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November 02, 2008

The War on America

The War on America

Vets for Victory

by Medal of Honor recipient Colonel Bud Day

My Dear Fellow Americans:

For the last few weeks, the “Liberal’s War on America” has gone badly.

* MoveOn, the New York Times, and Senators who accused Gen. Petraeus of being a traitor and a liar have been exposed and repudiated;

* The media’s attempted flim-flam to portray Iran’s Terrorist Dictator as a “Statesman,” tripped on Columbia University’s red carpet;

* The brave combat Marines whom Congressman Murtha and the press eagerly charged with “cold-blooded murders” in Iraq are being found innocent, acquitted one by one.

The “War” is not going well … the “War On America,” that is.

Those who claim they “Support the Troops” are finally being unmasked, shown for being the cowards they are. But, it won’t be long before they regroup, begin their own “Surge” in this decades-long “War On America.” We won’t stand by quietly when they do; nor, should you.

My fellow POWs and I have long known the contempt the extreme Left has for our military. We felt the crush of rifle butts in our faces, beatings and unspeakable torture in the Hanoi Hilton Prison when we refused to kowtow to American traitors who traveled to these countries for propaganda “photo-ops” with our Communist jailors.

The so-called “anti-war movement,” lead by the likes of Lt. John Kerry and his mentor, Sen. Ted Kennedy, also said they “supported the troops”. What they didn’t say is whose “troops.”

We knew the answer then, we were witnesses and victims. It’s the same today. They “support” America’s enemies, any Communist Regime, Dictator or Terrorists that vow to kill and maim American soldiers and innocent civilians.

American soldiers in Vietnam were falsely accused of being a “barbarian horde,” “rapists,” “murderers,” “drug addicts” and “baby killers.”

Today, their sons, daughters and grandchildren serving in uniform stand accused of being “terrorists,” “Nazis,” “cold-blooded murderers,” people who wantonly conduct “air raids on villages” bombing and killing civilians.

Every one of those spurious accusations were spewed from the Halls of Congress, most often by the same men and women who voted to send America’s youth to war, only to denounce, vilify and abandon them later, when the opportunity for personal, political advantage presented itself.

When I and my fellow veterans — POWs, Soldiers, Airmen, Marines and Navy Swift Boat combat veterans alike — attempted to warn America about one of the most notorious turncoats from the Vietnam era, we were initially ignored by the mainstream media.

When the press and TV networks could no longer cover-up for John Kerry’s very public treasonous conduct, we were accused of being “serial liars,” shouted down by Leftist political campaign operatives disguised as “journalists.” All the while the networks kept the film evidence of Lt. Kerry’s betrayal under lock and key, where it remains hidden from the American public even today.

The recent treatment accorded Gen. Petraeus by the same radicals in Congress and the media was strikingly similar to our experiences in 2004. Before he uttered a single word, this highly decorated combat veteran, a man of great honor who has risked his life many times in the defense of our country, stood accused, disparaged and berated by a pack of power-hungry shirkers and slackers unworthy to polish his combat medals.

Veterans who attempted to expose Sen. Kerry in 2004 were treated no better. But, Kerry and his band of Leftist comrades had something special in store for me and my fellow POWs and their wives. We were sued repeatedly for three long years, forced to spend $1 million just to defend ourselves in several frivolous lawsuits.

What did we do to cause such a prolonged, vindictive assault? We told the truth no Mainstream Media news operation wanted the American public to know, then or now.

Dozens of my fellow POWs and their wives participated in a documentary, “Stolen Honor: Wounds that Never Heal.” In that film we said Kerry and his anti-war followers were liars and frauds working on behalf of our brutal Communists captors. Their collaboration with the enemy prolonged our captivity and the Vietnam War itself by years. Their vicious lies accusing us and all U.S. servicemen of being “war criminals” put our lives and the lives of Americans still fighting on the battlefield in grave danger.

Worse of all, Kerry’s self-aggrandizing, false accusations against American soldiers who had born the brunt of the bleeding and dying in Vietnam, spawned the myths our young men and women in Iraq today are forced to defend against, even as they fight for their lives on the battlefield each and every day.

