Theodore's World: Obama Wants Us To "stand in someone else's shoes" Regarding Terrorists

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April 09, 2009

Obama Wants Us To "stand in someone else's shoes" Regarding Terrorists

LA Times

There's always two sides to an issue," he said. The route to peace, he said, begins by trying to "stand in someone else's shoes."

you can go to minute 3:23 "America has become "selfish" "crass " - the country that Obama knows.

"America has made mistakes and has its flaws" - frankly, the only one mistake I can think of is his presidency. Do you hear any other world leader talk about their country the way this thief-in-the-night does? On foreign soil no less. Have you seen any other leader trashing his country everywhere he goes?

And the terror loving media picks up on it immediately. Here is AP's take:

Obama said that despite its flaws and past mistakes, the United States is poised for a fresh start with Muslims and the rest of the world"


President Barack Obama heralded a "new chapter of American engagement" with the world on Tuesday and vowed to forge new relationships in the Middle East and elsewhere. But he cautioned that turning U.S. policy in a new direction would take time.

"States are like big tankers, they're not like speedboats. You can't just whip them around and go in another direction," Obama said in a question-and-answer session with a group of Turkish college students.
"You turn them slowly, and eventually you end up in a very different place," he said, responding to a student who asked whether he would bring about real change from policies of his predecessor.

Obama ended his first overseas trip as president with an appeal to the world to put aside stereotypes and misconceptions: the view by many Muslims that Israel is to blame for all problems, similar views in reverse by "some of my Jewish friends," the view in parts of the world that Americans are crass and selfish.

"The world will be what you make of it," Obama told the students. "You can choose to make new bridges instead of new walls."

Obama ended his eight-day swing with a two-day visit to Turkey, a key NATO ally and the only major member of the alliance that is predominantly Muslim.

"You will find a partner and a friend in the United States of America," he told young people as he sought to repair heavy damage to the U.S.-Turkish relationship caused by the war in Iraq, which Turkey opposed.

Notice how he keeps saying, "peoples and countries, through no fault of their own, are being very hard hit by the world economic crisis" (minute .15) - implying of course that it's the US's fault. He does this deliberately. He did this in London too. Blamed America for the world "global crisis". He wants the world to blame us. He wants to drum up anger and hate and fuel the anarchy in the streets toward the US.

For more on this please go here for a larger write up about this. Atlas Shrugs Blog She did a lot of work on this and there is a lot of important information.


Wild Thing's comment............

To see both sides of something when it comes to terrorists and I firmly believe that is what Obama has in his mind for all of us to do is stupid and worse yet it is anti-American, and treasonous.

He is dangerous!!!

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

Posted by Wild Thing at April 9, 2009 05:50 AM


The economy is going to Hell in a hand basket and Obama is doing the talk show circuit and on a European/Middle Eastern tour?

Posted by: BobF at April 9, 2009 07:26 AM

I don't remember any president apologising for his country. Clinton did on occasion but this is the hieght of 'grovelling' to the world.

He just threw out to the world, that we are open to attack and if attacked our response will be timid, because we understand, we can stand in your shoes and see how evil we have been and deserve it.

Hobama is not my President and he is not even an American. No American talks like that. No American trashes his own country in front of the whole world then beg for forgiveness. This is Bullshit.

The man is a traitor.

Posted by: Mark at April 9, 2009 07:49 AM

My mother (a bleeding heart liberal until she got old) lived by the mantra--I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet. I'm all for seeing from another perspective, but I also believe they should do the same. America is NOT a big pile of ungrateful, selfish brats who need a spanking now and again for no reason. I've seen what Islam is and I don't like it.

Posted by: Lynn at April 9, 2009 08:08 AM

My mind is now officially blown bt the CLUELESSNESS of this AMATEUR. It will take DECADES to repair the damage he, and his appointees, have done in a MERE 100 days!!!!! Talk about a TRAITOROUS ACT!! This just keeps getting 'better' and 'better'..... the founding fathers are COLLECTIVELY rolling in their graves........

Posted by: pontiff alex at April 9, 2009 11:12 AM

Yea, I see both sides. The Terrorist side, "we want to destroy America". The American side, "you touch us agan and we will blow your muslim asses and mecca into dust".

Posted by: TomR at April 9, 2009 11:19 AM

Barack Obama Bin Barry Soetoro could well fill Jimmy Carter's shoes. No further comment needed,
Bob A.

Posted by: Bob A at April 9, 2009 05:53 PM

BobF., I agree, and I don't get why there
isn't more outrage at his apology tour.It
is so harmful to our country to do that.

Posted by: Wild Thing at April 9, 2009 06:50 PM

Mark,DITTO all you said.

Posted by: Wild Thing at April 9, 2009 06:53 PM

Lynn, good point, and that is the problem with
that like you said. It is one sided, we see their
situation but they only care about hating all of
us and our country.

Posted by: Wild Thing at April 9, 2009 06:56 PM

pontiff alex, if someone had told me this would
happen one day I would have laughed and told
them they didn't know Americans that no way
would a man like this get elected. But I didn't
know 1/2 plus 10,000 of Americans voting
wanted this traitor.


"Talk about a TRAITOROUS ACT!!"

Posted by: Wild Thing at April 9, 2009 07:08 PM

Tom, HUGE Yes!!

Posted by: Wild Thing at April 9, 2009 07:11 PM

Bob A., yes and even more.

Posted by: Wild Thing at April 9, 2009 07:14 PM