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March 27, 2008

Hillary Arrives On A Tank ~ LOL

Wild Thing's comment......

The music is the Panzie lied song. haha

Posted by Wild Thing at March 27, 2008 05:55 PM


Outstanding, and the music sure is fitting. I can just picture her as a Marxist Irwin Rommel (he was a respectable commander)leading her freedom fighters in a charge to capture US free enterprise for Karl Marx. Wait, is that the famous lager formation where they circle the Tanks? As I peer a bit closer it is not, it is the Hilldebeest in her best Musk Ox huddle, her shaggy head and stubby horns outthrust, she certainly isn't in full defilade. Ah for a bit of BOT or some TOT, sigh!!!

Posted by: Jack at March 27, 2008 08:54 PM

Ah the old Panzer Lied, Es braust unser Panzer in sturm Wind dahin. A Very catchy tune and sort of fitting for the current Race battle going on, again, in the democrat party.

I can just see the Grand Keagle, Robert Byrd, in a black uniform saluting Hillary as she drives by.

Posted by: Mark at March 27, 2008 10:19 PM

Jack, hahahaha good one.

Posted by: Wild Thing at March 27, 2008 11:05 PM

Mark, hahaha yes it was very fitting.

Posted by: Wild Thing at March 27, 2008 11:07 PM

Is this the song sung by the German tankers in the movie "Battle of the Bulge"? They then went on to be defeated by the US Army. (Fitting ending for Hillary also?)

Posted by: TomR at March 27, 2008 11:23 PM

Frau Vader (von Dusseldorf West Germany) and I played this song during our wedding reception in 1983...We did a polka via the Texas two-step / Berlin goose-step? Loved this song in 'The Battle of the Bulge'...Frau Vader watches this movie backwards because it has a happy ending? - NO TANKS 2008 and "Negative Waves BABY...'Kelly's Heroes' (1970) Lt. Oddball!"

Posted by: darthcrUSAderworldtour07 at March 28, 2008 12:09 AM