Theodore's World: Out Of State Obama Workers Illegally Voting in Ohio

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October 25, 2008

Out Of State Obama Workers Illegally Voting in Ohio

Obama Staff Withdraw Votes In Ohio

Elections are about winning votes...not withdrawing them.'s Tiffany Wilson reports why a dozen Obama campaigners withdrew their ballots in Franklin County today.

COLLEGE REPORTERS break story about 12 people that were OUT OF STATE Obama workers that registered to vote and placed early voting ballots in Franklin County, OH.


ACTUAL lawyers for Obama, illegally voting in OHIO.

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Wild Thing's comment.......

These young reporters are the REAL deal, doing the job the 'real' media will not do. I am so proud of Tiffany Wilson and all of them! This is GREAT.

Obama's campaign tried to say McCain people did the same thing, but Palestra says the Franklin County Elections Board has verified the accuracy of the residency of the McCain campaign individuals. All of McCains people have been accounted for and are in the clear.

These people breaking the voting laws need to be arrested and made an example of. As lawyers, they obviously knew what the registration laws were and went ahead and voted anyway. I’d like to see some jail time for these people.

Posted by Wild Thing at October 25, 2008 03:40 AM


Those workers were doing the devil's bidding. You can't vote in a district were you don't live. If you have any intelligence at all, you would know that and abide by that. But Obamanation's lemmings are so hell bent on victory that they will lie, cheat and steal to make it happen. If I were Obamanation, I would be all over this like stink on stinkbait and telling my followers to "stop the insanity and be normal for once in their lives." but he won't. He feels this is owed to him. Nothing is owed to anyone. Not by anyone.
I remember a sketch on SNL (back when it was good with the original cast) where they did one of those SciFi conventions and William Shatner told the kids to grow up, move out of their parents basements and get a life and the audience acted like it was the worst thing they'd ever heard! I think Obamanation's followers are like that crowd--they can't think for themselves. They think there are, but they don't realize they are being led off a cliff and taking us with them.
Funny, Obamanation hasn't really promised anything good, has he? And how can he be a lawyer worth his salt if he doesn't understand basic economics?

Posted by: Lynn at October 25, 2008 06:57 AM

I guess it's OK to cheat when you are backing/voting for the obammymammymessiah. They will do everything they can think of to get him elected. This includes lie, cheat and steal. that phrase is from the USMA: a cadet does not lie, cheat or steal. It's a shame that the current culture in this country has embraced lying, cheating and stealing to gain power. And part of it comes straight from the NEA. I spent a large chunk of my life around the NEA. Two grandparents, my mother, a great-aunt and dad were school teachers. Disclaimer: dad was an electronics teacher after the Army and Mother Bell. I saw the beginning of the fall of education in this country from learning to indoctrination. All of this was helped during Vietnam by the likes of ayers and company and we can't leave Hanoi jane or turncoat john kerry out either.
On top of this they are still seething over 2004 when Bush "stole the election". Hey, all parts of the system we have were put in play. Sorry lefties, it is a done deal. Get over it.

Posted by: GM Cassel AMH1(AW) USN RETIRED at October 25, 2008 07:48 AM

Another step on the way to becoming a third world culture. Election fraud leads us downward, not upward. I agree with GM Cassel about the NEA. I also think our move away from religion and religious morals has opened the door for this type of dishonesty.

Posted by: TomR at October 25, 2008 12:15 PM

This voter fraud is only a drop in the bucket compared to an Obama administration and Democrat Congress granting amnesty to 12 million illegal aliens with a quick and easy path to citizenship. They will also have a government funded ACORN to help with registering them as good, loyal, and voting (multiple times if necessary) Democrats.

Posted by: Les at October 25, 2008 02:52 PM

This voter fraud isn't new. John Kennedy won Chicago because he got most of the cemetery vote. That's where the slogan came from:

If your dead and a democrat doesn't mean you can't vote.

Posted by: Mark at October 25, 2008 05:46 PM

Lynn, LOL oh my gosh I remember that skit on there. And your right too, Obama has not promised anything good at all, nothing.

Posted by: Wild Thing at October 25, 2008 07:17 PM

GM Cassel AMH1(AW) USN RETIRED, thank you for sharing about that.

"Sorry lefties, it is a done deal. Get over it."

Good one!!!!

Posted by: Wild Thing at October 25, 2008 07:20 PM

Tom, I agree, this fraud stuff is nothing less then a huge problem and will build a lot of distrust as well in voting. If people don't think their vote will count or if other votes are fraud this is so horrible it has tons of ramifications.

Posted by: Wild Thing at October 25, 2008 07:23 PM

Les, it seems we are in the minority though regarding the illegals. I keep seeing more and more politicans for the illegals from both parties. It is wrong and to be for breaking our laws is unforgivable, but it sure runs rampant in our government.

Thanks for the link.

Posted by: Wild Thing at October 25, 2008 07:27 PM

Mark, oh wow I didn't know that, thank you.

I only remember it starting in the Bush elections against Gore. I didn't even know it went back that far, amazing.

Posted by: Wild Thing at October 25, 2008 07:29 PM