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May 31, 2009

Two Female Seabees, First to Complete Lioness Program

Kasey Reed and Jody Gorsuch stop for a visit with the members of their battalion, after completion of the Lioness Program training.

Two Female Seabees, First to Complete Lioness Program


Builder Constructionman Kasey Reed and Steelworker Constructionman Jody Gorsuch were the first female Seabees of Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 24 to complete training for The Lioness Program.

The Lioness Program, established in 2004, stations female troops with Marine combat units. The Lioness members therefore play a vital role in security and the fight against terrorism, by searching females and children, since Muslim cultural tradition dictates that men are not permitted to look up nor touch females.

When asked in an interview about her role as a Lioness, Reed commented, "It is a great experience, allowing women to show their importance in a joint effort with their male counter parts."

Reed and Gorsuch participated in a week long training course instructed by the Marines. The Seabees received classes covering a wide array of topics from Marine combat skills to combat life-saving techniques, and personnel searches to basic Arabic language skills.

After the completion of the training program, Gorsuch stated, "Completing the program has provided me with a great sense of accomplishment through attaining these new skills and knowledge." She went on to describe the experience as "empowering for women."

Both women were excited and confident in regard to their new role and assignment with the Marines.


Wild Thing's comment.......

How exciting for them and all the work they did to complete this. Congratulatons !

I can just imagine how the Muslims react when they see all our various women in our military and good at what they do. heh heh It must drive the Muslims even more angry at Americans. Tah dah!

Good get the Muslims so angry they cannot see straight then shoot all of them.

Posted by Wild Thing at May 31, 2009 04:47 AM


This is great WT. There was a Seabee detachment at the end of the peninsula jutting off the Northern point at the Marine Base of Ky Ha. Mixed combat troops worked together at Ky Ha from several branches. These ladies will do just fine, Seabees often get exposed as combatants clearing areas for the other combat troops from all branches. My personal observation of the Seabees is that they are Marines from a different mother. Give 'em hell ladies especially those female ragheads.

Posted by: Jack at May 31, 2009 01:47 PM

SeaBettes? As long as they can do the job I'm in support of them.

Posted by: TomR at May 31, 2009 02:09 PM

Sea-Bee's Ahh, yes, if you ever needed a cold beer head down to the beach, Seabees always had some on ice. God only knows where they got it but it was always there. And Nobody knows for sure how they always get it.

Posted by: Mark at May 31, 2009 06:30 PM

Those wonderful guys saved my bacon on many a day, they had the tools and expertise to fix anything. That 1953 vintage crap we had was gasoline fueled, not diesel, generators instead of alternators, carburetors instead of fuel injection. Impossible to get parts for, many an MP jeep had their spark plugs 'fall out', right where we were fortunate enough to find and use them. Starter motors and Generators had to be rewound or vital trucks sat idle. We hauled beer too, from DaNang. From the big exchange or all to often it was loaded, by mistake of course, some of it fell off the trailer when we stopped to have a wonderful home cooked meal and pick up something they had repaired. They received some parts we had when we left that for some reason were not on the property books. Thanks SeaBees

Posted by: Jack at May 31, 2009 10:36 PM