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April 04, 2009

Charles Krauthammer Fires Back At Blame America First Obama

Krauthammer On Obama's 'American Arrogance' Comment: 'Europe's Been Sucking On Our Tit For 60 yrs'

Wild Thing's comment.........

Krauthammer isi so good! Charles is a glimmer of sanity in our Orwellian capital.

Obama is a communist and a traitor. He views America from a Kenyan/Indonesian/Muslim perspective and will do whatever he can to destroy our country.

When I hear anti-Americans like Obama putting our country down I am reminded of this movie.

Paddy Chayefsky on European contempt for Americans from the WWII era movie "The Americanization of Emily"

One of my favorite quotes from ‘The Americanization Of Emily’:

Lt. Cmdr. Charles E. Madison:

"You American haters bore me to tears, Ms. Barham. I’ve dealt with Europeans all my life. I know all about us parvenus from the States who come over here and race around your old Cathedral towns with our cameras and Coca-cola bottles... Brawl in your pubs, paw at your women, and act like we own the world. We over-tip, we talk too loud, we think we can buy anything with a Hershey bar. I’ve had Germans and Italians tell me how politically ingenuous we are, and perhaps so. But we haven’t managed a Hitler or a Mussolini yet. I’ve had Frenchmen call me a savage because I only took half an hour for lunch. Hell, Ms. Barham, the only reason the French take two hours for lunch is because the service in their restaurants is lousy. The most tedious lot are you British. We crass Americans didn’t introduce war into your little island. This war, Ms. Barham to which we Americans are so insensitive, is the result of 2,000 years of European greed, barbarism, superstition, and stupidity. Don’t blame it on our Coca-cola bottles. Europe was a going brothel long before we came to town."

Posted by Wild Thing at April 4, 2009 05:45 AM


Krauthammer always knows how to get to the meat of the manner.

I also likeJames Gardner's lines from the Americanization of Emily.

Both of these examples show how much Europe has failed to protect itsself and has relied on America to bail it out. Then, when it is convienent, Europe whines about how overbearing America is. If America practiced isolationism for a few decades, I think Europe would be in turmoil.

Posted by: TomR at April 4, 2009 02:30 PM

Tom, I like him too. What you said about Europe is soooo true Tom.

Posted by: Wild Thing at April 4, 2009 06:23 PM