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March 26, 2008

China Wants Troops To Guard Olympic Torch In Australia

85,000 miles of protest against the Murderers of Beijing! This photo above was taken in Greece on Monday.

CHINA has told Australia its army should oversee the local leg of the Olympic torch relay amid mounting security concerns.

adelaide now

Chinese officials have asked Australian Federal Police to hand over security to its own forces to ensure protests do not mar the relay when it lands in Australia next month.

The move – which has been rebuffed by the AFP – comes as Beijing reels from an embarrassing relay launch in Greece when human rights activists hijacked the event.

China has responded by radically cutting back its relay legs in cities where it expects more trouble, police sources told The Advertiser.

The U.S. city of San Francisco, with a large expatriate Chinese community and Paris – headquarters of Reporters Sans Frontieres, the group behind the Athens protests – have had their legs of the torch relay cut.

It is understood Beijing is concerned that protesters will turn the Australian leg of the relay in Canberra on April 24 into another public relations disaster.

"They're absolutely wetting their pants but the federal police have really rammed home to them that while the torch is in Canberra security is our responsibility," a Government source said yesterday.

The Canberra leg will parade a cavalcade of Australian Olympic stars including Ian Thorpe, Jodie Henry, Petria Thomas, Marjorie Jackson-Nelson and Ron Clarke.

It will pass through Federal Parliament and outside the Chinese Embassy in the Canberra suburb of Yarralumla.

The Australian Olympic Committee said yesterday there were no plans to cancel or limit the Canberra leg.

"The relay will definitely go ahead," said AOC spokesman Mike Tancred.

"We have explained to the Chinese Embassy people have a democratic right in Australia to stage demonstrations and people are free to demonstrate when the torch does arrive, but we would hope that demonstrations are peaceful and won't disrupt the relay in any way."

The security taskforce for the relay, formed 18 months ago, includes a Chinese Embassy official, the AFP, the AOC and ACT Government representatives.

Wild Thing's comment........

NO NO and NO! . Since when to ChiCom troops get to enforce their human rights violations on NON CHINESE SOIL???

That is so wrong in so many different levels!

#1 -- are they saying that the Australian security is incompetent and China's is not?

#2 -- and what exactly will you do to the protestors -- reeducate them like you are doing to the Tibetian monks and gun then down or beat them horribly with wood?

#3 -- You must think Australia is really dumb enough to allow Chinese armed forces to police public areas...

This whole thing is insane, the Olympic Committee was wrong in every way to let China have the Olympics in their country. The only thing they were thinking about was how much money would be in the briefcases passed under the table to them by the Chicoms if they gave them the olympics.

Can’t you just see it now? A torch runner surrounded by a squad of Chinese cops with helmets on and riot guns at port arms. Showing up with their tanks and the whole thing.

ChiComs are wanting to do this in Aussie land probably because of this:

Protests disrupt Olympic torch ceremony

OLYMPIA, Greece (CNN) -- Activists protesting China's crackdown in Tibet briefly disrupted the Olympic flame-lighting ceremony in Greece on Monday, calling for a boycott of the Summer Games in Beijing later this year.

Despite the brief disruption by protesters, the Olympic flame began a 130-day, 85,000-mile journey Monday slated to take it from ancient Olympia in Greece to Beijing, China, where the 2008 games are to begin in August.

Charging onto the field of an ancient Greek stadium in Olympia, three protesters unfurled a banner calling for the boycott.

Police said they detained the three French protesters -- members of the Paris-based media rights group Reporters Without Borders, who had evaded security to unfurl the black banner, which depicted the Olympic rings as handcuffs.

"If the flame is sacred then so are humans," the French group said in a written statement. "We cannot let the Chinese seize the Olympic flame, a symbol of piece, without denouncing the dramatic situation of human rights in the country."

Olympic officials said it was the first time the movement's flame-lighting ritual had been interrupted by protests at the birthplace of the games.

More protests followed, after the torch began its long trek. A Tibetan woman covered herself with red paint and lay on the ground, forcing the torchbearer to weave around her as other protesters shouted "Flame of shame."

