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February 18, 2008

Bill Clinton: Obama's ignoring my White House legacy

Bill Clinton: Obama's ignoring my White House legacy


Former President Clinton on Friday accused Sen. Barack Obama, his wife's rival for the Democratic nomination, of trying to ignore any accomplishments they achieved during their years in the White House.

"You have one candidate who's made the explicit argument that the only way we can change America is to move into a post-partisan future and therefore we have to eliminate from consideration for the presidency anybody who made good things happen in the '90s or stopped bad things from happening in this decade," said Clinton, who was winding up a day of East Texas campaign appearances for his wife, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.
"It doesn't matter how much good you did," the former president said at Stephen F. Austin University. "We've got to get rid of you because you had to fight to make something good happen. You had to fight to stop something bad from happening. And if you fought, you made somebody mad, we ought to give you an old watch and retire you. You can't possibly make a contribution to America's future."
Without mentioning Obama by name, Clinton said the Illinois senator was promoting a position that it's "actually an advantage to not have any experience because you've not made anybody mad."
"It's been very effective," Clinton said. "It's already taken four good candidates out. It would have taken Hillary out if she didn't have so much grass-roots support and so much guts."
Clinton said his wife's position is to "bridge the party divides when we can, but we also need to be prepared to fight."


Wild Thing's comment.......

I would of thought Bill would be glad Obama was ignoring his legacy. Or perhaps he wants Obama to bring up the fact he sold US Missile tech to the Chinese Communists in exchange for illegal campaign contributions in 1995-1996?

Hmmmmmmmmmm Legacy oh yes we can't and won't forget the Bill Clinrton Legacy:

RECORDS SET- The only president ever impeached on grounds of personal malfeasance
- Most number of convictions and guilty pleas by friends and associates**
- Most number of cabinet officials to come under criminal investigation
- Most number of witnesses to flee country or refuse to testify
- Most number of witnesses to die suddenly
- First president sued for sexual harassment.
- First president accused of rape.
- First first lady to come under criminal investigation
- Largest criminal plea agreement in an illegal campaign contribution case
- First president to establish a legal defense fund.
- Greatest amount of illegal campaign contributions
- Greatest amount of illegal campaign contributions from abroad

STARR-RAY INVESTIGATION- Number of Starr-Ray investigation convictions or guilty pleas (including one governor, one associate attorney general and two Clinton business partners): 14
- Number of Clinton cabinet members who came under criminal investigation: 5
- Number of Reagan cabinet members who came under criminal investigation: 4
- Number of top officials jailed in the Teapot Dome Scandal: 3

CRIME STATS- Number of individuals and businesses associated with the Clinton machine who have been convicted of or pleaded guilty to crimes: 47
- Number of these convictions during Clinton’s presidency: 33
- Number of indictments/misdemeanor charges: 61
- Number of congressional witnesses who have pleaded the Fifth Amendment, fled the country to avoid testifying, or (in the case of foreign witnesses) refused to be interviewed: 122

SMALTZ INVESTIGATION- Guilty pleas and convictions obtained by Donald Smaltz in cases involving charges of bribery and fraud against former Agriculture
Secretary Mike Espy and associated individuals and businesses: 15
- Acquitted or overturned cases (including Espy): 6
- Fines and penalties assessed: $11.5 million
- Amount Tyson Food paid in fines and court costs: $6 million

Drug trafficking (3), racketeering, extortion, bribery (4), tax evasion, kickbacks, embezzlement (2), fraud (12), conspiracy (5), fraudulent loans, illegal gifts (1), illegal campaign contributions (5), money laundering (6), perjury, obstruction of justice.

