Theodore's World: Detroit City Council Hearing Adjourned Amid Shouting Match

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May 02, 2008

Detroit City Council Hearing Adjourned Amid Shouting Match

A Detroit City Council special investigative session into a police whistle-blower lawsuit settlement erupted into a yelling match when President Pro Tem Monica Conyers made claims that she was being disrespected.

The argument began when Conyers asked an independent attorney who was testifying if the council could be sued by Detroit residents for approving the $8.4-million lawsuit settlement.

Councilwoman JoAnn Watson said: "They can sue you; I voted no."

Conyers told Watson to stop interrupting and disrespecting her. She added: "We all know how you voted; you don't have to keep repeating it."

Moments later, Conyers interrupted Council President Ken Cockrel as he was questioning Carl Edwards, the Detroit attorney. Cockrel reminded Conyers that he had the floor and banged his gavel repeatedly.

Conyers railed: "You're not my Daddy. You're not going to disrespect me. Grow up! Control your house and learn how to treat women."

Cockrel told Conyers that she was "one to talk."

Conyers also made repeated mocking reference to Cockrel as Shrek, the green, grumpy and rotund ogre from the animated film.

As the council members yelled at each other, residents attending the hearings yelled, as well. "You're disrespecting the citizens!" and "This is a shame!"

Cockrel took a quick recess to regain order before then breaking for lunch.

Detroit City Councilwoman Monica Conyers get taken to the woodshed by an eight grader. Monica Conyers is the wife of Michigan Congressman, John Conyers.

That girl was great! Conyers trying to deflect back to the kid “haven’t you ever done that?” Girl: “But we are children, you are an adult!”

I think that girl proved herself more an adult then Conyers . LOL! The young girl Kierra certainly had her number — and she recognized the BS as it flowed. I loved the look on her face at the end of the clip!

Posted by Wild Thing at May 2, 2008 02:45 AM


John Conyers is Looney Tunes Droopy Dog 1968?

Posted by: 2bornot2b? at May 2, 2008 04:17 AM

No wonder our kids act the way they do.
If the parents and grandparents can control what they say and do, how do they expect the child to?
No wonder nothing gets done in Detroit except lay off auto workers. Gangs run rampant and no one does anything about it.
Good for the 8th grade girl--she has balls.
If I acted this way at work, I would expect to be shown the door by security.

Posted by: Lynn at May 2, 2008 05:24 AM

No wonder the City of Detroit is a rotting hellhole. To think this woman is married to a US Congressman, and she acts like a spoiled child not only in the council meeting but when talking to an eighth grader. That eight grader displayed more maturity than that grown woman.

Posted by: BobF at May 2, 2008 07:21 AM

In Mrs Conyers, you see the future First Lady if Obama gets to the White House.

Posted by: TomR at May 2, 2008 12:10 PM

That's so good, it really exposes what is wrong with Detroit as well as the Obama mob. Had one of the Dem persuasion who spent months challenging the city council because her husband couldn't pass the bar exam to join the political arena, she whined like this one at all the meetings then took her whine to the TV, her husband finally squeeked by the bar exam after some dozen trys, he's now in the Alaska State Administration, the only difference is she was white, this one is black. Whining and shouting down the opponent seems to be a Democrat Mantra.

Posted by: Jack at May 2, 2008 12:45 PM

Mrs. Conyers is arrogant and uses contrived disrespect victimhood to fill the vacuum of her incompetence. The young school girl figured Mrs. Conyers out and skillfully outwitted her by not letting her get away with it. The school girl has more sense and would do a better job on the City Council.

Posted by: Les at May 2, 2008 08:50 PM

2bornot2b?, he sure is and a communist party memeber. grrr

Posted by: Wild Thing at May 2, 2008 11:35 PM

Lynn yes, she should be embarassed and she isn't at all. Even the way she talked to those kids was wrong.

Posted by: Wild Thing at May 2, 2008 11:37 PM

BobF I agree, Detroit is a horrible place worse then ever. And the Conyers couple are one of the reasons. But they keep voting them in sheesh.

Posted by: Wild Thing at May 2, 2008 11:42 PM

Tom I agree so much, this is a perfect exampled of what to expect from First Lady Obama and B.Hussein.

Posted by: Wild Thing at May 2, 2008 11:45 PM

Jack, yes they all whine and yell. It is awful, what a story that was Jack, like you said white or black they are both dems.

Posted by: Wild Thing at May 2, 2008 11:51 PM

Les, yes I would vote for the school girl.

Posted by: Wild Thing at May 2, 2008 11:52 PM

"Oh dear...Oh my.... This looks bad..."
Frau Vader watches the Animal Planet and the slums in Detroit are hideous...even for the animals with two paws and two hind legs! The Red Wings play in NO MO MO / Muzzie Town? One out of 49 homes in Detroit forecloses, and 28,000 fled Detroit last year and relocated. Let's hear it for Senator's Dick Turban Durban and Obamessiah?
These facts are in black & white!

Posted by: Droopy Dog at May 3, 2008 12:11 AM