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December 19, 2007

Hillary Movie Trailor ~ Are You Watching Hildabeast?

Below is the link for ther trailor, it is excellent!

Posted by Wild Thing at December 19, 2007 12:47 AM


I hope the public wakes up and rejects this Marxist tyrant, there is no hope for the radicals, they are imbued with a hatred as fervent as any mujahadeen mohammedan toward the United States and the current administration. It's those with no firm beliefs that need to come to their senses, I have the deepest respect for Dick Morris, I'm sure Hillary and Bill would like a little Vince Foster send off for Dick, because he knows them so well and tells all. Joe Lieberman has sent two messages this week for those paying attention, he's supporting our Democrat and not theirs, Turd Kennedy hasn't uttered a word about his supporting McCain. Joe Lieberman knows how vindictive the party is just like Morris does. I hope they are on as shaky ground as they are being portrayed, but it ain't over until it's over.

Posted by: Jack at December 19, 2007 12:34 AM

I am sending this to all the thinking people on my email list. I hope it really gets spread around and commented on. For once, I am waiting for the movie, heh!

Posted by: TomR at December 19, 2007 04:07 AM

Ditto's to what jack said!
Hitlery! I can't stand her! arrrg!

Posted by: patrickdaniel at December 19, 2007 10:18 AM

It's about time people started waking up to the true B**** she really is!!!!! I just can't believe it took everyone so long!!!! She is power hungry and will stop at nothing to get what she wants and God forbid if you get in her way!!!!! I just read an article in Newsweek that she is trying to make herself look better. HA!!!! If it looks like a pig, smells like a pig, and oinks like a pig - it's a PIG!!!!
Here is a comment from the Newsweek article....."Or you can wait until two weeks before the Iowa caucuses to shoehorn friends, family and supporters into a ginormous multimedia campaign ostensibly meant to "humanize" you and counter your high unfavorables. Hillary Clinton, it seems, has chosen the latter."

Posted by: John at December 19, 2007 12:44 PM

Jack I was wondering if they would do a Vince Foster on Dick Morris. He better not go anywhere alone or at least be where there always a lot of witnesses.

Posted by: Wild Thing at December 19, 2007 02:43 PM

Tom hahaha I know what you mean.
We went to a movie the other day and oh my gosh it was so horrible. Not only a waste of money but I wasted 2 hours of my life. hahahaha

When we got home we put a video in the machine of one of the oldies and it did help to get our mind off the bad movie we had just seen.

Posted by: Wild Thing at December 19, 2007 02:46 PM

Patrick I agree. How on earth our country let the Clinton's get away with the things they did will always be something I will never forget nor forgive.

Posted by: Wild Thing at December 19, 2007 02:53 PM

John, it amazes me how even today some people don't care how awful she has been, evil, criminal etc.

Posted by: Wild Thing at December 19, 2007 02:55 PM

Chrissie, you can make book they've thought of it, Morris is to wily for them but if Dick goes in an accident I'd be mighty suspicious. BTW I just read where Tom Tancredo is about to drop out of the presidential campaign, too bad for us, I wonder if he'll endorse another conservative.

Posted by: Jack at December 19, 2007 09:23 PM

Tom Tancredo, the Illegal's worst nightmare, is dropping out, that is too bad. He is a good man too. One honest politician, a rerity in these times of liars, cheats and all out theives.

If you play word games with H i l l a r y, the first word you come up with from the letters is 'Liar'. I wonder if there is a Freudian message there,.

Posted by: Mark at December 19, 2007 10:06 PM

Jack oh wow, I liked him too. He is so strong about the illegal problem and a good man.

Posted by: Wild Thing at December 19, 2007 11:43 PM

Mark, haha good one. Liar is what she is and she doesn't even have a conscience about her lies. Neither does Bill. augh

Posted by: Wild Thing at December 19, 2007 11:45 PM