Bank and mail fraud, violations of campaign finance laws, illegal foreign campaign funding, improper exports of sensitive technology, physical violence and threats of violence, solicitation of perjury, intimidation of witnesses, bribery of witnesses, attempted intimidation of prosecutors, perjury before congressional committees, lying in statements to federal investigators and regulatory officials, flight of witnesses, obstruction of justice, bribery of cabinet members, real estate fraud, tax fraud, drug trafficking, failure to investigate drug trafficking, bribery of state officials, use of state police for personal purposes, exchange of promotions or benefits for sexual favors, using state police to provide false court testimony, laundering of drug money through a state agency, false reports by medical examiners and others investigating suspicious deaths, the firing of the RTC and FBI director when these agencies were investigating Clinton and his associates, failure to conduct autopsies in suspicious deaths, providing jobs in return for silence by witnesses, drug abuse, improper acquisition and use of 900 FBI files, improper futures trading, murder, sexual abuse of employees, false testimony before a federal judge, shredding of documents, withholding and concealment of subpoenaed documents, fabricated charges against (and improper firing of) White House employees, inviting drug traffickers, foreign agents and participants in organized crime to the White House.

Number of times that Clinton figures who testified in court or before Congress said that they didn’t remember, didn’t know, or something similar.
Bill Kennedy 116
Harold Ickes 148
Ricki Seidman 160
Bruce Lindsey 161
Bill Burton 191
Mark Gearan 221
Mack McLarty 233
Neil Egglseston 250
Hillary Clinton 250
John Podesta 264
Jennifer O’Connor 343
Dwight Holton 348
Patsy Thomasson 420
Jeff Eller 697

going far beyond Monica Lewinski, were a major liability for Al Gore in 2000, far more so than Ralph Nader. According to the 2000 exits polls:
- 60% of voters disapproved of Clinton as a person
- 59% - including some who approved of him - disliked him
- 68% said he would go down in the history books for his scandals rather than for his leadership
- 44% thought the Clinton scandals were important or somewhat important. In contrast, only 28% thought Bush’s drunk driving arrest was important or somewhat important.
- 15% of those who had voted for Clinton in 1996 voted for Bush in 2000.

CLINTON LAID THE FOUNDATION for the excesses of the war on terror in a number of ways:
- He conducted a deadly and lawless raid on the Waco compound including the use of the military in civilian law enforcement.
- In the wake of Oklahoma City, the Clinton administration proposed restricting habeas corpus and increasing wiretaps.
- As Doug Bandow reported in the National Review, Clinton “essentially sought to eliminate the requirement of a warrant for searches from the Fourth Amendment. The president claimed to possess ‘inherent authority to conduct warrantless searches for foreign intelligence purposes.’ The administration required public-housing residents to sign away their constitutional right that authorities procure a warrant to search their dwellings and personal property. The Justice Department backed warrantless (indeed, suspicionless) drug tests for high-school athletes. The administration requested greater FBI authority to conduct “roving wiretaps,” without a court order.
- “The administration was tougher than its predecessor on drugs. Marijuana arrests were up 50 percent over Bush-41 . . . When asked about the criticism that sellers of crack were being punished far more severely than those who peddled cocaine, the president responded that penalties for the latter - which already ensured that minor drug dealers spend more time in jail than do many armed robbers, rapists, and murderers - should be raised. . .
- “The Clinton-Gore administration advanced additional thuggish policies and proposals - curfews for kids, random drug tests for welfare recipients and kids seeking drivers licenses, attacks on the requirement of a jury trial,. . . attempts to gain court sanction for uncompensated property takings, prosecutions implicating the double-jeopardy clause, pretentious claims of federal criminal jurisdiction, infringements of the Second Amendment right to possess a firearm, et al.”

