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November 03, 2008

Coal Official Calls Obama Comments 'unbelievable'

Coal official calls Obama comments 'unbelievable'

The West Virginia Record


At least one state coal industry leader said he was shocked by comments Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama made earlier this year concerning his plan to aggressively charge polluters for carbon and greenhouse gas emissions.

"What I've said is that we would put a cap and trade system in place that is as aggressive, if not more aggressive, than anybody else's out there," Obama said in a Jan. 17 interview with the San Francisco Chronicle that was made public today first on the Web site, which calls itself "the leader in documenting, exposing and neutralizing liberal media bias." The story later was linked on The Drudge Report.
"I was the first to call for a 100 percent auction on the cap and trade system, which means that every unit of carbon or greenhouse gases emitted would be charged to the polluter," Obama continued. "That will create a market in which whatever technologies are out there that are being presented, whatever power plants that are being built, that they would have to meet the rigors of that market and the ratcheted down caps that are being placed, imposed every year.
"So if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can; it's just that it will bankrupt them because they're going to be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that's being emitted."

Calls and e-mails to West Virginia Obama campaign officials seeking comment for this story were not returned as of Sunday evening.

According to the West Virginia Office of Miners' Health, Safety and Training, the coal industry provides about 40,000 direct jobs in the state, including those for miners, mine contractors, coal preparation plant employees and mine supply company workers.

West Virginia is the second largest coal-producing state in the country behind Wyoming and accounts for about 15 percent of all coal production in the United States. The Mountain State leads the nation in underground coal production and leads the nation in coal exports with over 50 million tons shipped to 23 countries. West Virginia accounts for about half of U.S. coal exports.

In addition, the coal industry pays about $70 million in property taxes in the state annually, and the Coal Severance Tax adds about $214 million into West Virginia's economy. The coal industry payroll in the state is nearly $2 billion per year, and coal is responsible for more than $3.5 billion annually in the gross state product.

"The only thing I've said with respect to coal, I haven't been some coal booster," Obama said in the San Francisco Chronicle interview. "What I have said is that for us to take coal off the table as an ideological matter as opposed to saying if technology allows us to use coal in a clean way, we should pursue it."
The senior vice president of the West Virginia Coal Association called Obama's comments "unbelievable."
"His comments are unfortunate," Chris Hamilton said Sunday, "and really reflect a very uninformed voice and perspective to coal specifically and energy generally."
Hamilton noted other times Obama and vice presidential candidate Joe Biden have made seemingly anti-coal statements.
"In Ohio recently, when Joe Biden said 'not here' about building coal-fired power plants -- this is exactly what will happen," Hamilton said. "Financing won't be directed here. It will all go aboard for plants elsewhere in the world. The United Sates is importing more coal today from Indonesia, South Africa and Colombia than we ever have.
"If we're going to create a situation where coal-fired power plants are at that much of a disadvantage, there will be new ones built. But as Biden said, just not here."

Republican presidential candidate John McCain's state director said Obama's statements are troubling, especially for West Virginians.

"I think this clearly shows the attitude the Obama-Biden ticket has toward coal," Ben Beakes said Sunday. "Rhetoric is cheap, but behind closed doors what they tell their supporters - that's what we have to take as gospel.
"They're definitely not friends of coal."
Beakes noted other examples of Obama and Biden making seemingly anti-coal statements, such as in February when Obama said he'd like to tax "dirty energy" such as coal and natural gas.
"And their cohorts in Congress make similar statements," Beakes said. "(Senate Majority Leader) Harry Reid (D-Nevada) said this summer that 'coal makes us sick.'
"This is an attitude and view that, to me, shows their hatred of coal. And therefore, their view would cost West Virginians thousands upon thousands of jobs."

Beakes touted McCain's view toward coal.

"John McCain has embraced coal," Beakes said. "He doesn't agree with everything in the coal industry, but his view of coal is positive. He will make it part of his energy policy. He's met with leaders in the coal industry and let them know that. He's sought advice from coal industry leaders.
"McCain understands that coal supports about 49 percent of our electricity in this country. He'll continue to make coal important. He wants to reduce our foreign dependency on oil."

Hamilton also said the Obama campaign needs to find varied sources for coal and energy advice.

"If they're victorious Tuesday, they'd better go to someone other than Al Gore on energy and environmental matters," he said. "They've tipped the balance way -- unnecessarily so -- toward protecting the environment."

Please also note this.....................

Here is what Obama said about nuclear energy.

His preconditions make it impossible to expand nuclear energy at this time.

From The Wall Street Journal:

On nuclear power, Sen. Obama says he's open to expanding nuclear energy, which now provides 20% of the nation's electricity, as part of an effort to increase power sources that emit little or no carbon dioxide. But he also has said there is no future for expanded nuclear energy until the U.S. comes up with a safe, long-term solution for disposing of nuclear waste. He opposes the Bush administration's plan for storing waste at Yucca Mountain in Nevada.

Wild Thing's comment..........

Obama should not be allowed any where near the White House. Obama is a blithering Marxist fool.

Glenn Beck’s from Pennsylvania he will not like this one bit either.

Pray for McCain/Palin and Our Troops

Posted by Wild Thing at November 3, 2008 04:55 AM


WT, the photo of this coal miner means he is a black - like Obama? Obama says he is black, even though his mother was white. So I wonder how a zebra feels, a penguin feels and a panda bear feels! - B & W TV 2008

Posted by: darthcrUSAderworldtour07 at November 3, 2008 07:15 AM

I knew many men in Virginia who came home from work looking like your picture. Obama will usher in the new dark ages. The younger generation thinks that light comes from glass bulbs and smooth tongued elitist orators. They don't have a clue.

