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January 21, 2008

Fred Thompson

Jeri Thompson, Fred's wife, holds her daughter Hayden, 4, as they join Republican presidential hopeful former Sen. Fred Thompson, R-Tenn. during a campaign stop at Tommy's Country Ham House to visit the supporters and eat breakfast Saturday, Jan. 19, 2008, in Greenville, S.C.(AP Photo/Mary Ann Chastain)

Fred Thompson Speaks to Supporters SC Primary Day 01-19-08 The audio for some reason goes soft but I think you will be able to hear it. I had to put my speakers up pretty high in the middle of his speech.

Wild Thing's comment........

This was a great speech, I am praying so hard he stays in and does not stop.

Posted by Wild Thing at January 21, 2008 12:55 AM


I'm with ya WT but Fred got slaughtered in SC and I think his bus will be stopping soon and he'll be getting off. The Graham crackers of SC backed the McCainiacs and threw one of their own southerners to the dogs... I was shocked that Fred didn't even finish second in SC...

Posted by: darthcrUSAderworldtour07 at January 21, 2008 03:03 AM

For the GOPhers choosing NOT to support Fred Thompson and Duncan Hunter in South Carolina has made my decision easy... re-register to INDEPENDENT status. The GOP has left me, big time!!

Posted by: drstrangeloveb52isok at January 21, 2008 05:01 AM

I agree with Darth. I think Fred is no longer a contender. He seemed to poll better before he announced his candidacy. Fred toyed with the system for too long. He disappoints me because I can't see that he is taking this seriously. Reading nice sounding scripts is one thing. Being energetic and enthusiastic between readings is another.

Fred should have done spectacularly in S Carolina. Barely eking out 3rd place finishes does not cut it. There is a lot of primary voting ahead, but Thompson does not have money, energy or momentum. In a few weeks he will probably have a lot more time to spend with his young wife.

Posted by: TomR at January 21, 2008 07:25 AM

I agree totally Chrissie about Fred staying the course. I know it isn't easy and won't be any easier in the coming days but he is the only individual running for president that stands behind his convictions and doesn't cow down to the whims of others. He is the only one making any sense and yet the Rino and Liberal and stupid PC groups won't listen or see because of their own spineless, gutless, self-serving attitudes and beliefs. What is it going to take for Americans, and I mean TRUE Americans to wake up and smell the roses?!?!?!?! And what is it going to take to get the support behind a man that stands for the principles this great country was founded on?

McCain? He is a worthless piece of cow dung....another Jimmy Carter!!! Mitt is in it for the recognition and glory!! Huck might be OK if he would quit bouncing around like a yo-yo!! I agree with the Dr. that Duncan Hunter would also be a good choice. WOW....Can you imagine a team of Fred and Duncan?!?!?! We might actually get American back on track!!! I just pray....and I do mean PRAY.....that it isn't too late to bring the US back to the magnificent country She truly is!!!!!!!

Posted by: John at January 21, 2008 07:29 AM

What is wrong with the people in this country?? Too many carmel frappacinos? McCAin won't secure the borders, is friends with Teddy (which is enough for me right there) has tried to limit free-speech, has worked against our getting POW/MIAs back home (WTF) and can't hold a conservative thought for more than a minute.
I'm holding out for all that egg on the faces of the media etc when It's Fred/Duncan. I am!!

Posted by: yankeemom at January 21, 2008 10:02 AM

Fred needs to stay the course. Reagan lost 11 before getting the nomination. It ain't over till the fat lady sings and well, I haven't sung in a long, long time.
I can't stand the others--Romney is a slick snake oil salesman. Huckster is not quite the man of God I hoped he'd be. McCain is just a pain who needs to go away. Paul is a looney isolationist who got an early release from the looney bin. Guiliani is just strange. He may be a great man for dealing with 9-11, but if that's all he's got, then he's not for me.
Fred is our only hope for the "true" conservative and I'm sure his momma would tell him to continue on.

Posted by: Lynn at January 21, 2008 01:16 PM

I would like Fred to stay the course, too but he can't do on empty. and his coffers are just about gone.

And it seems like these first primaries have been a set up. I have read where the 'libs' are talking about voting in our primaries to screw us up. From the looks of it they have done a good job so far.

Posted by: Mark at January 21, 2008 02:21 PM

Bottom line, the Republican Party is now the RINO Party and there will be no difference in results next November between electing a Democratic Socialist or a Republican RINO as President. Either way, the country is screwed and will deserve everything that happens to it for being so stupid.

Republicans had control of the White House and Congress and showed that they weren't up to the job and also cowered to the threats and obstructionism of the minority Democrats. The Democrats will win in a landslide next November and spend and tax the country into financial ruin. They will follow (with RINO support) the failed bureaucratic out of control social and economic models of Michigan, New Jersey, and California.

I still support Fred Thompson and will vote for him in the New Jersey primary if he is on the ballot. I am a conservative and will remain a conservative no matter what happens to the Republican Party.

Posted by: Les at January 21, 2008 05:42 PM

You ALL are just so awesome!

Thanks everyone for your input.

Too bad Fred can't see our support on here for him and many other places as well.

It might very well be the left messing with our side and voting for McCain etc. I just find it hard to believe there has not been more of a showing for Fred.

Tomorrow ( Tuesday) oops it is Tuesday now but early. haha Anyway Fred is supposed to make an announcement.

Posted by: Wild Thing at January 22, 2008 12:03 AM

If he drops out, then the dummycraps win. Hands down. They have slighted it to take out the only ones who can beat Hitlery in a fair fight. I guess we'll be losing our rights and our nation. I wonder what she'll say when we get attacked again. I'm sorry, I was only thinking of myself and the power and not for the best interest of the nation?

Posted by: Lynn at January 22, 2008 04:48 AM