Vincent Foster (Whitehouse Deputy Counsel, Gunshot to mouth, neck wounds)
Kathy Ferguson (ex-wife of Clinton co-defendant, Gunshot to head)
Bill Shelton (Arkansas state trooper, Kathy Ferguson’s fiancee, Gunshot to head)
Susan Coleman (Alleged Clinton Girlfriend, 7.5 months pregnant, Gunshot to head)
Jon Parnell Walker (RTC Investigator on Whitewater, fell from top of Lincoln Towers)
Niko Junic (In charge of the radio beacon/Brown Crash, Gunshot)
John A. Wilson (Former Wash D.C. councilman, hung)
Terrance Yeakey (First policeman at the Murrah Building, gun shot wound/slashes)
Ian Spiro (Inslaw Witness, Gunshot to Head)
Sharlott A. Donovan (Ret TechSgt/WH Comm Office, Plastic Bag over Head)
Admiral Boorda (CNO, gunshot chest)
Frank Aller (Clinton roommate at Oxford, repentant of draft dodging, Gunshot to mouth)
Robert Bates (Mena mechanic, witness) - drank himself to death on mouthwash
James Bunch (”Black Book” keeper, gunshot)
Wallace Blaylock (husband of Lenora Steinkamp - lady in Drudge video taped 93 aired 9/98, gunshot)
Raymond Albright (shot 5 times in chest, ruled suicide by M.E. Malak)
Charles Wilbourne Miller, Exec of Alltel - successor to Jackson Stephen’s Systematics (gunshot)
Gordon Matteson (Clinton friend/associate, Shot to head)
Danny Casolaro (Investigator Inslaw, “Octopus” - Wrists Slashed)
Calvin Walraven (Witness Jocelyn Elders son’s drug case, Gunshot)
Marine Cpl Eric S. Fox, assigned to helicopter squadron for president (gun shot to head)
Peter John Berwick, shot to death witness in federal investigation Arkansas company
John Arthur Paisley (CIA, gunshot to head, found in river…)
Laurence Martin (OKC surviver, suicide by plane crash)
Kenneth Trentadue (OK prisoner)
Li Fuxiang (foreign exchange, jump)
John I Millis (House Intelligence, CIA)
Evan Hunziker (held in North Korea)
Charlene Edwards (INS Miami)
Franz Lanz (ARL scientist, informant)

Mary Mahoney (Former White House intern shot multiple times in a Starbucks, pockets picked, no cash register money taken)
Luther “Jerry” Parks (Provided security for Clinton’s campaign, multiple gunshots)
Kevin Ives (Witness to Mena, skull crushed, left to be run over by train)
Don Henry (Witness to Mena, stabbed, left to be run over by train)
Eric Butera (Starbucks informant, beaten to death in sting)
Jeff Rhodes (Ives/Henry Witness, gunshot to head)
Ed Gould (Clinton’s HIV/AIDS Advisory Council, Toxic)
Florence Martin (Accountant with info on Barry Seal, Gunshot to head)
Alder Berriman (Barry) Seal (Mena, Murdered)
Keith McKaskle (Ives/Henry Informant, Stabbed)
Gregory Collins (Ives/Henry Informant, Gunshot to Head)
James Milon (Ives/Henry Informant, Decapitated)
Richard Winters (Ives/Henry Suspect, Shotgunned)
Jordan Ketelson (Ives/Henry Informant, Shotgunned)
Larry Guerin (Inslaw Investigator, unknown)
Alan Standorf (NSA, Inslaw Investigator, unknown)
Dennis Eisman (Inslaw attorney, Shot)
Mitchell D. Abel, (Cocaine dealer and student re Tyson, Gunshot)
Mike Samples (Ives/Henry witness)
Eric L. Henderson (financial advisor to Ron Brown, shot while riding bicycle)
Steve Leung (investor in China, beaten)
Mary Beth (Pixie) Grismore (politically connected, murdered)
Judy Danielak (journalist, sniper)

Cecil Boren (by escaped inmate, tainted blood whistleblower)
Lee Scott Hall (stabbed, Lawrence Livermore Lab employee)
JohnD Muskopf (CIA Analyst, murder in robbery attempt)

Note: all are before Clinton’s administration, but are included here because of other information dealing with criminal activity in the South
Rep Larkin Smith - died in airplane accident, was previously a Dixie Mafia target
Pauline Pusser - killed in an ambush (Buford Pusser’s wife)
Harry Bennett – shot
L.B. Kelly – shot
Ellwood T. Steube – shot
George Fuqua – shot
Doris Ann Willingham Grooms – shot
Deputy Sheriff E.R. “Buddy” Walthers - shot when he went to question a Dixie Mafia member
Gary Elbert McDaniel – shot
Margie George – victim, hatchet and shot
Carl Douglas “Towhead” White – shot
Bobby Gale Gwinn – shot
Donald Lester “Jimmy” James – shot
Jack Howard Joy - shot in the chest, soaked and set on fire
Winston Fairley – dismembered
George Albert McGann – shot
Jerry Michael Meshell – shot
Clifford Hugh Fuller - shot
Johnson, Tracy – shot
William Mulvey – shot
Stephen Jeffrey Lee – shot
Dewey D’Angelo - shot

