDDY: The one that’s on the internet, that’s the one that I’ve seen, and that one has the serial number redacted.

WOLFFE: I have no idea. I’ve seen one with serial numbers on it and everything. So I don’t know what the problem is here. Do you have an idea of where he was born if it wasn’t in Hawaii?

LIDDY: Yeah, there’s an affidavit from his grandmother that says that she observed the birth in Mombassa, Kenya.

WOLFFE: Yeah. You know, I just think that that is completely false.


Eligibility Battle Goes to next level

White House can't hide from swarm of citizenship posts in 'open government dialogue'


The White House has moved on to its discussion phase of the "open government dialogue," where several citizens are once again calling on Barack Obama to release his elusive "long-form" birth certificate to establish his constitutional eligibility to serve as president.

The Office of Science & Technology forum features a new format where it encourages people to "start thinking more deeply about the principles that should define transparency and guide our policy priorities."

Users identified by their full names may register and vote to reject or approve various ideas, offer their own insight or flag subjects as "off-topic."

The first topic of discussion focuses on defining and prioritizing "transparency principles."

The following comment from WND on the eligibility issue was flagged for moderation within minutes of posting and later deleted – even though it did not violate terms of participation:

Another user, Jason Roberts, expressed his concerns about the White House hosting a "transparency" forum without properly addressing the eligibility topic.

"The fact that the birth certificate issue hasn't been resolved, precludes any possible discussion of government transparency," Roberts wrote. "It is a farce to sit with hands folded and pretend to have some self-righteous discussion about government transparency when Mr. Obama is refusing to be transparent about his birth certificate, passport records, and school records. If his presidency started with his being sworn in, then the transparency must start with him willingly releasing his long-form birth certificate."

Roberts continued, "This issue will never go away. It will be there, stoked and kept fresh daily, for 8 years if necessary, until it is addressed. And the one to blame is Obama."

You can read more HERE......


Wild Thing's comment.........

The G-Man did great. I have not heard his show in years and year, but I am glad he is still around.

Heh heh How are the Obama thugs going to shut up G. Gordon Liddy? He has a history of not being intimidated.

Wolffe was dumb or intentionally obtuse.

A person doesn't have to be Sherlock Holmes to realize that there is something definitely not Kosher about ANYONE who spends upwards of a hundred thousand dollars on legal fees fighting multiple lawsuits in several states when a simple $12.50 Birth Certificate would suffice.

The Liddy Show

And for the White House to have a "transparency" forum and then to delete the things they don't like what kind of "transparency" is that. We know why but it just keeps telling us how we are on the right track and how very much Obama is a FAKE and a liar. The if it walks like a duck saying holds true.


....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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Posted by Wild Thing at June 5, 2009 07:45 AM


Luckily there are lots of other billboard companies than CBS. I hope WND can raise enough money for numerous billboards across the country. There is very real reason to think that obama is not an American born citizen.

Kudos to the G-Man.

Posted by: TomR at June 5, 2009 12:49 PM

Amazing, anyone else would just 'whip it out' and show the world he has a ligit Bith Certificate. Funny, though how the Governor of Hawaii sealed berry's records, funny, too how he flew back to Hawaii after his Grandmother's(?) death then suddenly all his records were sealed.
Also funny, how Hawaii got a good chunk of the stimulus pork bill too.

A lot of funny things going on around this poser. Funny too, he asks everyone to share in the misery That he has created, then spends a cool half mil on one date to New York City. What a bastard.

Posted by: Mark at June 5, 2009 07:51 PM

Tom, I hope so too, it was getting a good

Posted by: Wild Thing at June 5, 2009 08:38 PM

Mark, I agree so much. That is what drives
it on more and more, he makes himself look
guilty, we are only asking for proof, such
a simple thing and he fights it all the way.

so is not over yet.

Posted by: Wild Thing at June 5, 2009 08:40 PM