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January 12, 2009

President George W. Bush To Be On Sean Hannity’s New Show Tonight

One of the photos from this last year of President Bush and our troops.

President Bush to be on Hannity's new show tonight.

Fox News, 9 PM EST

Wild Thing's comment..........

We will never have a family in the White House again, like that of George & Laura. I’m sick to my stomach, to think of next week, and what we face with the new First Family to come.

God help us all...

Posted by Wild Thing at January 12, 2009 03:55 AM


I worry too. I told my hubby yesterday that
9 more days and our world ends.
And hearing him talk yesterday on George
Steponallofus show, I realized we're all in
for a world of hurt with Obamanation at the
helm. Now he's saying he can't keep his
campaign promises. I guess he lied to all
of us in those glorious messianic speeches of
his, didn't he?
I'll watch this. I like the Bushes personally-they are warm, approachable, human and failing-just like the rest of us ordinary folks.

Posted by: Lynn at January 12, 2009 04:13 AM

I agree WT. I heaard on the news yessterday that "Mommy-In-Law" is moving into the White House.

The next four years will be insufferable.

Posted by: Steve Gaston at January 12, 2009 06:58 AM

Well this is what we have evolved into on January 20, another Black family will be moving into Government Housing.

Now, Steve tells us, the mother in law is moving in too ? I wonder how many families he can squeeze into that sacred place. It will demean what the founding fathers had invisioned for sure.

I am disgusted with this whole mess.

Posted by: Mark at January 12, 2009 08:23 AM

A couple of years ago, DH and I would jokingly say, "If Hillary gets elected we're staying where we are and not moving back to the States until she's gone." Ha! Little did we know then what we know now. Our feelings about moving back to the States have not changed at all. In fact, we are much safer [literally!] and better protected financially, etc., where we are right now - in Saudi Arabia - than we would be if we were in the States. I was really hoping we'd only be here for another four and a half years [has more to do with DH's age - he'll be 50 - than politics], but if B. Hussein is in office until 2016 - we're staying in Saudi until DH is 55. My condolences are with you all, however. The U.S. is in for a time like never before seen.

Posted by: BT in SA at January 12, 2009 08:25 AM

I wonder how many US Flags will be flying upside down, the signal for distress?

Posted by: BobF at January 12, 2009 09:14 AM

Listening to W's press conference just now. He certainly has the greatest heart of any President in my lifetime. Obama does not deserve the graciousness that Bush is showing and I can't remember a Democrat leaving the office without displaying bitterness (Truman did, Carter did, Clinton and his gang did). Bush is surely a role model of a truly democratic citizen.

Posted by: horace at January 12, 2009 10:05 AM

Caught the Brit Hume interview of GHWB #41 and W #43 on Fox News Sunday from the WH / Oval Office.
At least the Oval Office (former Oral Office from 1993-2001) won't have to be fumigated on January 20th! Also, W's administration went Scotch Guard free from 2001-2009!! Laura W. Bush is a classy lady and will be missed MORE than ever. I will really miss Lynne and Dick Cheney - big time - as well! Soon the freak show will begin....

Posted by: darthcrUSAderworldtour07 at January 12, 2009 10:57 AM

Bye bye dignity and humility. Hello arrogance and narcissism. Will we now have the likes of Bill Ayers, Louis Farrakhan and Al Sharp in the Lincoln Bedroom? America no longer "Tis of Thee".

The lovely Laura Bush replaced by America hating Michelle Obama and her mother.

I have to hope that the prices America will pay for the socialist/Marxist Obama will be prices that are eventually reversible.

Posted by: TomR at January 12, 2009 11:36 AM

Thank God I can pick up my new Ruger SR9 on inaguration day, cause something tells me I may need it. BTW, we'll be watching the Cartoon Channel January 20th.

Posted by: cuchieddie at January 12, 2009 12:17 PM

I too will miss George W. and Laura Bush. They are the real thing. The changing of guard in the Oval Office scares me and I vehemently disagree with everything that Barack Hussein Obama stands for. However, this chronic complaining crybaby with BDS should be held accountable for his wild and irresponsible campaign promises and blaming the current President for all of the ills in the world. George W. Bush said that the new President will feel the responsibility of the job the first time that he enters the Oval (formerly Oral) Office after the inauguration ceremonies.

