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June 18, 2008

Let There Be Oil

The Wall Street Journal ...for complete article

Behold, a miracle: Public anger over $4 gas is forcing at least some of our political class to confront their energy contradictions. Last week, Republicans Jim Walsh of New York and Roscoe Bartlett of Maryland -- two longstanding opponents of offshore drilling -- asked for a mulligan. We can now add John McCain to the roll: In a speech in Houston yesterday, the Senator finally came out in favor of increasing domestic energy supplies.

This is progress, even if it did come dressed in some of Mr. McCain's familiar policy confusions. In the past, the Republican has been a chief opponent of opening up the vast U.S. offshore regions and other federal lands where oil-and-gas exploration and production are prohibited, especially the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

The candidate now says we must drill for more domestic oil "as a matter of fairness to the American people." He did not back off from his sentimentality about ANWR -- leaving off-limits nearly half of the proven reserves of the entire U.S. at 10.4 billion barrels. But he did propose to open most of the Atlantic and Pacific coasts to development, so long as the nearby states were in favor.

And there is this:

Bush will call on US lawmakers Wednesday to pass legislation lifting the ban on offshore oil drilling, the White House said.

"With gasoline now over four dollars a gallon, tomorrow he will explicitly call on Congress to also pass legislation lifting the congressional ban on safe, environmentally-friendly offshore oil drilling," White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said in a statement late Tuesday.

The announcement came just hours after Republican presidential candidate John McCain called for the federal government to scrap its 27-year-old moratorium on offshore oil drilling.


Wild Thing's comment.......

I don’t care if he flip flops, as long as his last flop is to the right.

Obama calling McCain a flip flopper. Hello Hussien flip flop is ok when headed in a positive direction. Stupid Obama, Norway and Britain have enormous offshore drilling plays that have been operating for decades without problems. Ditto for Canada, although on a smaller scale so far. Do those three countries sound like eco-criminals to you Obama? NO! Right answer Hussein now go to your room. heh heh

Obama is being squeezed and he doesn’t even know it. Will the Democrats back Obama’s no-drill stance in the face of a screaming populace as gasoline reaches $5/gal?

Barack is another poverty pimp socialist jerk and we just can't afford to let him be calling any shots. If we could turn his ears into windmills and capture the hot air from his mouth we might produce a few watts of power but it wouldn't be much.

The is a step in the right and conservative direction.

This is so funny. I know it didn't make any difference and I am no one important, but I wrote to McCain the other day after I posted the link to sending him a message. LOL Keep in mind he must have been receiving tons of emails. hahaha I wrote this and sent it to him:

McCain, the GOP has lost their mind having you as a candidate. Your ignoring the conservative base is only going to hurt in the long run. You know very well that it is the conservatives that defended you when you
(including all our military) when you were in Vietnam We were are ARE proud of our Veterans and our Military. NOT the left.
You know full well it has been the conservatives that have not drained our government of funds begging to be taken care of like some mindless lazy good for nothing user living on America soil. You want to be a humanitarian fine, but it is OUR hard earned money that is paying for your bleeding heart causes.
I am thinking that you just might want to change your mind about drilling for oil. God gave it to us and you say you believe in God. Then prove it, I am calling you on it. The oil is there, the world knows it. we know it and not to drill is telling the American citizens you could care less about the biggest thing effecting our lives each day. Since we make up what this country is in the end you are also saying you do NOT love America because we ARE America.
IF you are worried about being labeled a flip flopper, then it is up to you to decide if your ego is bigger then this Nation. Because to be called a flip flopper will be a gimmie from the left and we know it . Just expect it, hold you chin up and put that screw you look you give US ( conservatives) and give it to them for a change. Tell them so what, you care more about America then you do about being called a few names for awhile.
Your not stupid, just a rino and that is curable. Why not take a step toward America John, to the American way of taking care of ourselves and putting our country first instead of enviro special interest groups that have caused more damage then good to this awesome land of the red, white and blue.

Posted by Wild Thing at June 18, 2008 04:48 AM


Wild Thing-- I love your letter to McCain-- - I bet that woke up somebody on staff! I also wrote him a letter at his site- but I appealed to his vanity and to the idea that he would win the Presidency and become known as the greatest President that ever lived-- LOL -desperate times- call for desperate measures!! -- Must be he got more than our two letters!!

I saw Richardson on TV this morning - saying it would take 10 Years to get any benefits from off shore drilling-- well -- BS-- I live in OIL country-- We are right here on the Gulf Coast in Port Arthur Currently we are under an eight billion dollar rebuild-- They are rebuilding and expanding all the plants here -We are supposed to be getting ready for "bio fuels- " The whole thing is supposed to take eight to ten years- We have oil refineries all over this town they are building OIl rigs as fast as they can 10 miles down in Sabine Pass- We have Oil tankers in and out of the Port everyday!! They have three shifts working constantly I promise you - it won't take 10 years - that is for sure- They can probably start tomorrow- if need be--!!Nearly every able bodied Man or Woman works in the Plants- either for a contracter or the refinery itself-- Motiva - used to be Texaco- The sign above the big gate always said Texaco The Worlds Largest refinery- Obviously that sign has been taken down - but it is supposed to be the 2nd largest after this expansion- across the street used to be Chevron - It too has gone thru a series of name changes now they call it Valero - then there is Total - not pronounced like the cereal - although the spelling is the same -it used to be Fina- there used to be Huntsman - but some one with an American name owns it- Flynt & Doyle-- Anyway the point is - it will not take 10 years - maybe 6 months to start up good - we have the ability to refine it - no problem- they do it everyday here these guys here work hard-- it's all about the oil here- - our gas is just as high - we just havent gone over 4.00 a gallon -yet -damn near tho--
So everyone bitches and moans about paying high gas prices- then when Mc Cain and then Bush say we will drill -- everybody wants to whine again - give me a break- these liberals need to STFU !! (that is shut the f*** up!!!) - cz

Posted by: cheryl at June 18, 2008 05:49 PM

Cheryl, that is GREAT. I am so glad you wrote him too. Fantastic!!!!

If everyone did things like this I really believe it might make a difference.

Posted by: Wild Thing at June 18, 2008 06:37 PM

The smartest thing McCain could do is to spend 100% of his time in Congress pushing real oil, gas, and nuclear legislation through the Senate. He should hold a press conference every day on the Capitol steps reviewing what the do-nothing Congress didn't do the day before.

Posted by: Les at June 18, 2008 07:46 PM

Tonight on Neil Cavuto (FOX Channel) WT, your Dem lune Rep. Ms. WaSSermannnshultz Stuka basically told Neil "Florida's tourism is more important than DRILLING off our coast..." Guess what Ms. WaSSermannnnshultz Stuka, with no money LEFT... no Mickey or Mini Mouse!!! What a disgrace she is, and quite unattractive....Un Floridian!

Posted by: darthcrUSAderworldtour07 at June 19, 2008 12:16 AM

Les, that would be so good if he would do that. sigh well we can dream anyway.

Posted by: Wild Thing at June 19, 2008 02:53 AM

Darth, AUGH oh yuk I don't like her make her go away.

Posted by: Wild Thing at June 19, 2008 02:55 AM