James Whitake (Mena airplane mechanic)
James Avant (helicopter crash, Deputy Sherrif Pulaski County)
Kevin Brosch (helicopter crash, Criminal Investigator)

Jim McDougal, Heart Attack in Solitary (Witness in Whitewater)
John Crawford (Informant Inslaw, Heart Attack)
Susie Deer (Clinton’s mother’s patient)
Laura Lee Slayton (Clinton’s mother’s patient)
Victims of HIV contaminated blood taken from Arkansas prisoners and sold to Canada and perhaps elsewhere
Stanley Huggins (Partner, lawfirm investigating Madison Guarantee) pneumonia
John Hillyer (NBC cameraman, Mena information) heart attack
Ricky Ray Rector (Arkansas prisoner mentally ill) execution
M Franklin Squires (Sematech, heart attack)
Carlos Ghigliotti (FLIR, heart attack)
Eddie Pack (McNulty investigator, burst of microwave energy causing cancer)
Sheriff Jack Harwell (Waco, heart attack)


Barbara Wise (ITA John Huang Associate found dead, nude, in a locked office at Commerce)
Paul Tulley (Democratic National Committee, in Hotel Room)
Boonie Bearden? Disappeared (Ives/Henry Witness)
Paul Wilcher (Mena Investigator)
Henry Hamilton (Bag man for payments from McDougal to Gov. Clinton)
Gary Baugh (Lassater Attorney, alleged jump disputed)
Ray Walsh (briefed on wildfires, died in sleep)
Ron Miller
Kearn A Cottingham (Loral employee)
FOIA officer

Ron Brown, Plane Crash (Commerce, Pathologists question wound to head on xrays) – see section on Ron Brown Plane Crash
Victor Raisner, Plane Crash (National Finance Co-Chair Clinton for President)
R. Montgomery Raiser, Plane Crash (Clinton campaign)
Herschell Friday, Plane Crash (Presidential Campaign Finance Committee)
Paula Gober, Car Accident (Clinton Speech Interpreter)
Stanley Heard, Plane Crash (Clinton Health Care Advisory Committee)
Steven Dickson, Plane Crash (Clinton Health Care Advisory Committee)
Johnny Lawhon, Car Accident (Found Whitewater Canceled Check in Car after Tornado)
Theodore Williams, Betty Currie’s brother, Beaten before Betty’s Senate testimony then Car/Pedestrian Accident during Monica story(Key Witness’ brother)
Shelley Kelly, Survived Brown Plane Crash - died hours later (Stewardess)
Judy Gibbs, Fire (Alleged Clinton Girlfriend, Witness)
Keith Coney, Motorcycle Accident (Ives/Henry Witness)
Dr Donald Chumley, Plane Crash (Physician at the OKC Murrah building)
Jim Wilhite, Ski Accident (Friend of McLarty)
Dr. Ronald Rogers, Plane Crash (Informant)
Paul Olson, Plane Crash (Witness)
Neal Cooper Moody, Car Accident (Step Son of Vince Foster Widow, Lisa)
William Colby, canoe drowning (former Director of the CIA, editor of “Strategic Investment” which hired experts to investigate Vince Foster’s suicide note)
Randall Tyson, choked on a cookie (half brother to Don Tyson)
Woody Lemons, wife and mother, private airplane crash (OKC informant)
Mohammed Samir Ferrat, TWA 800 Plane Crash (Brown connections, initial suspect) – see Ron Brown Plane Crash section
Jan Kopold, accidental fall in Turkey in 1970
Dan Dutko (Head Injuries, Bike accident) DNC Fund Raiser
David Drye, Plane Crash (friend of Matrisciana – Clinton’s Chronicles, etc.)
Lt Colonel Mark Cwick (auto accident, Clinton pilot)
Major Marc Hohle (helicopter crash Okinawa, Clinton pilot)
Eddie Pack (Waco research, microwave exposure)
Reverend Roger Howard (Waco research, automobile)
Manual Howard (Waco research, automobile)
James Ray Dobbins (Waco research, automobile)
Admiral Donald Engen (Accident investigations, glider crash)
Rep Larkin (see Dixie Mafia section)
Reverend Roger Howard (McNulty investigator, auto hit and struck by car w/2 men)
Manual Howard (McNulty investigator, Reverend Roger Howard’s son, same accident)
James Ray Dobbins (McNulty investigator, same accident)
Ralph Baker (Arkansas, automobile)
Lt Gen McCloud (air accident)
Robert Deas(auto accident, scientist/informant)

