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October 18, 2008

Sarah Palin Rally In Indiana 25,000 Attend

The head of the Republican party in Indiana, said that there were 25,000 at the rally in Indiana.

After watching Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin from afar for months, nearly 25,000 Hoosiers got their first glimpse of the stylish and feisty vice presidential nominee at the Verizon Wireless Music Center on a perfect fall Friday night.
And she didn't disappoint.

"Indiana, soon the choice will be yours to make, and are you ready to help carry this state to victory? Are you ready to make John McCain the next president of the United States of America? Are you ready to send us to Washington, D.C., to shake things up?" she asked.
She said the choice for Hoosiers is between a politician who puts his faith in government and a leader who puts his faith in the citizens.
"It's the choice between a politician who wants to raise taxes and redistribute your hard-earned money according to his priorities, versus a true reformer who wants to lower taxes and create jobs and get this economy going," Palin said.

It was her first visit to Indiana as GOP presidential nominee Sen. John McCain tries to hold onto a state Republicans usually can afford to take for granted.

But his challenger, Democrat Sen. Barack Obama, has been to Indiana six times since the May primary in addition to his wife and running mate stumping here as well. He has also blanketed the state with TV ads.

"My fellow Republicans, enough is enough," said Murray Clark, chairman of the Indiana Republican Party. "Yes, we have been outspent in Indiana. We have been outspent across the nation, but guess what? I don't care how much money he pours into this negative campaign, the thing that is going to win this election is people like you."

The atmosphere was more rock concert than political rally, as students from Ball State University painted "Maverick" on their bare chests and supporters bought pretzels and nachos from the concession stands.

Country music artist Aaron Tippin entertained the crowd with a few songs, including "Kiss This," which he dedicated to Obama.

The gates opened more than five hours before the program began and a line of people snaked as far as one could see, filing into the venue. All 6,000 pavilion seats were filled and thousands more perched on the lawn.

Once Palin took the stage, no one in the crowd sat down for the length of her 30-minute speech.

Palin's speech included a rebuke for Obama's ties to ACORN, a national reform-minded community organization under investigation in a dozen states including Indiana for possible voter registration fraud.

She said a front group for ACORN received money from the Obama campaign and he represented the organization as a lawyer earlier in his career.

"We have to talk about this. It is not mean-spirited and it is not negative campaigning when we talk about someone's record," Palin said. "Americans are entitled to answers before Election Day. We need a little straight talk. These associations are important and they go to the heart of someone's judgment and truthfulness.
"On Election Day you are going to be asked to choose between a candidate who will not disavow a group committing voter fraud and a leader who will not tolerate it."

Palin also invoked "Joe the plumber" from Ohio who took center stage during this week's presidential debate, when McCain used him as an example of a citizen who could be hurt by Obama's plan to raise taxes on wealthy Americans.

The man met Obama in his neighborhood last week and asked about the plan. During his response, the Democrat presidential candidate alluded to the need to spread the wealth around, to help struggling Americans.

"You've really got to hand it to Joe the Plumber. Somehow he succeeded in getting Barack Obama to finally state his true intentions," Palin said. "He wants the government to take more of your money and decide how best to redistribute it. Joe said it sounded kind of like socialism.
"I call it real bad medicine for an ailing economy."

Posted by Wild Thing at October 18, 2008 06:55 AM


"hOOsiers for hOOters!" Joe the plumber has already resurrected the undecided voters versus Obama-Marx! "Spread the wealth..." is socialism, communism and marxism - period! I visited Karl Heinrich Marx home in Trier Germany in 1981 (SPangdahlem Air Base). Biden said " plumbers making $250,000 live in my neighborhood." Turns out that socialist Joe Biden lives in a 6,800 square foot Colonial in the Democratic People's Republic of Duhawhere CCCP! Say it IS so Joe, eh?

Posted by: darthcrUSAderworldtour07 at October 18, 2008 08:22 AM

Heh! All the news the media doesn't see fit to print! (Speaking of which - Did you hear the Marines are moving out of Fallujah? I think Fox was the only one to even mention it. HooAhh!)

My husband and I owned a plumbing business in CA. The Obobo's plans for small businesses would have screwed us more than we were already screwed just by having a business in CA. He may have over 300 advisors but he don't know jack about being in business. If Obobo becomes (god forbid) the President, there are a lot of small business owners who are not going to be trying to make a profit in the coming years. The consensus is why work your butt off to make money that's going to be taken away and given to the slackers? WTF? Over...
Nevermind the fact that we plumbed illegal aliens' houses that they owned all the while we were renting, cuz we couldn't afford to buy a house. See, we don't believe in buying something we can't afford just cuz we want it.

Posted by: yankeemom at October 18, 2008 09:01 AM

This is great to see--the crowds just get bigger and bigger for Sarah.
I just hope that they are able to overcome the 200,000 unchecked, unverified votes in Ohio that the Supreme court is allowing to stand. ACORN is going to mess this up.
So I am so glad to see that the backlash is in full swing.

Posted by: Lynn at October 18, 2008 09:12 AM

I absolutely love the sense of humor M/P fans have. That bible clinger gun totin typical white person tshirt is great!