The release of this news of Obama's threat to the mining industry (not just coal) tells me that there have been many more threats to our way of life that have been covered up. Look for oil drilling, NASCAR racing, charter-boat fishing, private automobiles, charcoal grilling, and you-name-it to become endangered activities. The totalitarian mind draws no lines to separate out any freedom for the individual.

"1984" is here, albeit it 24 years late. It was used as a textbook in my Social(ist) Studies class at North Carolina State in 1952. I remember thinking then that it was perfectly possible that the nightmare that Winston Smith underwent could come to the rest of us Smith's. If Obama wins, the Dems in Congress will start turning the lights out before Bush leaves office. Oh, you say they already have started? Touche.

Posted by: horace at November 3, 2008 08:44 AM

I fear if Obama is elected, the nation we've loved and defended will change dramatically. We'll no longer be the nation that the world is jealous of and its peoples want to immigrate to. We'll become just like the rest of the world; a Socialist haven.

Posted by: BobF at November 3, 2008 09:16 AM

Posted by: DaveH at November 3, 2008 09:27 AM

Here's the picture you'll have to hang in your home and place of work if BHO wins the election:

Posted by: the Boodge at November 3, 2008 10:25 AM

One of Obama's goals will be to nationalize energy production. Or as Maxine Waters misstated, "socialize" energy. Nationalizing energy will lead to federal control of almost every aspect of our lives. It could also be used to put us even more under the whims of and dependence on the MidEastern islamic bunch.

I guess Obama will be happy when we are all riding Hanoi Jane Fonda's veggie bus, or when our freedoms are thrown under that bus.

Posted by: TomR at November 3, 2008 10:38 AM

If blacko bama wins then it will be time to lock and load. I don't think he will though. This bit about bankrupting the Coal industry is just another nail in his almost complete pine box to send him to hell in.

Posted by: Mark at November 3, 2008 03:16 PM

If elected he says he will bankrupts the coal industry, oil and nuclear will follow. There will be massive unemployment. States will not have the money to help. Nobody in the middle class will be able to afford to heat their homes. This Obamunist character along with Pelosi and Reid will be the ones in charge and the next question is will you be able to afford a wheelbarrow to take your worthless dollars to the market to buy a loaf of bread. He will, they will.

Posted by: Bob at November 3, 2008 04:20 PM

Darth, LOL no he is a white man.

It really shows what the miners go through doesn't it, I really respect them for what they do.

Posted by: Wild Thing at November 3, 2008 05:52 PM

Horace, I agree so much.

"The release of this news of Obama's threat to the mining industry (not just coal) tells me that there have been many more threats to our way of life that have been covered up"

Just thinking if this had come out the day after tomorrow.

We learn so much being online too but there are still so many other things that are kept from us.

Posted by: Wild Thing at November 3, 2008 05:56 PM

BobF, that is exactly how I feel about it too.

Posted by: Wild Thing at November 3, 2008 06:00 PM

David H., yes Harry Reid can put it where the sun does not shine. He sure has lost all credibility.

Thanks for the links David.

Posted by: Wild Thing at November 3, 2008 06:03 PM

the Boodge, yes that picture says it well. Thank you.

Posted by: Wild Thing at November 3, 2008 06:05 PM

Tom, yes, thanks for saying that about what ole Maxine said....."socialize" energy". Your right that is just what they will want.

yes,......Can we demolish the Hanoi Jane Fonda's veggie bus. I wonder if she ever finally realized how stupid that was.

Posted by: Wild Thing at November 3, 2008 06:09 PM

Mark, I feel that too, I think these last few things the coal and the spiking up the energy prices on purpose are so huge.

We got a phone call from one of Nick's newphews that we only hear from a couple of times a year. He wanted us to know he is voting for McCain. This guy Mark is such a democrat and we were shocked. He said no way does he want socialism. He is the old school kind of democrat like Zell Miller. Then he told us he has a McCain/Palin sticker on his car.

Posted by: Wild Thing at November 3, 2008 06:15 PM

Bob,your right, for Obama to get his socialism done he has to destroy the middle class, force them to be in the ranks of the needy and less income. To do this to the coal industry is a huge way to do this.

Posted by: Wild Thing at November 3, 2008 06:19 PM

What I cannot understand is that all of these people who will lose their jobs refuse to vote against O'Vomit. What this tells me is that these very same people are incredibly stupid.

Posted by: cuchieddie at November 3, 2008 06:26 PM

O'vomit is a fitting name. How many early voters in these coal states wish that they could recind their votes and vote against "O'vomit".
Bob A.

Posted by: Bob at November 3, 2008 06:53 PM

Cuchieddie, thanks, I was wondering today since this story broke last night if a lot of those people you mentioned are beating themselves up now if they voted early.

The fact that his association with Ayers did not sway them tells me a person that votes for Obama even with only knowing about his association with Ayers they do not love America.

Posted by: Wild Thing at November 3, 2008 07:11 PM

PS: Tennessee Ernie Ford's "16 Tons" hit was a danger to Obamessiah's tree huggers?

Posted by: darthcrUSAderworldtour07 at November 3, 2008 09:57 PM

And why kill an entire industry that we still need?
He will never know what it's like because he never had relatives who worked in the mines or the mills. Those men work their butts off in one of the most dangerous jobs ever.
He and his cronies want to knock America off the top of the super powers tower because we are the only country left to protect the world. It's not "fair." Too friggin' bad! We earned our spot on the top of the heap and I don't like anyone playing King of the Hill with my America.

Posted by: Lynn at November 4, 2008 04:27 AM