Other protesters were detained by police for trying to stage a peaceful protest along the torch-relay route.

A pro-Tibet group said in a written statement that two of its members were "violently detained after unfurling banners and Tibetan flags on the road as the torch made its way through Olympia."

Posted by Wild Thing at March 26, 2008 12:48 AM


The Olympic selection committee is as liberal as they come. I think they thought it would improve China's reputation with the rest of the world and China is NOT stepping up to the plate.
No one has ever stolen the Olympic torch,so I don't know what they are worried about there.
Beijing is a beautiful city--my brother sent me pictures from when he went there and for the most part, the people are friendly and warm. It's the crazy communist government that is ruining everything. Why are they crossing the border into Nepal and wanting Tibet? Crazy goons.

Posted by: Lynn at March 26, 2008 05:12 AM

Well Well, have we forgotten the 1972 Munich Olympic Games, what was China's reaction then? What is it about their handling of protests in their own country that grants them favored nation status with the United States? After WWII, during the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the ravages of Asia, Southeast Asia and Africa, who stood by their Soviet counterpart and supplied arms, munitions and training against the United States and our Allies in their Communist expansion? Who still props up Kim Chong-Il and threatens Taiwan? Is this money ploy engineered by McCain and Kerry? They may have forgotten the treachery of the Chinese and the cretins of the Olympic Committee but I haven't. Don't let the Chinese bring their butchering troops anywhere near a free country like Australia, let the bloody Communists decide if they want to live by the same rules as their host country, if not stay out.

Posted by: Jack at March 26, 2008 07:28 AM

The Chinese COMMUNIST government is out of touch with reality. At first I was truely angry with the Olympic Committee selction of Bejing. Now I think it will turn out well because the World will see how brutal and restrictive the Chinese COMMUNIST government is. There will be protests and hopefully boycotts by the time the games begin.

There may even be some active internal protests by Chinese citizens. COMMUNIST China, like Iran, is teetering on the edge of revolution as many of it's citizens want to join the Free World. They are great capitalists and their brutal government puts too many restrictions on their personal freedoms and takes too large a slice of the business profits.

These Olympic games may be a door that helps lead to the downfall of the communist government, lead mainly by old men left over from Mao's Marxist takeover of the 40's and 50's and the Cultural Revolution of the 60's. Modern China wants to get away from communism. Let's hope the world reaction to COMMUNIST China's political policies via the Olympics encourages the new Capitalist Revolution.

Posted by: TomR at March 26, 2008 08:53 AM

Lynn, your so right about the Olmypic committee.
That is neat that your brother sent you photos from there.

There is beauty there I agree, but they are also killing Christians and anyone else that disagree with their communist governemnt and that should never be tolerated by any country.

Posted by: Wild Thing at March 26, 2008 04:28 PM

Jack thanks for those links. I wish the article had the finale answer from Australia but my guess is they tole China to go pound sand. I hope so!!
I agree Jack with what you wrote. When I found out the Olympics were going to be in China this summer I was furious. The Olympic committee is kind of like the freaking UN with a lot of countries making the final decision and obvioulsy they don't give a hoot about what China has done, is doing and how evil their ruler is.

Posted by: Wild Thing at March 26, 2008 04:39 PM

Tom I hope so, I hope it wakes a lot of people up how awful China is, I know many of the America athelets are not happy about going there. They have been complaining about the air quality is horrible and China said it will fix the AIR before the Olympics. hahaha

Posted by: Wild Thing at March 26, 2008 04:42 PM

Why can't WAL*MART security provide SECURITY for the Communist CHICOMS and the 2008 Olympic Torch?
Genghis Khan would have provided wonderful security! CHOW CHOW POWER!! Hello to the Miami Chow in the family and his lovely blue tongue...

Posted by: darthcrUSAderworldtour07 at March 27, 2008 12:20 AM

Darth, LOL too funny. Yes I can see it now, the uniform they wear at Wal-Mart and the employees as guards.

Posted by: Wild Thing at March 27, 2008 03:16 AM