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November 28, 2007

Trace Adkins: Kill them radical Muslims!

Country Star Tells TV Station That America Must "Crack Skulls" of Islamists and Kill Radical Muslims

Music City TV

Country singer Trace Adkins isn’t shy, and talk radio and political-talk TV has reached out to him time and again for his conservative point of view.

Now, Trace offers a bunch of those points of view is a new book, A Personal Stand: Observations and Opinions from a Freethinking Roughneck.

And as you can imagine, he’s not timid. Trace repeats what he told Bill Maher, that Trace thinks we need to beat on radical Muslims.

“We’re going to have to fight it out till it’s over and until they don’ do this anymore. We’re going to have to go in to Afghanistan and take care of this, and if Pakistan doesn’t like it, we thump their (butt) too,” he writes.

On the next page, Trace says: “I still believe the only way to fight Islamic terrorism is to crack skulls.”

If yer going to Sunday’s Titans game, you can ask him all about it: Trace is singing the national anthem.

Wild Thing's comment........

This is great. Thank you Trace!

Posted by Wild Thing at November 28, 2007 12:47 PM


Get 'em Trace! You said it.

Posted by: Lynn at November 28, 2007 07:45 PM

I'm not a big country music fan, but I'm going to buy some of his music anyway, because I just became a fan of him.

Posted by: gregor at November 28, 2007 07:49 PM

When it comes to evil, it is simple. Do unto others before others do unto you.

Posted by: Les at November 28, 2007 08:26 PM

Lynn, ditto, I was so glad to read this today.

Posted by: Wild Thing at November 28, 2007 10:31 PM

Gregor, me too. I have heard some of his songs, but never bought any of them.

Posted by: Wild Thing at November 28, 2007 10:35 PM

Les I agree, we just have to convince the lefties of that.

Posted by: Wild Thing at November 28, 2007 10:38 PM

Trace is my 2009 U.S. Secretary of State! Muslims only... appreciate and respect FORCE... 150% LETHAL FORCE - period! If you don't acknowledge this fact, you are an infidel!

Posted by: darthcrUSAderworldtour07 at November 29, 2007 12:44 AM