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August 03, 2007

Obama: Nukes 'not on the table'

Obama: Nukes 'not on the table'


Presidential hopeful Barack Obama said Thursday he would not use nuclear weapons "in any circumstance" to fight terrorism in Afghanistan and Pakistan, drawing criticism from Hillary Rodham Clinton and other Democratic rivals.

Asked about Obama's speech and his comments about nuclear weapons, Clinton chided her fellow senator about addressing hypotheticals.

"Presidents should be very careful at all times in discussing the use or non-use of nuclear weapons. ... I don't believe that any president should make any blanket statements with respect to the use or non-use of nuclear weapons," Clinton said.
"It's a well-intended notion he has, but it's a very naive way of figuring out how you're going to conduct foreign policy," the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Comittee said on National Public Radio's "The Diane Rehm Show."

Sen. Chris Dodd of Connecticut, a member of the Foreign Relations Committee along with Obama, also took his rival to task.

"Over the past several days, Senator Obama's assertions about foreign and military affairs have been, frankly, confusing and confused. He has made threats he should not make and made unwise categorical statements about military options," Dodd said in a statement.

Wild Thing's comment........

Crawl back under your rock O'bama! I can't imagine being in the military under this total jerk or under Hillary. Heck under any of the lefties. YIKES!

He is the kind of idiot that would hang a "No Firearms Zone" on his front door.

Posted by Wild Thing at August 3, 2007 12:55 AM


Obama was raised a muslim until he was a teenager.
He's not going to use nukes on his family.
But what will he do if they use a nuke on us?
Hide under the bed?
Every Presidential candidate this time around MUST consider that.
We can't be weak and think if we just appease them, they'll let us live.
They don't care. They want the world and anyone who stands in their way will be exterminated.
They're like the Borg on Star Trek--"you will be assimilated."
And it frightens me that he's even a front runner.
But it scares me even more that we would even think that a socialist would be our choice for President, too.

Posted by: Lynn at August 3, 2007 04:25 AM

In August, 1945, President Harry Truman authorized the atomic bomb drops on Hiroshima and Nagasaki Japan. The results were that our US Marine lives were saved ( invasions on the Jap homeland ) and an UNCONDITIONAL Jap surrender! The Demliblooney presidential candidates don't have any balls... except for Hillary?

Posted by: darthcrUSAderworldtour07 at August 3, 2007 05:59 AM

Obama is so stupid and inexperienced, he's making Hillary look good.

Posted by: BobF at August 3, 2007 07:18 AM

Darth, funny you should mention Truman and the Bomb. Here's an interesting article sent to me yesterday about Operation Downfall concerning the invasion of Japan that never took place. The expected losses of American military were placed at over one million had the invasion taken place.

Posted by: BobF at August 3, 2007 07:23 AM

Obama is showing how little he knows about the reality of the World. Yes, it is scary that people want him for president, but like all democraps, he will be supported by blocs of unthinking sheep just voting for promises of handouts. Promising not to use nukes is about as stupid as it gets. This is the same kind of non-think, feel good, kumbaya that would agree to disarmament treaties or land for peace scams.

Posted by: TomR at August 3, 2007 08:20 AM

Good God, I can't imagine being under Hillary for any reason. That would really be a nightmare ... like being chased by Janet Reno in negligee waving a box of condoms.

Obama is like a grown up version of Kucinich, when the boy was mayor of Cleveland. Neither has a clue. B. Hussein Obama, naw, I don't think so.

Of course our side is just as striking, we have Fred Thompson, who is ... not yet in the Race ... but everybody thinks he is. Then there's Newt, who will only jump in at the last minute if hillary is doing really well ... what makes him think he(We) can afford to wait that long. What make him think he can smash the Clinton juggernaut, they will destroy Obama in a heartbeat if he gets too close.

The real conservatives (who probably don't even have a prayer) only get front page coverage when they screw up, which fuels the lefts rant about the right.