Just to name a few of the promises that the new President should have his radical Socialist nose rubbed in.

1) "Obama emphatically promised more than a year ago that "The first thing I'd do as president is sign the Freedom of Choice Act. That's the first thing that I'd do." Will Obama keep his word?"

Does the country's #1 pro-abortionist have the character to implement what he promised on the campaign trail or did the BOGUS POTUS lie to get elected?

2) Obama repeatedly called the war in Iraq an illegal war and promised to withdraw ALL combat troops in 16 months. Does the country's #1 anti-Iraq War opponent have the character to implement what he promised on the campaign trail and will he immediately release his 16 month withdrawal timetable or did the BOGUS POTUS lie to get elected?

3) Obama promised to close GITMO for all of it's illegality including the lack of habeas corpus and the commission of torture including water boarding and other strong interrogation techniques. Does the country's #1 GITMO opponent and moral weathervane have the character to implement what he promised on the campaign trail and immediately release his swift timetable for closing GITMO and granting all of it's detainees an immediate habeas corpus hearing in a civil court or did the BOGUS POTUS lie to get elected?

If waterboarding and strong interrogation techniques are torture, will the new President and CIC immediately issue an executive order banning this activity as well as other "torture" activities from the military training of special forces and SEALs or is the BOGUS POTUS/CIC a hypocrite and only concerned about the "torture" of terrorists?

Feel free to add your own Obama promises to this list that you think that he should be held accountable for.

Posted by: Les at January 12, 2009 03:08 PM

C'mon now Cuchie...What's wrong with the Cartoon Channel? Santa got me a DVD of 59 episodes of 'Augie Doggie and Dear Old Augie Daddy' (1959-1962) for Christmas! Snagglepuss is even on these classics: "Heaven's to mergatroid EEEven, exit... stage LEFT!" Our nation has gone LEFT!!

Posted by: darthcrUSAderworldtour07 at January 12, 2009 05:36 PM

Lynn, I agree, Bush is not a bad man, unlilke the Democrat past Presidents and the one coming up. Huge difference. I will miss him and I liked how he spoke too, even though I know many did not. He wasn't all lawyered up in his speeches.

Posted by: Wild Thing at January 12, 2009 06:55 PM

Steve Gaston, ,LOL oh dear me that would be awful..... hahaha

I love how Rush Limbaugh plays the music from "The Jeffersons' tv show from the past. The song moving on up. Obama's mother in law moving in with them reminds me of that song. hahahahaa

Posted by: Wild Thing at January 12, 2009 06:58 PM

Mark, hahah good one that is exactly what it is. Government housing.

Posted by: Wild Thing at January 12, 2009 06:59 PM

BT in SA, I sure understand how you feel. I just can't get out of this feeling of shock at what has happened. Nicholas feels the same way, in shock.

Posted by: Wild Thing at January 12, 2009 07:02 PM

BobF, a few people have written to me they are going to do that.

Posted by: Wild Thing at January 12, 2009 07:05 PM

Horace, I agree,that is great you got to see the press conference. I don't even think Carter has a heart, it would surprise me if he had a soul too. yuk

Posted by: Wild Thing at January 12, 2009 07:07 PM

Darth, me too, the Brit Hume interview of the two of them was so good.

I agree too I will miss Lynn and Dick Cheney too. I have always like them a lot.

Posted by: Wild Thing at January 12, 2009 07:08 PM

Tom, all you said and this says so much of what they are too......"Bye bye dignity and humility. Hello arrogance and narcissism".

Posted by: Wild Thing at January 12, 2009 07:13 PM

Cuchieddie, LOL I would prefer that too......"we'll be watching the Cartoon Channel January 20th."

At least I can laugh and not cry or feel sick that day.

Posted by: Wild Thing at January 12, 2009 07:15 PM

Les, thanks for the waterboarding stuff in your comment too. I just don't get the fuss about that at all. Maybe for a non swimmer it would freak a person out but good grief, like you said. Our special Forces go through it for a reason so it sure isn't like they are doing something to the terrorists that they have done experienced themselves.

Obama is not going to want to do any kind of torture and we are in such a mess with his being so weak. augh!!!

Posted by: Wild Thing at January 12, 2009 07:19 PM