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February 28, 2009

Some Notes From Rush Limbaugh's Speech at CPAC

He said that Democrats not just sought the failure of Republican presidents and policies but also actively sought the failure of the US at war.

His speech was awesome, he was on FIRE! I loved it. See some of my notes below. Just some quick things I was able to jot down. ~ Wild Thing

Rush Limbaugh was 15 minutes early to the stage, but no one was complaining Saturday evening in Washington, D.C., at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

Quite the contrary. On the conference's third and final day, the conservative talk radio host was the headliner, and the crowd greeted him with an immense ovation.

"Ladies and gentleman, this is my first ever address to the nation," Limbaugh joked, noting that FOX News and C-SPAN were broadcasting the speech live.

"We can take this country back. All we need is to nominate the right candidate," he said.

Rush Limbaugh’s "first address to the nation." giggle l love when he said it like this.

The room is wild with enthusiasm ..........!!!!!!!!!!

And “I’ve not needed a teleprompter for anything I’ve said ......”


"Obama's State of the Union Show" LOL good one Rush

They had a typical drive-by media focus group--losers!" (more laughter)

Rush calls Biden a bigot!!! (CHEERS and applause!)

“Presidents are stewards of this country. It is not their task to remake it in their image.”

"It is not the task of a politician to remake America!”

“It is not their right to remake this nation to reflect their psychology.”

"Orgasmic is ok...Rush checked. W/Fox...after all, they carried the Lewinski thing..."

"President Obama, your agenda is Not new, not change and not hope!!"

“Do they try to elevate those at the bottom?? Nooo, they try to tear down those at the top!!”

Rush talking about Newt and Kristol without saying their names. Beltway Conservatives that said the "era of Reagan is over."

Rush: "When the hell do you ever hear a democrat saying the era of FDR is over?"

“Would have been more votes if we’d had a conservative on the ticket”...w

hoa! John McCain, watch out! LOL! This is one of the best speeches I have listened to since Reagan.

Pointing out correctly that the media loved McCain when he went against his own party and W, but they turned on him when he was running against their Messiah.

"I don't see Hispanic, Blacks, groups, etc...I SEE AMERICANS!"

Standing ovation!!

“There is nothing stale about liberty!”


“I realize some of you at home have never heard liberal democrats being made fun of in this way. (perfect pause) Get used to it!” LOL

Rush: “I want the country to survive”.

"I want the country to SUCCEED!"
"I want the country to survive as we've known it."

"Our country is under assault from within, and that's a serious, serious battle."

"Optimism, confidence, not guilt. The main thing to do is STOP THINKING THAT WE ARE IN THE MINORITY. It is your confidence that liberates you, it is not being in the minority."

Rush hit it WAYYYYY out of the park! It was GREAT!

Posted by Wild Thing at February 28, 2009 06:55 PM


I also liked it when he said that America will always exist, but if we don't fight for Our Constitutional Rights, it will not be the America we know and love. It's so true.

Posted by: JohnE PFC U.S. Army at February 28, 2009 08:54 PM

I started watching Huckabee at 8, his guests were Gearldine Ferraro and Gearldo Rivers. Their biggest complaint was, 'Rush wants the President to fail.' Now Rush spoke for an Hour and a half, and Rush can say an awful lot in that time. I heard Rush say he wants the country to win, the country to survive as it were and it can't be that way it if obamas policy succeeds. It is that simple. Tonight speech I don't believe Rush said, he wanted Obama to fail no he said his policies. Which, Gearldine and jerkraldo never heard on word of the speech. All they had were DNC talking points.

Huckabee for his part was almost apologetic and appeasing as ever, Huckabee was in his BOHICA mode, and as I thought during the race this man is a moderate. He couldn't even stand on principle. Huckabee continued to back away from Conservative ideals just to appease those two half-wit leftist losers.

After 5 minutes i changed to the NFL channel.

Back to Rush. He defined what it is to be a conservative. How anyone could misinterpret what he said, as those two half wits did, Obviously they did not listen to the whole speech or any part of it.

Even their own money man Warren Buffet says, the economy is going to get worse with what obama has done. Redistributing the wealth by tearing down the,' 'Rich' to give it to the poor.' As Rush pointed out the poor produce nothing but will get lot for doing...Nothing.

Now we are expected to pay the bills of the lazy, hapless and the destitute, who, once bailed out will be in the same sad shape in 6 months that they are now. And the couple of Trillion dollars will have accomplished NOTHING again but the dems can pat themselves on the back on their good intentions. The Country will be in debt up to our eye-balls, thanks to obama and his ill-formed Ilk.

Posted by: Mark at February 28, 2009 09:46 PM

Rush nailed one thing that most of us have observed. That the so called conservative media pundits covering capitol hill have sided with the enemy in saying we have to change with the times and accept the new system. Could it be that they are too close to the slime and it has affected their objectivity, independence and rationale? They are like the remora feeding at the shark's mouth, unable to survive anywhere else in the food chain. In all aspects they are saying we have to go along to get along, sorry, that is not my nature. That is what got us RINO's, a biased and defeatist media. We sit back content to tune in the liberal drivel, buy into the revisionist entertainment media, purchase their propaganda as literature or works of non fiction. I'm at the point of dumping the TV, tuning out the radio and solely relying on the internet for all my world view, instead of having assholes like Matthews on one side and O'Reily on the other parsing and interpreting the news for us then telling us how to receive it. If enough of us drop the run of the mill media and they have to rely on their protector, the government, for all their revenue instead of advertisers and subscribers they might get the message. I'm sick of the media giving this a pass, their apologetic response for democrat criminal activity, their covering of mundane subjects instead of confronting and demanding excellence from the Democrats just like they hounded and demanded of the Republicans.
Let's see, as Geraldo just announced "we'll investigate the response of Rush Roaring" right here on Fox. Then he cuts to the clip from CPAC with Rush talking about Bobby Jindal and the quip by Biden, focusing on the potential to stir up a racial fight, who needs that grandstanding leftist on a conservative network, Get over to CNN where you belong asshole Rivera.
Let's see that microcosm standard set for the US cities, after 3-1/2 years the Louisiana national guard has just left New Orleans, is the city or the nation any better off after all that expenditure? Last year's 179 murders decreased from the 2007 total of 210, albeit some of the residents have moved on, you bet we are better off, under a Democrat Congress since 2006.

Posted by: Jack at February 28, 2009 11:08 PM

I haven't watched the pundits in quite awhile "analyzing" things they apparently can't understand.
They are more concerned for their moments to shine than the truth - even on FOX. Phhttt!
Rush topped it out completely!!
We have to see it for what it is - left-controlled media, the enemy is in the House and Senate and White House, people don't know shite about civics and complacency and/or the gimmee, gimmees have infected our society.
Jack - sorry, but you insult Remora. lol

Posted by: yankeemom at March 1, 2009 10:49 AM