Steve Willis, Waco (Clinton bodyguard)
Robert Williams, Waco (Clinton bodyguard)
Conway LeBleu, Waco (Clinton bodyguard)
Todd McKeehan, Waco (Clinton bodyguard)
Lieutenant Colonel Carmine Calo, Italian UN official killed in Afghanistan bombing
David Gibbs, Kosovo – Apache Helicopter
Kevin Reichert, Kosovo – Apache Helicopter
12 Crewmen from two HH-60 Pave Hawks, Nev
Spec. Anthony W. Brown, 29 - Ft Campbell Black Hawk 4/99
Pfc. Earl C. Eoff, 29 - Ft Campbell Black Hawk 4/99
Sgt. Robert G. Millward, 32 - Ft Campbell Black Hawk 4/99
Spec. James R. Murphy Jr., 25 - Ft Campbell Black Hawk 4/99
Chief Warrant Officer 2 Aaron K. Power, 30 - Ft Campbell Black Hawk 4/99
Spec. Fury J. Rice, 21 - Ft Campbell Black Hawk 4/99
Sgt. Julius R. Wilkes Jr., 23. - Ft Campbell Black Hawk 4/99
4 crew members 1996 Sikorsky military helicopter crash
Pilot and 8 Department of Interior Employees
10 crewmen plus passengers - 11/22/96 King-56 Crash
Staff Sgt. Brian Haney, Helicopter Crash (Clinton Bodyguard)
Marine Sgt. Timothy Sabel, Helicopter Crash (Clinton Bodyguard)
Maj. William Barkley, Helicopter Crash (Clinton Bodyguard)
Capt. Scott Reynolds, Helicopter Crash (Clinton Bodyguard)
Aldo Franscoia Secret Service Agent , C-130 airplane crash, Jackson Hole WY
Capt. Kevin N. Earnest, aircraft commander, C-130 airplane crash, Jackson Hole WY
Capt. Kimberly Jo Wielhouwer, pilot, C-130 airplane crash, Jackson Hole WY
2d Lt. Benjamin T. Hall, navigator, C-130 airplane crash, Jackson Hole WY
SSgt. Michael J. Smith, Jr., loadmaster, C-130 airplane crash, Jackson Hole WY
SrA. Rick L. Merritt, flight engineer, C-130 airplane crash, Jackson Hole WY
SSgt. Michael R. York, loadmaster, C-130 airplane crash, Jackson Hole WY
SrA. Billy R. Ogston, crew chief, C-130 airplane crash, Jackson Hole WY
Amn. Thomas A. Stevens, loadmaster, C-130 airplane crash, Jackson Hole WY
Maj. Gen. William Robertson Deputy Commanding General, V Corps, Europe, helicopter crash, Weisbaden
Col William Densberger V Corps Chief of Operations and Plans, helicopter crash, Weisbaden
Col. Robert Kelly V Corps Chief of Intelligence, helicopter crash, Weisbaden
Spec. Gary Rhodes Crew Chief, helicopter crash, Weisbaden
Capt Jennifer J Odom, US Army - Colombia
Capt Jose A Santiago – Colombia
Chief Warrant Office Thomas G Moore – Colombia
Specialist T Bruce Cluff – Colombia
Specialist Ray Krueger – Colombia
Lt Cmdr Jon A Rystrom – Hawkeye Crash
Lt William R Dyer– Hawkeye Crash
Lt Robert A Forwalder– Hawkeye Crash
Lt Patrick Ardaiz– Hawkeye Crash
Lt John A Messier– Hawkeye Crash
FBI Special Agent Martha Dixon Martinez
FBI Special Agent Michael John Miller

