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September 28, 2008

Obama's Marxist's Indoctrination Camps

“We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we've set,” said Obama on July 2. “We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”-Barrack Hussein Obama

This camp has no campfire sing-alongs, no marshmallow roasts, no knotty-walled log cabins to sleep in. Instead, campers spend their days inside a drab office building, with walls adorned with maps.

Barack Obama is inspiring a new generation of people to come in, and a lot of people have not been involved in the political process before," says Hans Riemer, national youth vote director for the Obama campaign.

"We are training them, teaching them how to be effective, showing them what their role is in our strategy to win the election ... We're taking people from raw enthusiasm to capable organizers."
"The most important thing is that they understand they are an important part of our strategy to win the election. This is not for show, this is not to feel good; this is to get trained and help us to win this election."

Obama Youth

The Obama Supporters have stooped to a new low!

This video is a reminder how Adolf Hitler exploited the young people of Germany as members of The Hitler Youth!

No Presidential Candidate in our history has caused this effect on families to enlist their children to this kind of exploitation!

The first part of the video are things from the past in history, but keep watching if you have time and about half way through it shows the children of today and it absolutely turned my stomach to see this happening.

Susan shares her story with fellow campers at the National Camp Obama in Burbank, California.

These camps are all across our country in various States. MA, N.Y.Nevada, etc. I think in every State.

The story telling exercises are the foundation of the model being used at Camp Obama. But they are not the end goal of the training. After a day of story telling, then came the nuts and bolts: training and exercises on how to function as an effective team, skills training for volunteer recruitment and voter contact and review and explanations of field plans for Georgia, South Carolina and the rest of the South.

The teams, which were organized by Congressional districts, were guided through a process of setting goals and making a plan to achieve them. While still at the training, thirteen different teams scheduled thirteen different volunteer recruitment meetings back in the districts--and picked up their cell phones to get 284 commitments to attend from friends and neighbors. Getting those immediate results fired everyone up and the closing ceremony, in which every participant received a certificate, was incredibly high-energy and emotional.

This handful of Camp Obama teams are supposed to be just the beginning of the Obama organization in their Congressional districts. The goal they are carrying back with them is to establish parallel teams of five to eight people to be responsible for cities and neighborhoods all the way down to the precinct level.

If Obama wins the election much of this will be continued after he is in the White House.


Wild Thing's comment...........

I have posted about the Obama camps before but that was during the primaries and I thought he would have stopped them once he became the Democrat candidate for President. But he continues then and like I found out will continue something like this after he is in the White House if he wins the election.

Obama is going to cause a civil war in this country. This is the indoctrination into the Saul Alinksy method, channeled by Obama. It is, indeed, a fearful time for America.You know, it really is not hyperbole to compare this to Hitler Youth. Seriously though, this man is truly terrifying. The more people like us try to point out Obama’s fascist tendencies and the almost religious devotion that his followers have, the more the “moderate” liberals and the MSM deride us. To their peril.

There is so little opposition to the things Obama says or does; at best, they wish he used even more ruthless fascist tactics. Between now and November 4, it is our duty to let all those we know that this is not merely another election, that Obama is not just a tax-and-spend liberal, but that—like Hitler—he is attempting to use democracy to destroy it.

We need more conservative/republican teachers in our schools and universities , these mush brains have been taught by dedicated liberals so far to the left that communism is their god. Obama IS the ONE THEY have been waiting for just as his other followers have been as well. I include in this the majority of the media and the politicians on the left also. The Code Pink people that are known communists rejoice for the ONE to lead them into the land of socialism. communism and Marxism.

Here are a few more glaring facts:

1. Obama thugs attempting to get a Chicago Talk radio program shut down because the host interviewed an author critical of Obama.

2. The Democrats in Congress speaking about a reintroduction of the Fairness Doctrine.

3. The signs that have been banned on public ground at an Obama rally in Virginia today.

4. What Obama is attempting in St. Louis, MO (use of law enforcement to shut down free speech that the Obama camp calls lies). This has the Governor publishing statements and looking into Civil Right’s violations.

5. Obama himself telling his throngs in Nevada to get in people’s faces, argue with them, harass them etc...

6. Obama’s lawyers threatening the NRA with legal action for an ad they have running about Obama’s views on the 2nd Amendment.

And I’ve no doubt the list goes on; not to mention the massive voter fraud that is happening in one of Obama’s pet organizations, ACORN. A corrupt vile blight on the American public that the Democrat majority in Congress wish to fund in their socialist bailout of Wall Street.

Did you catch Jim Lehrer’s slip during the debate Friday night when he said, “One of these men will be the next man to RULE the country?”

Turbulent times bring great men to the fore.

Churchill said, “We will never surrender!” He reminded the world that Nazism was so horrible that even if the world succumbed to its initial might, the very human spirit would one day rise up against it and defeat it.

Posted by Wild Thing at September 28, 2008 07:45 AM


There is so much in common between the Obama movement and the Jim Jones camp. Blind followers mouthing a few selected cliches and slogans like, "imagine Hope". Once we are all one, we are a herd easily manipulated by a few leaders. Of course, Obama wants to be the leader of the leaders.

America became great because of individualism, not collectivism. Individuals competing with each other made more advancements than the group would make as a whole. The sucesses of individuals setting out on trips of exploration, whether it was territory or ideas, made life better for all. Freedom, not socialism, gives everyone the opportunity to live a better lifestyle.

Posted by: TomR at September 28, 2008 10:24 AM

Didn't obama say he wanted to get in OUR face. He told his people to 'go out and get in their face.'

This is scary, there is no individualims it is all, as Tom says, collectivism. They even have a sign up sheet to become a 'Team' sort of like a Gauleiter. Who is this Hans Riemer, the new Baldar Von Shirach.

The woman on the tape speaking of how she didn't want to come and she would leave if she didn't like it and on an on. To me she sounds like she is fed up with her life, tired of the everyday grind, paying bills, working for a living. The idea of Obama, the coming of the Messiah, she would then be free of all this drudgery and their would be a free lunch provided for her.

The meeting is right out of the Sixtys, the commune set up, everybody is in the feel good mode. But what about those innocent children. They are certainly being brain washed into believing Obama is the savior.

If he does get elected, they will be disappointed when they are all treated like so many drones and expected to work for the good of the Stated. And will no longer be working for themselves.

This is sorry indeed.

Posted by: Mark at September 28, 2008 11:33 AM

Posted by: Les at September 28, 2008 07:26 PM