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May 07, 2009

Obama's ACORN and Census GPS-tagging Your Home's Front Door

Census GPS-tagging your home's front door

Coordinates being taken for every residence in nation


According to an online Yahoo program, the Global Position System coordinates for the White House, probably one of the best-known publicly owned buildings in the world, are 38.898590 Latitude and -77.035971 Longitude. And since you know that, it's no big deal for the White House to know the coordinates for your front door, is it?

Some people think it is, and are upset over an army of some 140,000 workers hired in part with a $700 million taxpayer-funded contract to collect GPS readings for every front door in the nation.

The data collection, presented as preparation for the 2010 Census, is pinpointing with computer accuracy the locations and has raised considerable concern from privacy advocates who have questioned why the information is needed. The privacy advocates also are more than a little worried over what could be done with that information.

Enhancing the concerns is the Obama administration's recent decision to put White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel in an oversight role over the census, which will be used to determine a reapportionment of congressional seats and could be used to solidify a single political party's control over the nation, its budget, military and future.

Commerce Secretary Gary Locke recently told the Washington Post: "The census director reports to me, and, of course, I serve at the pleasure of the president." He added the White House told him "it has no interest in politicizing the census."

But at American Daily Review, blogger Douglas Gibbs had more than a few doubts.

"GPS coordinates of your front door will make it easier for the government to monitor you," he said. "The U.S. Census Bureau is simply an excuse – a harmless looking means of obtaining the front door coordinates. The creation of GPS coordinates for front doors has nothing to do with the census, in all honesty, no matter how much the United States government tries to convince you that it does."
He recalled wondering why, just weeks ago, the Obama administration announced its oversight of the census, "literally taking control of the census away from the Commerce Department."

He put that together with Obama's longtime push for national service.

"The Obamites, thirsty to serve their new messianic figure, have lost enough of their objectivity to be willingly recruited into such an insidious program like gaining these coordinates for the U.S. government. … I ask again, what would be the purpose of shooting the GPS coordinates of American doorways?" he wrote.

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Census Bureau Adopts GPS to Find American Homes

by Dan Charles

July 31, 2006

Two-and-a-half years from now, in early 2009, the Census Bureau plans to send an army of 100,000 temporary workers down every street and dusty, dirt road in America. They will be armed with handheld GPS devices.

Robert LaMacchia, head of the Census Bureau's geography division, says they'll capture the latitude and longitude of the front door of every house, apartment and improvised shelter they find.

"We will actually knock on doors and look for hidden housing units," he says. "We will find converted garages; from the outside, it may not look like anybody lives there."

But census workers will add each dwelling, legal or not, to the Census Bureau's Master Address File.

Recent proposed budget cuts have put part of this plan in jeopardy. But if Congress restores the money, the census will end up with the geographic coordinates — accurate to within 10 feet — for about 110 million residences.

But the Census Bureau can't, by law, share that list with anyone, even local governments. LaMacchia says the information has to be treated as confidential. Otherwise, people might lie, and the census wouldn't be accurate.

"People would not tell us about hidden housing units," LaMacchia says. "People would not respond to the questionnaire if they believed that that information would be turned over to law enforcement or code enforcement and become public information."


ACORN to count heads for Census

The Washington Times

First it was President Obama trying to break all precedent and run the 2010 census from within the White House. While the administration finally backed down from that politicization of the census, it clearly hasn't learned its lesson. Now it is having ACORN officially "partner" with the Census to help count the number of Americans in the country. It's like Santa trusting a child to tell him how many times he or she has been good in the past year.

We could write a book on the false voter registrations submitted by ACORN. There are bizarre stories, such as one from Cleveland, where ACORN employees reregistered the same individual 77 times, even though the individual kept on telling the ACORN workers that he was already registered. But ACORN's people kept offering to bribe him with cigarettes or money to get him to fill out another form. Similar examples from across the United States are too numerous to count.

Last year alone, voter fraud investigations took place in 12 states: Connecticut, Florida, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin.

