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November 02, 2008

Al-Qaida Sites Show Support For Barack Hussein Obama

Al-Qaida sites show support for Obama

Monitor says terrorists wants Democrat to pull troops so they can 'claim victory'


The call this week by an al-Qaida leader for Allah to "humiliate" President Bush and the Republican Party in Tuesday's election was not the first tacit endorsement of Democrat Barack Obama by the terrorist network.

A contributor to a major al-Qaida website last week said the terrorist group will "let the Democrats win the presidential elections, and Obama will take it," according to Joseph Shahda, an Arabic translator who monitors radical Islamic websites.

Obama's "goal is to withdraw from Iraq" over a period of time, but "he will be forced to withdraw his forces from Iraq at a much earlier time," said the Oct. 23 post, written under the name "Wissam" on the Al-Hesbah website.

They called for launching a "crushing strike" after the election.

Shahda explained that all al-Qaida press releases, videos, audios and speeches are first posted on the terrorist forums.

Shahda said al-Qaida will let Democrats win, there have been previous comments on al-Qaida-linked Internet forums speaking in favor of Obama that the media has not covered.

Wild Thing's comment.........

We knew this already but now we have it in print. The terrorists know McCain would go after them and Obama would not. Just as Bill Clinton did nothing really after the first attack on the World Trade Center during his Presidency.

How could Obama go after people that he has so much in common with. Haters of America, haters of our military, wants to weaken the United States, wants to destroy our Consitution, and the list goes on. Yes they have a lot in common.

Posted by Wild Thing at November 2, 2008 05:47 AM


Of course they want him to win. He's weak. He'll pull our forces home and they'll get free reign to build up again and attack us again, only this time, they won't stop because Barackoli won't fight back. Might kill some innocent women and children. Well, I'm sorry if that happens, but war is war and peace is peace and if you're hit in the face, you have to strike back. He's a wimp. An Obamanation presidency would make us out to be the laughing stock of the world. He doesn't realize these terrorists won't quit. They've already followed us home, infiltrated our major cities and are demanding our surrender. What a moron Obama is.

Posted by: Lynn at November 2, 2008 07:00 AM

Lyn - I posted a lengthy post previous to Chrissy's new posts for today. But I urge all of your posters here to VIEW this 30 minute video. The enemy is already at the gates - white-anting our nations from within. McCain is no fool - he knows what is occurring and he is the only person (at present) that will have the gonads fight the enemy within. God help us all if Obama wins...:(

Posted by: Lyn in Australia at November 2, 2008 07:46 AM

Yes, Al Quaida, Hamass, Castro, Khadafi, Chavez, Communist Party USA all endorse this Omamanation and his Obamunist leanings towards Marxism. We defeated Communism and now must re-defeat it. Say NOBAMA and vote against Obamunism.
Bob A.

Posted by: Bob at November 2, 2008 08:41 AM

That is a scary video Lyn. Like the professor said, America needs to "Wake Up".

Obama IS a supporter of islam. Under his presidency, radical islamic groups will be allowed to proliferate and advance their agenda.

Buy more ammo!

Posted by: TomR at November 2, 2008 11:15 AM

Lynn, I sure do agree, I know he has an agenda and all but on top of that he is stupid.

Posted by: Wild Thing at November 2, 2008 07:12 PM

Lyn in Australia, oh my gosh! Thank you so much Lyn, this is so important to watch. I really appreciate you posting it.

I am going to send it in an email to others too.

Yes we have the enemy of Islam at the gates and the other enemy too we have to keep from getting elected.

Posted by: Wild Thing at November 2, 2008 07:47 PM

Bob exactly, we defeated those before and we will and can do it again. Getting the word out is so important, and I don't care who does not want to hear it, they will have to at least listen.

Posted by: Wild Thing at November 2, 2008 07:49 PM

Tom,I agree so much, I have a feeling Obama will not waste time doing his agenda if he wins. I wish he had to deal with a Republican majority that could at least fight him off on some of his horrible communist agenda.

Posted by: Wild Thing at November 2, 2008 07:53 PM