Posted by Wild Thing at February 18, 2008 01:55 AM


"... Coincidence sayeth 666!" Stainmaster carpet and Scotch Guard stocks skyrocketed from 1993-2000?

Posted by: darthcrUSAderworldtour07 at February 18, 2008 05:03 AM

And my aunt wants to vote for this woman. She told me to read her dissertation on Marx. I don't think so. I love my aunt to pieces, and she is a nurse, so she feels universal health care is wonderful. But that's just one more step in us becoming socialists ourselves.
I should send this to her, but she'd only get upset.

Posted by: Lynn at February 18, 2008 07:53 AM

The Clinton's sure have a way with dealing with associates who get out of line.

Posted by: BobF at February 18, 2008 10:01 AM

I am sure glad the Clintons never knew me. Anybody dealing with the Clintons should get combat pay.

Posted by: TomR at February 18, 2008 11:14 AM

Quite a legacy WT. Of course that isn't the way the Clintoons relate their story, can't let the facts get in the way. Facts aren't like people, they are a bit harder to kill or eliminate. That list of casualties looks comparable to the battlefield losses on Iwo Jima. who would have thought it was safer on the battlefield than in the Clinton administration under the Arkansas Terror Team.

Me too Tom!!!

Posted by: Jack at February 18, 2008 01:30 PM

Darth, LOL yes.

Your right, if they shaved his head there very well might be a 666 there.

Posted by: Wild Thing at February 18, 2008 03:15 PM

Lynn, I know how you feel. My husband is always talking to his brother about politics and just can't get through to him. He loves his brother but they are so very different.

Posted by: Wild Thing at February 18, 2008 03:18 PM

Bob they sure do, I was amazed at how many Secret Service men are on the death list. I guess they saw and knew too much.

Posted by: Wild Thing at February 18, 2008 03:20 PM

Tom, I agree, to have to even salute them would be so horrible. Obama will be even worse when he starts to kiss up to the Muslim world.

Posted by: Wild Thing at February 18, 2008 03:22 PM

Jack isn't it horrible. I will never ever forget those 8 years of the Clinton's. And Obama is even more dangerous I think in a different way.

Posted by: Wild Thing at February 18, 2008 03:29 PM

The List makes me wonder why, Guilliani bothered going after the 'teflon' Don. Sammy the Bull claimed quite a number of hits, but that pales in comparison to the Clintons.

Just a thought, if I were Obama I wouldn't be so eager to be hiring all those 'former' Clinton aids, it just might be the fast ticket to sleep with the fishes.

Posted by: Mark at February 18, 2008 04:30 PM

Wow, Wild Thing, what a great compilation and one lot of work. Thank you for the effort and the information. It is scary to think these people are free to run about rather than being in prison.

By the way, and nowhere as extensive; mostly from my memory not research, but some facts on McCain.

The liquor/beer business in Arizona has been mob controlled forever. A newspaper reporter, Don Bolles, was blown up for investigating one of the "liquor families". John McCain married into another "liquor family" in AZ and his son apparently is a major figure in running the business. Not as nasty or spectactular as the Clintons, but rotten nonetheless.

Posted by: LomaAlta at February 18, 2008 11:45 PM

Mark, I have Sammy the Bull's book and you are so right. He didn't even come close to the list on here regarding the Clinton's.

Yes I would be very careful if I was Obama.

Posted by: Wild Thing at February 19, 2008 01:38 AM

LomaAlta, thank you so much. I wish I had saved the link awhile back it was something about what you said. You are so right too about McCain. McCain has been very much 'connected'.

Posted by: Wild Thing at February 19, 2008 01:40 AM