Giving it any type of official role in the process, including making it a so-called "Census Bureau partner," is disturbing. We worry about how ACORN may misuse this affiliation in representing itself to others.

What is at stake from an accurate census is huge. The allocation of seats in Congress, and ultimately questions of who controls it, depend on an accurate count. Much of the money Congress spends is allocated based on the census. Requiring that the census be non-partisan is the first requirement that must be met.


Wild Thing's comment.......

The fact that this was on the planning board since 2006 and now they are doing it but with Obama at the helm. Now that is concerning.

"But the Census Bureau can't, by law, share that list with anyone, even local governments."

This 'can't by law" stuff means nothing when we have thugs like Obama, Rahm and Holder etc. in charge. They have no honor, no integrity and laws mean nothing to these jerks. And being that Obama is ACORN, he insists on their being the ones to do this. now that is concerning.

I realize they are supposed to get an accurate count of the population. Good grief, hahahah BUT ACORN?

What are they going to do about the addresses of the corpses voting for Democrats LMAO, group them all together in one massive cemetary I suppose.

Google earth has coordinates of whatever you want on the planet. There’s no point in getting GPS coordinates for each house manually.


....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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Posted by Wild Thing at May 7, 2009 06:47 AM


I sort of figured that's what they were doing when they were going through the neighborhoods with that little hand held computer. Putting all the addresses into the database to send to the satellite. Why even hire census takers then? Big brother is now here--it's official. I thought the census was optional--if I didn't want to answer, I didn't have to. They have all my info anyway (and if they really want to know, check with the IRS, the FBI or the CIA-they all know who I am.) This is a bunch of BS!

Posted by: Lynn at May 7, 2009 08:22 AM

No the Census is not optional and tying every census form to GPS coordinates is a very good idea. As wild thing notes Google Earth provides the coordinates of every structure in the country already. WND is living in a complete fantasy world it they think that there is any privacy with respect to where you live.
Lynn is getting close to real point. All of those databases that already exist can be used with computer program to spotlight the virtual citizens that Barry is having ACORN create. The courts should be able to get access to the data to allow defined quarries to be run on the data that will send thousands of the ACORN and Obama administration to prison.

The Census was never intended to be private by the founding fathers and the US needs an accurate census. The stacked votes of the nineteen nineties and the last ten years occurred because nobody could do the massive research to show to a lazy conflict-avoiding judge that the voter fraud was massive enough to swing elections. This change is enough in the hands of a database programmer to prove fraud beyond a shadow of a possible doubt for cities like, Seattle, St. Louis, Chicago … etc.

Half of the country's problems originate in false perceptions that are created by liberal's sycophantic media. You know that Obama is going to politicize the census, combining it with enough detail from other databases will make it possible to clean it up afterward or invalidate the whole census by proving that it was not an actual enumeration.

The "American Survey" portion of the census with its thought police questions should be ripped off and shredded but the legitimate questions on demographics of who lives there, their sex, citizenship and how old they are need to be answered. The constitution cannot function without that information

Posted by: Avitar at May 7, 2009 12:22 PM

The GPS registering of all the homes in the country is certainly a big deal. Along with that will go health records, retirement accounts, taxes paid, if you are a gun owner, liberal or Republican or God forbid a Conservative and on and on. Now they will compile all this information in one slick folder on a main frame in Washington D.C..

It is the super track to socialism.

The census will not change they still need a few hundred thousand people to go out and record the information.

It is up to no good.

Posted by: Mark at May 7, 2009 05:19 PM

Honestly, I think these census workers doing this is a waste of time and money. They've already got satellite imagery of your front door and its coordinates. Check out Google Maps. Zoom in on your city and street and then go to street view in front of your house. You're seeing a satellite image of your house as if you were standing in front of it. Just remember that what the government allows us to see on Google is nothing compared to what they can see and do with a satellite.

Posted by: BobF at May 7, 2009 06:52 PM