Theodore's World: Dem Pledges:" I'll 'rip apart' child-rape victims on stand"

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June 26, 2008

Dem Pledges:" I'll 'rip apart' child-rape victims on stand"

Dem pledges: I'll 'rip apart' child-rape victims on stand

'I'm going to make sure rest of their life is ruined'

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Massachusetts politician and defense attorney Rep. James Fagan is under intense public scrutiny after he promised to "rip apart" child victims of rape who testify if the state imposes strict sentences for sex offenders.

Fagan, a Democrat, made his controversial remarks on the state House floor, Fox News reported.

"I'm gonna rip them apart," Fagan said of child victims. "I'm going to make sure that the rest of their life is ruined, that when they're 8 years old, they throw up; when they're 12 years old, they won't sleep; when they're 19 years old, they'll have nightmares and they'll never have a relationship with anybody."
As a defense attorney, Fagan said he would prevent accused child sex offenders from experiencing a "mandatory sentence of those draconian proportions."

According to the report, his statements angered both colleagues and activists.

"I thought his comments were over the top and unnecessary," said Bradley Jones, Massachusetts House minority leader. "I appreciate that he's a defense attorney, and felt he had a point to make, but I think it was unnecessary. It was excessive."

Mark Lunsford, a Florida father who lost his 9-year-old daughter after she was kidnapped, wrapped in a trash bag and buried alive by a sex offender in 2005, said he was shocked by Fagan's remarks. He told the Boston Herald that Fagan should have more respect for the rights of sexually abused children.

"Why doesn't he figure out a way to defend that child and put these kind of people away instead of trying to figure ways for defense attorneys to get around Jessica's Law?" Lunsford asked. "These are very serious crimes that nobody wants to take serious. What about the rights of these children?"

The bill Fagan was so strongly opposed to designates mandatory minimum sentences of 10 to 15 years for crimes against children. It has passed in the House and made its way to the Senate.

According to Fox News, law professor Phyllis Goldfarb said Fagan comments were somewhat truthful in that they describe a defense attorney's obligation to find holes in the prosecutor's case when a person accused of sexually abusing a child faces mandatory sentencing.

Wild Thing's comment.......

Some people in our society practice evil simply for its own sake. Such is the case with this miserable attorney. Sounds to me like he enjoys his work. This a**hole thinks 20 years for the rape of a child is "draconian". This bastard is as sick as the rapists he defends.

Just where the hell are we going in this country, that an elected official could even say such a thing an it not be an outrage? Or that anyone would say such things.

....Thank you Mark for the link to this article. And Sierrahome thank you for the link to the video.

Posted by Wild Thing at June 26, 2008 05:44 PM


This is the first I heard this. Thanks. This guy is a real A%&hole. Why do the people in MA keep electing these POS's? I don't have a clue.

Posted by: Bob at June 26, 2008 06:12 PM

Where I was kid, we had a cure for this. Vigilance Committees.

Posted by: GM Cassel AMH1(AW) USN RET at June 26, 2008 06:50 PM

There is a big difference between a lawyer's legitimate strong defense of his client and the arrogant, almost gleeful, description by Rep. James Fagan of what he would do to child rape victims on the stand. He bragged and looked forward to be able to torture and destroy the lives of young rape victims not because his client was innocent but because he objected to the length of the rapist's punishment. That puts him many levels in the food chain below pond scum.

Humor sometimes helps people deal with the pain and suffering of evil. In Rep. James Fagan's case, I offer the following:

A man nervously dialed the office of his attorney. "I'd like to speak to my lawyer," he told the secretary who answered the phone.

"I'm sorry, sir," the secretary told him, "but he has passed away. He's dead." The man hung up with a mumbled "Thank-you."

A week later, though, he called back. "Could I talk to my lawyer?" he asked. "Haven't we spoken before, sir?" the secretary inquired. "I could have sworn I talked to you last week. He's dead." "OK," said the caller. "Sorry to bother you."

Only seven days afterward, though, the secretary heard a by-now-familiar voice at the other end of the line. "Is there any chance you could connect me with my lawyer?" the man wanted to know.

