Theodore's World: Video of Pro-Hamas Demonstration - Fort Lauderdale , Florida

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January 01, 2009

Video of Pro-Hamas Demonstration - Fort Lauderdale , Florida

Pro-Hamas Demonstration - Fort Lauderdale FL


Wild Thing's comment.........

I don't care what city in America this goes on..... it should NEVER be happening!! How many of these vile people are members of the Hamas or any other terrorist group?

One thing for sure, if any of them did vote we know who they voted for, Barack Hussein Obama, and his love for the Islam call to prayer.

Posted by Wild Thing at January 1, 2009 05:50 AM


That's just how they do. Use our very freedoms against us. But they forget, they have no freedoms or rights--they aren't Americans, but they don't care.
Why is it, that it's okay for them but not for the other side to hold a protest?
I will stand with Israel. It is the birth place of not only Judaism, but Christianity as well. My mother has Jewish family members and I will defend them to the death if I have to.

Posted by: Lynn at January 1, 2009 09:25 AM

HooRay, Lynn. I will always stand with Israel, land of my Fathers and NOT the pretend religion, Islam, which was borne from a guy (MoFoHam'ed)eating mushrooms in a dank cave.

Posted by: Steve Gaston at January 1, 2009 10:56 AM

Angry muslims, what else is new! These bastards ought to be working. Or they should get the hell out of my country and go back to their shithole homeland.

Posted by: TomR at January 1, 2009 11:53 AM

I'm calling for some nape on these ragheaded butchering bastards. Go protest in Gaza you camel felching, pedophile smurderers of women and children. You sure as hell don't want me on the riot line controlling your sorry asses.

Posted by: Jack at January 1, 2009 01:14 PM

Hamas are terrorists. Gazans are terrorists. Palestinians are terrorists. The more they get away with, including terror supporting protests, the more terrorism they do. Snuff the bastards.

'Innocent' Gazans Suffering

"At some point, though, don’t we need to ask, “How innocent are those ordinary Gazan civilians, anyway?” Just two weeks ago, tens of thousands of these civilians attended an enormous Hamas rally glorifying the Qassam rockets they launch into Israel. The entertainment was an ugly “play” in which a Palestinian dressed as kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit was “humiliated” onstage."

"How innocent is this?"

Posted by: Les at January 1, 2009 02:20 PM

Lynn, you said it and they are really good at this......"Use our very freedoms against us".

Posted by: Wild Thing at January 1, 2009 05:53 PM

Steve Gaston, me too, these subhumans have no idea how intense our friendship and loyalty is to Israel.

Posted by: Wild Thing at January 1, 2009 05:57 PM

Tom, I wish we could haul them all off and ship them out of here.

Posted by: Wild Thing at January 1, 2009 05:59 PM

Jack, yessss!!!!!!

Posted by: Wild Thing at January 1, 2009 06:06 PM

Les, yesss "Snuff the bastards".

I have had it with these peoople, and they think they can just do this protest crap and say and yell what they want and we are supposed to say oh ok that is just your opinion????? HELL NO will I say that.

Posted by: Wild Thing at January 1, 2009 06:09 PM

The Israeli Zionists and their masters in Washington D.C. deserve the just condemnation of the civilized world.

Posted by: Zandorz at January 2, 2009 07:37 PM