Love the pics, thanks, you've really outdone yourself today.

Posted by: Eden at October 18, 2008 11:04 AM

yankeemom--sickening about the illegals and their homes, probably a big part of failed mortgages they don't want us to know about

Posted by: Eden at October 18, 2008 11:11 AM

Republicans and conservatives should have a contingency plan should the Democrats gain more ground in Congress and take control of the White House. My recommendation would be to start a fund to finance the immediate post-election series of Sarah Palin rallies leading up to the 2010 elections. The theme of the rallies would be a Sarah Palin version of Newt Gingrich's successful "Contract with America" with the aim of regaining control of both houses of Congress.

The rallies would start after Sarah has some time to rest but before the new Congressional session starts and before the Presidential inauguration. This "in your face" series of rallies spread out, maybe quarterly, would put the Democrats and Socialists on notice that the Conservative Surge has begun and the date of their withdrawal of control of Congress is in 24 months.

On the positive thinking side, a Vice-President Sarah Palin will be a lightening rod and focal point for an early recruiting drive for front line fighter candidates and support troops to be part of the conservative surge that will successfully take The Hill in 2010.


Posted by: Les at October 18, 2008 02:40 PM

Darth,thanks for that about Karl Heinrich Marx and Biden and good one...."Say it IS so Joe, eh?"

Posted by: Wild Thing at October 18, 2008 04:29 PM

Yankeemom, yes I heard it too about the Marines, and like you said only on FOX.

Thank you for sharing that about your business and California. It is maddening to think that goes on. Working on houses of illegals when we as Americans also have to go through more ropes to buy one. I remember when the banks were handing out loans to illegals like candy. sheesh

Posted by: Wild Thing at October 18, 2008 04:35 PM

Lynn, me too, this is an answer back to Obama and what he plans on doing. People pouring in to rallies to cheer for America really and for the freedoms we love so much.

Posted by: Wild Thing at October 18, 2008 04:38 PM

Eden I do too. One of the many things I love about our political party is we manage to keep humor even in tuff times. Like when Kerry was running everyone was doing graphics and sending flip flops to Kerry's office. haha

Posted by: Wild Thing at October 18, 2008 04:40 PM

Les, I agree, we need to keep Sarah in the media and out there for the next election. Even if we I pray win, I would still have some kind of pro Sarah stuff going on.

Posted by: Wild Thing at October 18, 2008 04:43 PM

Don't forget the other rising star of the Republican Party--Bobby Jindal. Huckabee is only 54...and he's known now. And he just never goes like it! (He was my first pick, ever since the first few times I saw him on MSNBC back in Jan 2007 or so, before they lost their friggin minds over there.)

Sarah would still be Governor...she'd still be devoted to her state. I'm not saying your rally plan isn't a good one. I just hope people don't forget how pissed off and, frankly, afraid they are of the new socialist party domination.

Posted by: Eden at October 18, 2008 07:46 PM

Smoke and mirrors or reality? 25000 attended Palin's rally, today the media was touting that over 100000 attended an Obama rally in St. Louis, my take is this: Zero of the 25000 at the Palin rally were bussed in by the RNC or fringe groups, how many were bussed in by the DNC, ACORN, CPUSA and MoveON to St. Louis.? It's a close race but it ain't over, Obama's actions and the media prove that, I'm betting on the silent majority. If they do fail us, the best thing to do is quit the job and apply for welfare and share some of that promised wealth. For the Republican Party to come back or even survive they need to start recruiting Republicans for office, not Socialist Democrats with an 'R' prefix. We have to play the hand our RNC and NRCC "Union Bosses" dealt us.

Posted by: Jack at October 18, 2008 08:44 PM

Sarah Palin has star power, she's young, good looking and has a CLEAR set of values. 2/3 of what the liberals like... LOL

I agree with Les, we need to start the "Awakening" on Nov 5th. Start putting the brightest stars of the Right on track to take over in 2010 (If we are still here)

Look the fact is Congress has had a Democrat Majority for the last 2 years, and look at our economy.. Magnify that by 2 more years, and throw in Abortion as birth control, Criminals/L.E and Military being the only ones with guns, an even wider open border with Mexico, and a so-called "Fairness Doctrine" that will keep the truth about what the Liberals are doing OUT of the population. We are in a fight now to keep our nation and should we lose it by vote, it will be regained only by violence. I truly don't believe our population has the stomach for what it will take.

Posted by: Robert at October 18, 2008 09:55 PM

Great rally in Noblesville for Gov. Palin. She's really great, but I'd like to know who the girl standing directly behind her right shoulder was? She is the prettiest girl in America! There's something very special about her.

If she ever reads this, I hope she writes to say hi!

Your Fan!

Posted by: Steve Rose at October 19, 2008 11:13 PM

Don't know if you come back to some of these previous posts WT but just thought I would share a bit of info with you. The day of the last debate, Michelle Obama was in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, campaigning for her idiot husband. The last estimate I heard for the attendance was between 1500 and 2000. Compare that to Sarah's 25,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME SARAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: John at October 20, 2008 06:54 AM