By now, the secretary was exasperated. "I know we've spoken before, sir. I've told you: he's dead! Why do you keep calling back?

Don't you get it? He's dead!"

The man paused before he answered. "I know, I know . . . . I just enjoy hearing it so much!"

Posted by: Les at June 26, 2008 08:54 PM

One thing if you put these pigs in Prison then
make it for no less that 25 years and by all means
make the SOB a Eunuch, infact remove the blader and give him a bag to play with for the rest of his life.Better yet hang him upside down with a strong rope and pour hot lead up his butt till the rope breaks...

Posted by: Tincan Sailor at June 26, 2008 09:11 PM

This is one sick individual here- - he is probably a pervert himself- !! I hope someone turns him into the proper State licensing comission so he can lose his right to practice law- sick pig if ya ask me!!-

Posted by: Cheryl Zee at June 26, 2008 09:16 PM

What a piece of crap. There is something wrong with our society when a grown man who is supposedly well educated would even think something like that let alone say it in open forum. Anyone who would hurt and rape a child should be put to death and it should be put on television to show everyone what will happen to someone who rapes an innocent child. We are going to hell in a hand basket in this country and no one seems to care....unbelievable

Posted by: Dennis at June 26, 2008 10:48 PM

He reminds me of some of the drivel I have heard from other more famous defense attorneys, like Jerry Spence, Alan Dershowitz and Johnny Cochran. They were a bit more eloquant, but their utterances were the same amoral crap.

Posted by: TomR at June 26, 2008 11:33 PM

Well there is a way and it has been demonstrated as very effective here is one reason and here is another reason to keep a hank of rope handy. But don't just hold the perpetrator accountable hold those ultra lenient lawyers and judges more accountable. In all the cases the justice system failed.

Posted by: Jack at June 26, 2008 11:42 PM

Bob, yes he is truly a vile man!!!!!

Posted by: Wild Thing at June 26, 2008 11:57 PM

GM Cassel AMH1(AW) USN RET, yes those were great. I think they had them where a couple of my Uncles lived.

Posted by: Wild Thing at June 27, 2008 12:01 AM

Auschwitz Angel of Death SS Dr. Mengele would be PROUD of this piece of dung? Better yet, this piece of dung would be your typical abortion surgeon, eh? ... 50 million slaughtered and counting! "And God shed His grace on thee?" Do not count on it Lady Liberty!

Posted by: darthcrUSAderworldtour07 at June 27, 2008 12:04 AM

Les, I agree he is the lowest of the low to do what he did and that tells us all we need to know about him as a person. He is our vile.

Thanks for the joke Les, that is a really good one. hahaha

Posted by: Wild Thing at June 27, 2008 12:04 AM

Tincan Sailor, yes, there has got to be some kind of punishment. Just sticking him in jail although horrible is not bad enough. It really should be the death penalty somehow.

Posted by: Wild Thing at June 27, 2008 12:07 AM

Cheryl, I was thinking that too. This guy is sick and I have to wonder how much he enjoys crossing the line like he said he would do. He just might have some vile private life no one knows about.....yet. Just plain sick and horrble.

Posted by: Wild Thing at June 27, 2008 12:10 AM

Dennis, I agree so much! This guy should be removed immediately from any kind of postion he holds anywhere and disbarred from the legal profession.

His enthusiam he had in what he said made what he said even sicker.Like a double whammy or sickness.

Posted by: Wild Thing at June 27, 2008 12:16 AM

Tom, yes they are all from the same mold.

Posted by: Wild Thing at June 27, 2008 12:19 AM

Jack thanks for those links. This all makes me so sick inside. What the hell is wrong with people.

Posted by: Wild Thing at June 27, 2008 12:25 AM

Darth, yes that sure is the truth.

Posted by: Wild Thing at June 27, 2008 12:34 AM

Congress and also state government must be cleaned out. A big problem is lawyers writing the laws. Perhaps they should be required to permanently resign from the bar once they decide to seek office.

Posted by: Bob at June 27, 2008 06:55 AM