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October 18, 2008

Marine Mom Deborah Johns Crossing America For McCain/Palin

Marine Mom Deborah Johns

Marine Mom Deborah Johns has helped give voice to many in the pro-troop movement. She has consistently taken time away from her personal life to speak out with unwavering conviction on behalf of our military men and women and their families back here on the homefront. No wonder Fox News Channel declared her to be one of their favorite military moms.

Deborah’s son, William, is an American hero who has served repeated tours of duty in Iraq. When anti-military radicals and their allies in the liberal political movement were attacking the missions of our troops, Deborah Johns was fighting back in support of our military men and women.

She has traveled across the country on five national tours, by minivan, motorhome and tour bus - traveling more than 15,000 miles by road, day-in and day-out and speaking to the news media and at pro-troop rallies.

In this clip, Deborah spoke to a local news affiliate in Columbus, Ohio about the need for Americans - including those in Congress - to support the excellent efforts of General David Petraeus.

And when the Berkeley City Council called U.S. Marines "uninvited and unwelcome intruders" Deborah Johns stepped up again, helping to lead the pushback against the Berkely City Council and in support of the Marines in particular, and our military as a whole.

Deborah Johns stood up against Democratic leaders Harry Reid & Nancy Pelosi when they tried to cut off funding for our troops. She stood up to Democrats in Congress who attempted to pass resolutions condemning the war on terror, and now she is prepared to stand up to Barack Obama's anti-military, "Blame America First" policies in his campaign for president and Commander-in-Chief.

A Message from Marine Mom Deborah Johns

Greetings from Marine Mom Deborah Johns -- I'm writing to you from the Our Country Deserves Better "Stop Obama Tour" bus as we approach Flagstaff, Arizona.
Friends, we have 17 days left in this election campaign, and national polls have once again tightened. But it's clear that right now, we're the underdogs, and we're up against a news media that is 'in the tank' for Obama, and the huge money advantage that the Obama campaign has held over the McCain campaign in TV ad spending.
We're fighting back to overcome these hurdles with a two-front strategy, and I'm imploring you to help. All of us at the Our Country Deserves Better Committee are working around-the-clock, going with little or no sleep. While we may be running on fumes in terms of physical strength and energy, we are topped-up with a full tank of passion and determination. The stakes are too high for us to fail in our efforts to elect the McCain/Palin ticket and beat Barack Obama.
When I think about how much work we must still do in the next 17 days, I sometimes feel overwhelmed. But then I stop and think about my Marine son, William, and Gov. Sarah Palin's son, Track, and all the men and women in uniform who are serving this country in Iraq, Afghanistan and around the globe.
These brave and honorable Americans are our neighbors, our friends, our co-workers, our family members. They are just like you and me, except that when called upon to serve their country they reach from within and conjure up their greatest strengths and attributes so as to accomplish their missions with duty, honor and character.
If our troops can achieve success while facing down al-Qaida in Iraq and the Taliban in Afghanistan while simultaneously taking enemy fire from leftist anti-war radicals back on the home front -- then can't we here on the home front find within ourselves the willpower, determination and energy to win this campaign that is so crucial to our nation's future?
I am asking for you to support us in one of two ways - or if you can, I certainly will accept your assistance in both ways:
1. Support our "Stop Obama Tour" by coming out to one of our rallies so we can have large crowds for the media coverage - TOUR INFO HERE.
2. Make a donation to our television ad campaign that is running in key battleground states. I've sent this email to about 150,000 people. We'll happily accept anything from $5 to $5,000. Just please help us step up our efforts to counter Barack Obama on the airwaves.
I hope to be addressing you in person at our rally stops across the nation. And you can always follow along at the blog of our radio talk show host/TV analyst leading this effort with us, Mark Williams, and his blog at the Sacramento Union - HERE.

Wild Thing's comment.........

Fantastic!!!! Gosh I love our military and military families. I know many of us have family that are serving in our military and many are deployed . Lynn has family members, Rhod his sons, Nicholas has two cousins sons serving and deployed and others we have shared about and pray for every day.

If Obama wins it will be the worst thing for both, those serving and for the families too. It will always be a shock to me that he can even run for any office and now we are facing something so horrible and evil, if he wins.

What an awesome country we have and so many that do support our military, are grateful to our Veterans and know the price that has been paid for our freedom.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

Posted by Wild Thing at October 18, 2008 06:47 AM


Deborah Johns is an amazing person!! And there are so many Mil-Moms like her that just don't have the chance to speak out like she does. We are so fortunate to have her out there!
I've heard so many of our troops say they won't reenlist if the O gets in - no way they want to take orders from him. And we Moms aren't thrilled either. Our kids are already in danger - with him they'd be in even more.
Side note - The Recruiting Stations in my old CA place of residence were vandalized by protesters again two days ago because of Columbus Day. Somehow in their little minds, the two are connected. I have no idea....

Posted by: yankeemom at October 18, 2008 09:26 AM

Deborah Johns is a fine example of womanhood and motherhood. She loves her son that much to spend so much time getting the word out. We need more bloggers, more women out there, fighting for our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters husbands and boyfriends. We can't be timid-we're all in this together.

Posted by: Lynn at October 18, 2008 01:29 PM

Yankeemom, I understand so much why our troops would not want to re-enlist if Obama wins. I wouldn't either. Darn he is so vile.

That is terrible about the protesters, I wish they would get on a plane and go live with their buddies the terrorists.

Posted by: Wild Thing at October 18, 2008 05:53 PM

Lynn, I agree, we need more, I wonder how many on our side like in the blogging world and many on their side. I pray we have more then they do.

Posted by: Wild Thing at October 18, 2008 05:55 PM

"I wonder how many on our side like in the blogging world and many on their side. I pray we have more then they do."

We do, WT. The media just doesn't like to talk to them as much as the Cindy Sheehans. They just go about praying for their soldiers, waiting for a phone call, sending care packages (usually with enough stuff for all the guys) and writing their representatives.
If you happen to see a small military sticker on a car, go on up and say hey. Or leave a business card with Thanks!written on the back on the windshield. Does wonders for a parent's morale. And it may come just at the right time to get them through another day of worrying.
And Bless YOU for all you do, WT!!!!

Posted by: yankeemom at October 18, 2008 07:21 PM