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October 15, 2008

A Powerful Story About Sarah Palin - A Must See


Paying Special Attention to Special Needs (NBC news Sarah Palin story)


All along the campaign trail, children and adults with Down syndrome have been drawn to Gov. Sarah Palin's openness in how she deals with being a parent of a special needs child.

Wild Thing's comment........

This is a special story and it shows that every life is important and has a positive impact on all our lives... I love it.

I truly believe Sarah was called for such a time as this. Yes our country is on the verge of saying no to Sarah and picking socialism. but in my heart I believe with all I am that in the end, on Nov. 4th. This country will pick Sarah in an overwhelming way.

Not all of us are called regarding the polls and not all of us take polls ( on the phone or online or through the mail) , and we all know how most of the polls are fixed either by the wording or the ones online that can easily be fixed. Polls on this mean nothnig.

The crowds turning out for Sarah are enormous and loving and enthuastic for Sarah and what she brings, the America we all love and she loves too.

I believe that God has prepared Sarah to help lead our country in the right direction. I don’t think that it is a coincidence that Trig was born at this particular time. Our trials are allowed by God to make us stronger. Sarah is exactly what this country needs for inspiration. She does not hide her light under a bushel.

And Cindy McCain too, she encourages people to give of their own time and resources and leads by example. That’s in stark contrast to the liberal view on helping others by just taking other people’s money and wasting it on programs that don’t work or help anyone in the long run.

Posted by Wild Thing at October 15, 2008 05:47 AM


Thank you Wild Thing. As a truck driver I pickup and deliver at Springfield and Joplin Workshops on a weekly basis. These places employ adults with down syndrome. They do a great job and are always happy to see me. I am also a former rugby player and coach.I have watched in amazement when players with down syndrome have come in late in the game to play in the last few minutes. I cannot describe how it makes me feel when i thought i have it rough.The abortionists would murder all these men and women. As an adopted child i thank my parents,you and sara for standing up for life. God bless all of you.

James R McKenna
US Cavalry 74-81

Posted by: James R McKennna at October 15, 2008 07:24 AM

Wild Thing, thank you for another one of your perfectly worded comments. You said exactly what I think. Sarah came out of almost nowhere for a reason. She is energizing Middle America and giving us hope that we may keep our traditional values and overcome our slide to Third World socialism.

I also share your admiration of Cindy McCain. Oh how I wish she was the candidate instead of John, heh! These two ladies are such a sharp contrast to the hateful, angry, racist, elitist Michelle Obama.

Posted by: TomR at October 15, 2008 10:35 AM

Thank you so much Wild Thing for posting articles like this! THIS is what true Americans are all about!!!! I also agree that I believe that Sarah has been chosen for a reason.....a reason much larger than politics!!!! She is awesome to say the least. She is not perfect but unlike Obama, she admits it!!!!!

Thanks again for sharing with all of us a reason to believe in this Great Country!!!!

Posted by: John at October 15, 2008 10:43 AM

Wonderful Chrissie, another home run, Sarah is a gift from God, sent to set the example of decency. What a contrast to the annointed one.

With euthanasia on the ballot disguised as 'the Death With Dignity Act' it's more important now than ever to vote for some moral convictions, it will only escalate from abortions, to infanticide, to euthanizing the infirm and elderly and deformed then progress to the mental patients. Is Eugenics ressurrecting it's ugly head, are forced sterilization and murder the future and is the UN sponsoring the Nazi equivalant of the master race?

I'm reminded of my favorite part of Alice in Wonderland.

The Wizard (obama) provides the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman, and the Cowardly Lion with a head full of bran, pins, and needles, a stuffed heart, and a potion of courage, respectively. Because of their faith in the Wizard's power, these otherwise useless items provide a focus for their desires. In order to help Dorothy and Toto get home, the Wizard realizes that he will have to take them home with him in a new balloon, which he and Dorothy fashion from green silk. Revealing himself to the people of the Emerald City one last time, the Wizard appoints the Scarecrow, by virtue of his brains, to rule in his stead. Dorothy chases Toto after he runs after a kitten in the crowd, and before she can make it back to the balloon, the ropes break, leaving the Wizard to rise and float away alone.

Like everything on this surreal yellow brick road I can dream too. God Bless you Sarah. Thanks WT.

Vote McCain not Hussein!!!

Posted by: Jack at October 15, 2008 05:54 PM

James R McKennna, I am adopted too.

Thank you for sharing about all of that, really interesting. And thank you for stopping by James.

Posted by: Wild Thing at October 15, 2008 06:41 PM

Tom, thank you.

Our side, our candidates sure won't be putting down America like Michelle and Barack have and will continue to do.

Posted by: Wild Thing at October 15, 2008 06:44 PM

John, your welcome, I am glad you got to see the video. It is sooo good.

Posted by: Wild Thing at October 15, 2008 06:46 PM

Jack, wow thank you for that from Alice in Wonderland. Perfect.

Posted by: Wild Thing at October 15, 2008 06:48 PM