Theodore's World: B. Hussein Obama Supports Saudi Arabia Immunity in 9/11 Lawsuit

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June 03, 2009

B. Hussein Obama Supports Saudi Arabia Immunity in 9/11 Lawsuit

Obama administration supports Saudi immunity in 9/11 lawsuit

Brief seeking to deny Americans access to court remedies for attack


The Obama administration has petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court to protect Saudi Arabia and four of its princes from being held accountable for their alleged role in the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attack on the United States that killed almost 3,000 Americans.

Through its solicitor general, Elena Kagan, the Obama administration has asked that the Saudis be held immune under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act, or FSIA, even though there is ample U.S. evidence of complicity by the Saudi government and the named princes in support of al-Qaida's attack.

While the FSIA generally protects a sovereign state, there are exceptions under which its provisions can be invoked. Such interpretations are left largely to the courts to determine.

Families of the 9/11 victims, however, have expressed outrage over the Obama administration's filing. They regard the action as undermining the continuing fight against terror.
In its recent friend-of-the-court brief filed with the U.S. Supreme Court in "Federal Insurance Co. vs. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia," the Obama administration asked the court to deny a petition for a "writ of certiorari," or higher court hearing, by the families of the victims of 9/11 in their effort to sue Saudi Arabia and its princes.

In the original case filed in 2006, the families of the 9/11 victims allege Saudi Arabia and four Saudi princes acting in their capacity as high-level government officials and as individuals made donations to charitable organizations with the knowledge that the charities were diverting funds to al-Qaida. In response, the Saudi government invoked the FSIA as a basis to preclude a lawsuit by the 9/11 victims' families.

Fifteen of the 19 terrorists who hijacked U.S. aircraft and crashed them into the World Trade Center and Pentagon on 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia and were affiliated with al-Qaida. Intelligence and past actions link the Saudi government and the four princes with al-Qaida.

"In effect, the U.S. Government announced its opposition to allowing 9/11 victims and their families full access to the U.S. legal system in (the government's) effort to protect Saudi Arabia and its princes from being held accountable for their role in the attack on the United States," said Peter Leitner, who has assisted terror victims' families successfully in suing terrorist organizations for the past 12 years.
"As power of Attorney for the family and estate of John P. O'Neill, former FBI (counter-terrorism) expert, I find it disgusting that the Obama administration has spat in the faces of these victims just as (Obama) prepares to leave for Egypt and Saudi Arabia while advocating for the closing of (the U.S. Guantanamo prison in Cuba) and giving full access to the U.S. court system to the terrorists currently imprisoned there," he said.


Wild Thing's comment........

HORRIBLE, Obama should be ashamed of himself as a human being.

They have proof like it says about the 15 out of the 19 terrorists being from were from Saudi Arabia and Obama could care less. He just wants to be Saudi Arabia's Number ONE Son!


....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

Posted by Wild Thing at June 3, 2009 06:55 AM


That is sad! What is he going to do next? Just turn us over to the Saudis? Come on, this man is not moral--he's already admitted he's a muslim and said we are no longer a Christian nation. What in the hell do people see in him? He just pisses me off the more he kowtows to our enemies.

Posted by: Lynn at June 3, 2009 08:07 AM

Obama makes me sick. He has shown over and over again that he could care less about the United States citizen and Lynn, I agree with you.
Bob A.

Posted by: Bob A at June 3, 2009 08:53 AM

The previous number one U.S. Saudi Son willed the position to Obama when he gave the O's a tour of the White House. The pictures of Bush holding Abdullah's hand and leading him into the Crawford house should be shown again. Hard to tell them apart sometimes. Only Ron Paul could get my vote now. O's over there apologizing his ass off to the Saudi's that he hasn't got us in the camps yet. We need take Charlton Heston's adage one step further and form an "Over My Dead Body" League. Where do I sign up?

Read "one Second After" and see what's coming to your town.

Posted by: horace at June 3, 2009 10:20 AM

I think Saudi Arabia is America's #1 enemy. Yes Iran is nuts and Pakistan has nukes. But the heart and soul of the islamic movement is Saudi Arabia. Saudi oil money sponsors muslim terrorism world wide. America should be energy independent of ME oil, but we have had crooked and weak leadership that caves into the other terrorists, enviromentalists.

You betcha Horace. I will forever hold it against George W Bush for not prohibiting the immigration of muslims into the US after 9-11. That hand holding was as silly an incident as his reading the soul of Putin(wrongly). Bush wanted everyone to like him and as a result very few people respected him. The Saudis took him for a fool.

The Saudis are going to get Obama to give America to islam. Obama wants to do it anyway, so it will not be a hard sell.

Posted by: TomR at June 3, 2009 11:40 AM

I wonder if the families of the 15 Terrorists are now getting a stipend from the Crown Prince of Saudia Arabia, for their actions against the Great Satin. And Obama bowed to this POS, The Royal Pain in the Ass family of Saudia Arabia.

Posted by: Mark at June 3, 2009 12:02 PM

I'd like to blame George Bush too, and I do, but he was the executive officer, Congress is the body, both houses, that failed the nation. Jorge could have at least pushed the idea. Requested a total ban on Muzzy immigrants, instead he took the position that they were our friends and that only a few were bad asses. Ignorant, naive or simply a compliant link in the chain? I believe he was neither ignorant or naive, that "compassionate conservative" bullshit has cost us far too many American lives. I still have to question, if not for 9-11 would Jorge have implemented what Obama has without that horrible incidence?
Kinky Friedman's song is telling. We are a nation owned by Chinese Communists and Saudi Arabian Islamists.

Posted by: Jack at June 3, 2009 01:08 PM

Americans have forgotten what took place on 9/11. The MSM no longer shows the pictures of our fellow citizens plummeting towards the ground, seconds away from eternity. The don't mention the brutality of the hijackings and how they tortured flight attendants to gain access to the cockpits. The MSM and their Democrat cohorts just want us to think it was only a bad dream.

Posted by: BobF at June 3, 2009 06:31 PM

Hey Bob F. I'm not sure if they even think it's a bad dream given the apologetic attitude toward Islam.
Bob A.

Posted by: Bob A at June 3, 2009 06:38 PM

Lynn, it is sacry because I think he has
only begun to seek favor from the Saudi's
and othe Muslim leaders.

Posted by: Wild Thing at June 4, 2009 12:43 AM

Bob A., yes sometimes I am just so angry
I can hardly even put words together how
ticked I am at him.

Posted by: Wild Thing at June 4, 2009 12:49 AM

Horace, thank you I will check it out.

Posted by: Wild Thing at June 4, 2009 01:03 AM

Tom, I think so too about Saudi Arabia.
They are in so many things already in
our country. There schools are here too
so many things.

Posted by: Wild Thing at June 4, 2009 01:06 AM

Mark, that reminds me how Saddam Hussein
would pay the families of the terrorists.
Yes good point Mark.

Posted by: Wild Thing at June 4, 2009 01:08 AM

Jack, "We are a nation owned by Chinese Communists and Saudi Arabian Islamists."

We sure and I truly hate this.

Posted by: Wild Thing at June 4, 2009 01:13 AM

BobF., I think they have too. The plane
that Obama had to fly over the city
reminded them a tiny bit but not enough.
Too many across our land have forgotten
what it felt like that morning.

Posted by: Wild Thing at June 4, 2009 01:16 AM

3-7-77. Used by the Montana Vigilantes during the Gold Rush in 1864. Somehow it may be applicable today.

Posted by: Glenn Cassel AMH1(AW) USN RET at June 4, 2009 08:51 AM