You can draw a straight line from the deceitful Leftist tactics used to bring America’s defeat and dishonor in Vietnam to Iraq today.

America’s military didn’t lose the Vietnam War. Congress declared defeat, voted to abandon South Vietnam nearly two years after our last combat troops left. That sell-out, not only of our South Vietnam ally, but the nearly 60,000 Americans who gave their lives on the battlefield, ignited a genocidal holocaust throughout Southeast Asia that can still only be measured in the millions, an estimated three to five million innocent civilians brutally murdered.

We cannot let that happen again. We will not let that happen. You can stand shoulder to shoulder with us to prevent that from happening.

Three years ago, I and my fellow POWs and Vietnam combat veterans created a non-profit organization, ” The Vietnam Veterans Legacy Foundation”. Our mission was simple, to set the record straight about the Vietnam War and those who served and fought there. Little did we know then we’d be slapped with multiple lawsuits for daring to uncover the layer upon layer of lies that constitute the false Vietnam History.

Nor, could we know then the Left’s plans to use the same Vietnam blueprint for defeat in Iraq. Little wonder Kerry and his followers wanted to sue us into silence! But, we prevailed. We successfully defended against each of those lawsuits, all have now been withdrawn. And, we will not remain silent any longer.

Our research into the Vietnam War, most especially, those individuals and organizations responsible for creating the completely false history of Vietnam, is voluminous, factual and compelling. We have amassed a virtual library of records, documents and eyewitness testimony that proves, conclusively, the popular history of Vietnam is pure bunk, propaganda.

Once we get the truth out to the American people, there will be winners. Those winners will be every man and woman who has served in our Armed Forces. To them and their families, this is a war we cannot lose.

The “War On America” is just heating up again. What we do now will dictate America’s future, whether it is one of victory over terrorism, or, decades more of defeat, humiliation in a lost, but noble cause.

God Bless You and America,

Col. Bud Day

Wild Thing's comment........

This is such a great letter. I agree the War on America is heating up and the enemy within has been repeating theiri same attempts to do what they have done in the past. And now we the added factor of what Obama will bring to this war on America.

The “War On America” is just heating up again. What we do now will dictate America’s future, whether it is one of victory over terrorism, or, decades more of defeat, humiliation in a lost, but noble cause."

He is right, what we do now will decide things for our country for many years.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

Posted by Wild Thing at November 2, 2008 05:50 AM


Exactly, which is why I'm upset with my niece. With as many family members who have served or are serving in the military, she should have realized that the left detests the military and will do anything to get rid of them. A vote for Obama is spitting in the face of each of them, like, so what, I don't care about you. It broke my heart when she voted for Obama.
I am a proud devil pup and I stand tall with my brothers and sisters. My 6 year olds favorite song right now is God Bless the USA by Lee Greenwood. It's so cute to listen to her sing that.
I will never do anything that will interfere with the course our military brethren have to do to make this world a safer, more peaceful and free world not only for my descendants but for all. Thank God for the military. They are the best in the world and they do so voluntarily. They are the least selfish people on God's green Earth.

Posted by: Lynn at November 2, 2008 06:56 AM

count me in to stand tall with you,
now if i could just get these buttons
to my uniform to work agin!:{) .

Posted by: Chief at November 2, 2008 08:22 AM

I saw a fellow AF retiree yeasterday and he was wearing a "Veterans for Obama".

I wonder how much this guy will be for Omama, if elected, he cuts his retired pay or eliminates future cost of living increases to save money? What will he say if Obama increases what he has to pay for his "free for life" medical coverage? Obama already said he wants to cut back on the defense budget and Barney Frank says he wants to cut 25% of the budget. This guys retired pay comes out of that budget. Other than retired pay and lower cost medical benefits, there's no other benefits left to military retirees as they've all been eroded away

Myself, I'll look to a fellow military retiree, McCain, to protect the benefits I earned by giving over 20+ years of my life.

Posted by: BobF at November 2, 2008 09:40 AM

Excellent letter by Col. Bud Day.

The Left controls too much in America today. It controls the media, education and now the Congress. It may shortly have the White House and as a result, the Supreme Court.

