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March 31, 2009

Rush Limbaugh On Obama's Constant Assault on America's Producers.

Obama Guarantees Sacrifice

Here's Barack Obama. I talked about how the left thinks that we just have to sacrifice, we all must sacrifice. We have to suffer. The only way this country will be just and fair is if everybody is equally miserable in their suffering and sacrifice -- and he said it, essentially, on Face the Nation yesterday. Bob Schieffer talked about announcing his plans today on the takeover of General Motors and canning the CEO. "What are these companies going to have to do, President Obama, in order to get additional bailout money?"

Sacrifice? Sacrifice doesn't build things. Not the way he's talking about it. He doesn't mean the virtue of sacrifice. That's going to make America what America should be. It's just scary, because he's going to ensure it! He's going to make sure that there's sacrifice, and that's what his administration's all about.

Based on what we've seen with General Motors and the banks, if he fails, America is saved. Barack Obama's policies and their failure is the only hope we've got to maintain the America of our founding. We can sit here all the all day as we have. We can rail against General Motors. There is nothing going to stop any of this. Nothing is stopping it. I can say all day long, "Gosh, I hope this fails isn't going to stop anything." Has anybody heard the Republicans say anything today about the firing of Rick Wagoner? If they have, it hasn't been reported. Republicans, as usual, are a week behind the times. They're out there rapping about the budget, which is okay, the budget needs to be rapped about, "We'll rap about it further," but the big news of the today is GM. I haven't heard a Republican, have you? I haven't seen any media who find anything the slightest bit squishy about this.
When the history of this is written, people are going to say, "Where was the media? Where were the Republicans?" Where were all of the "moderate" Republicans who told us that this guy's temperament and his steadiness, and his intellect, that's why we should support him? Well, remember, it's not what Obama knows; it's what you think he knows. It's what he makes you think he knows. He doesn't know anything about the automobile business. He doesn't know how to change a tire. The automobile business needs car guys, people that love grease, get in there, manufacture these engines and cars, great designs, lines, and make people want to go out and buy these cars. Car companies have to be run by financial people today 'cause they're basically health care and retirement funds. The side business is making cars, hoping that they pay for some of it...
When you talk about his character, you're talking about who he is, who reared him, who raised him, who mentored him, who his associations were. I agree, they're all important, they were covered up. This is a radical guy. This is a very arrogant, radical guy who is angry. Nobody will convince me otherwise. Yeah, I mean he doesn't show it. Sometimes I think I notice it. I think it flares at times. Not the anger, but he reveals that he has a bunch of chips on his shoulder, and we know his wife does, and we know Reverend Wright does. We're getting a lot of this stuff that's happening right out of Reverend Wright's sermons. There really is. And a lot of what's going to happen in education, right out of Bill Ayers' curriculum, his extremist, terrorist buddy.

The best way to understand Obama, and I can't say this enough, he really believes that it's his job to return the nation's wealth to its rightful, quote, unquote, rightful owners. And that means that he believes the people who have wealth have stolen it from those who have no wealth. It's been unfairly achieved and accrued, and it's his job to take it and redistribute it. And that's what he means by sacrifice. When he talks about sacrifice, he's talking about raising your taxes, taking away your assets, and giving them to other people he thinks you stole them from who are thus more deserving. If you'll just be open to admit it, you can see it practically every day in his policy pronouncements.

Wild Thing's comment........

The obsession Obama has for everyone to sacrifice and the way he means it taies away all the American dream. If Obama loved America whcih he does not, he would know what that dream has meant to the citizens of our country. NOT his country but our country, the United States of America.

Posted by Wild Thing at March 31, 2009 05:48 AM


What Rush is talking about will happen. The worst part is it doesn't have to happen.

Obama keeps talking about sacrifice when it will be the people who will do the sacrificing. He will still have his posh parties at the Bleak House, and we will be playing parchease in the dark.

When there is no need for any of this. The green nonsense is the start of all these problems. Cap and trade will sink us. They want to switch over from a reliable source of electricity to a system dependant on 'Intermittant energy', wind, solar and biomass. All sources of unreliable energy, yet we are expected to accept this without any questions. The smart meter obama's talking about, will control how much electric energy you will be able to use, beyond that you will be FINED for additional use. All because of this other Nitwit Algore and his magic bean, global warming which isn't happening.

The American People are going to be in for one hell of a shock when all of this kicks in.

Posted by: Mark at March 31, 2009 10:42 AM

Cusin Al Gore (my mother's side), "Little Al" to the family, is a nitwit. He did not even know when the Internet was invented. (ARPAnet in 1969) His dad "Big Al" got a lot of money from Stalin and the Russians through Arman Hammer buying minerals from him after they financed him buying the mine.
Alway assume that these guys have somebody behind them. They are not business savy but they always have money.

We should find out where the three hundred million dollars that put Obama over the top came from. Visa should have records of where they sold all of those cash VISA cards.

Posted by: Avitar at March 31, 2009 04:37 PM

Mark, I am not liking any of this. Thanks Mark for
the information too, like how we would be fined
for too much use of electricity ( air conditioning)
here in Florida is a must in the summer and there
is no way I can cut back. It isn't like we have it
freezing but cool enough to be comfortable.
Dang I can't stand Obama and what he is doing.

Your so right it starts with the green
machine nonsense.

Posted by: Wild Thing at March 31, 2009 07:37 PM

Avitar, if I had more time I would love to do that.
Great idea Avitar.

Thanks for the information on Gore too. haha
I bet it is hard to hold back from lambasting him
verbally of course if you see him at a family
thing sometime. giggle

Posted by: Wild Thing at March 31, 2009 07:42 PM