The country evidently is going to have to slide further into the abyss of doom before they wake up. That will probably take a Hillary presidency, Nationalized Health Care, for Illegal Mexicans, and all the social programs they can force on us, before the American People finally wake up, and put down their I-pods and game boys and say Whoa, enough is enough.

Hopefully it won't be too late.

Posted by: Mark at August 3, 2007 08:40 AM

Obama has loosed his ignorant rhetoric against Pakistan about invading to capture Bin Laden which the last time I checked was a sovereign nation with Nukes and he has thoroughly pissed them off. Yep the Kucinich diplomacy is at work with this piece of artwork, Gator Obama, all mouth and no brains, but that is what the left wants. I agree Hillary will smash Obama if he looks like he has the edge, just another accident, we can call it the Kennedy curse if you like, or he was despondent like Vince Foster. So do us all a favor Obama, step over that line, garner the Hilldibeast's wrath, it narrows the enemy field.
Jeeze Mark ...."Good God, I can't imagine being under Hillary for any reason. That would really be a nightmare ... like being chased by Janet Reno in negligee waving a box of condoms." That's so grim, you'll have our little buddy's going into hiding and they won't come out. Shudder!!!!

I can't imagine the prospects of our military having to serve under the Marxist dictatorship of Hillary Clinton, enlistments will surely fall and retirements will increase, I for one would refuse to serve the UN, which I feel Hillary would readily relegate our forces to. Maybe that is why that bonehead Conyers is so insistent on reviving the dratft, to supply warm American bodies as cannon fodder for the UN.

Posted by: Jack at August 3, 2007 01:08 PM

"like being chased by Janet Reno in negligee waving a box of condoms".

Thanks Mark, I was drinking a coke and not most of it's on my keyboard and I'm choking on the rest.

Posted by: BobF at August 3, 2007 02:24 PM

By now people are starting to realize that no grownups will be voting for Osama Obama. But he'll still have Hollywood's support.

Posted by: Van Helsing at August 3, 2007 08:39 PM

Lynn, I agree with you, it is scary. I used to think people could not see what these people are like, but I finally realized that they do see what these people are and they agree with them (the ones on the left).......very scary for sure.

Posted by: Wild Thing at August 3, 2007 11:32 PM

Darth, yes your right, I keep thinking that even just in saying certain things and sticking by them also has strength to it. The scary part is these people don't even want to call it what it is Islam, instead it is flowered up to say "radical extremists" etc. The ole Joe allah Smith goes about his way and plans the next attack. Because he is just a "moderate Muslim" and no one is concerned about him.

Posted by: Wild Thing at August 3, 2007 11:37 PM

Bob, your right, that is what has been happening. They are practically praising Hillary. augh

Posted by: Wild Thing at August 3, 2007 11:40 PM

Tom that is exactly what it is.

Posted by: Wild Thing at August 3, 2007 11:43 PM

"like being chased by Janet Reno in negligee waving a box of condoms."........

ROTFLMAO omg hilarious

Your right Mark, Nick and I were talking about it today and if these sheep got what they say they want they are really going to hate the reality of all of it. They have it so good in the America we have had and yet they want socialism and communism. sheesh

Posted by: Wild Thing at August 3, 2007 11:48 PM

Jack, I rememebr how our military hated it when Bill Clinton was President. They knew how he loathed the military. His cut backs of our military too, so many things.

I don't think this country can last another regime from the left.

Posted by: Wild Thing at August 3, 2007 11:51 PM

Van Helsing, good ole Hollywood commies. GRRRRR

Your right Van Helsing.

Posted by: Wild Thing at August 3, 2007 11:59 PM

... imagine being stranded on Genesis Island II with Helen Thomas, Madeleine Albright, Janet 'The Waco Kid' Reno, and Tokyoyoyo Rosie 'Orca' O'Donnell? - Swim for the sharks 2007 !

Posted by: darthcrUSAderworldtour07 at August 4, 2007 06:50 AM