I know the Left's agenda is socialism, but I still don't know why. America's individual freedoms and our traditions have made us the greatest country in the world. Socialism will only degrade America. It has been tried all over the world and found wanting. People yearn to come to America to escape socialism.

I just do not understand why so many of the privileged elite and powerful turn to socialism and why they become traitors to America.

Posted by: TomR at November 2, 2008 10:15 AM

Thanks WT and Mark.

Colonel Bud Day's letter significantly explains the vindictiveness of the left. A vindictiveness tempered by a balance of power, we all have seen how ruthlessly they attacked Col Day and the veterans for truth, how John Murtha slandered all service members and the Marines. We saw how John Kerry libeled and branded an entire generation as murderers. Some of them received direct vituperation from their fellow Americans instead of the respect they deserved. Using failed policies from 1945 the left has lost two undeclared wars and successfully blamed their losses on the service members involved at their request.

Once totally in power there will be no restraints on their vindictiveness, like Stalin the purges and tribunals will begin, there are no limitations to the tyrannical Communists.Witness the purges and murders under Castro and Guevara.
Every past and present service member living is subject to scorn and trumped up 'war crimes' trials and subsequent punishment as prescribed by the tribunals. You saw the invasion of "Joe The Plumber's" private records in their quest to squelch his credibility.

Remember too, Jose Alonso Compean, Ignacio Ramos and how swiftly and unprotected they were sent to prison for doing their jobs under a political hatchet job, don't forget how the left removed Lewis "Scooter" Libby and Tom DeLay from prominence.

While my rant is about military wrongs don't forget that we, the conservative, are prime targets for retribution also.
Power corrupts.
"The “power game” has reached its peak during our age, the age of democracy. With democracy, it is in everybody’s theoretical reach to gain power over everybody else, indeed making society an eternal struggle between individuals and groups for power. Marx would have been correct in this “power struggle” if he had seen the 20th and 21st Century democracies, but he never saw democracy in full. "

"The part of the truth Lord Acton did not realize when stating “power corrupts” is that the corrupted seek power. Only people not able to grow tall from their own efforts and achievements seek to subdue their fellow man; only people not being able to find comfort in their own mind seek to silence others; those who are unable to produce their own wealth aim to confiscate the wealth of others. Power does really corrupt, but it is as true that corrupt people seek power."

My fellow conservatives, Vets and Brothers in Arms, we must remain vigilant and keep the powder dry.

Posted by: Jack at November 2, 2008 12:16 PM

Lynn, your so wonderful!

Nick and I know exactly how you feel. His brother chose Obama augh. And after so many talks. whew wow it was just no getting through to him.

I love hearing about your 6 year old. How absolutely adorbale that she does that. Thank you so much for sharing about her.

Posted by: Wild Thing at November 2, 2008 06:52 PM

Chief, BIG huge smile, thank you. Love how you put that.

Posted by: Wild Thing at November 2, 2008 06:53 PM

BobF, that is so sad, that man has no clue or it did not sink in what Obama will do.

I can't figure out if people just don't listen or just don't understand.

Thank you Bob for sharing about that.

Posted by: Wild Thing at November 2, 2008 06:58 PM

Tom, I don't get this either......
"I just do not understand why so many of the privileged elite and powerful turn to socialism and why they become traitors to America.".....

Like Ted Turner, he worked to do well and he did then he is a big socialist communist. I just don't get it.

Posted by: Wild Thing at November 2, 2008 07:01 PM

Jack thank you for all you said. That quote is so perfect, it is excellent and I never saw it before. Thank you so much!!!!

Posted by: Wild Thing at November 2, 2008 07:07 PM

PS: My family has had 15 relatives serve in the USAF, AAF, USMC, USA, USN, Merchant Marine, and German Army and Navy, from WW I to Operation Iraqi Freedom! Our German relatives were KIA in the Russian Front and in Italy in 1941 and 1943.
FREEDOM is not FREE...and the left wing bats think that FREEDOM is FREE?

Posted by: darthcrUSAderworldtour07 at November 3, 2008 10:34 PM