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July 06, 2007

Temps Top 100 in West From Heat Wave ~ Hello It's Summer!!

Temps Top 100 in West From Heat Wave
( AP )

Tourists walk in the shade to avoid the sunlight in Las Vegas, Thursday, July 5, 2007. A heat wave...

BOISE, Idaho - Sweltering residents across the West headed for lakes and rivers on Thursday, seeking relief from triple-digit temperatures expected to set records through at least Friday.

Around Las Vegas - where temperatures reached 109 degrees before 1 p.m. Thursday - transformers were overheating and causing electrical pole fires because of all the people switching on their air conditioners, said Scott Allison with the Clark County Fire Department.

In Montana, farmers anxiously watched their crops and thermometers. High temperatures for a handful of days can harm crop yield.

"Prolonged heat is devastating. Four or five days of it is going to be hard," said wheat farmer Lynn Nordwick near Poplar, Mont.

At least 150,000 people were expected to flock to the Lake Mead National Recreation Area in Nevada and Arizona in hopes of cooling off in the water this weekend, said Roxanne Dey, recreation area spokeswoman.

"For some people, we're the only affordable alternative for a place to cool off," Dey said.

In Phoenix, which hit 115 Thursday, 42-year-old laborer Russ Waldrip wiped sweat from his face as he unloaded large windows from the back of a truck.

"When it gets this hot I pour water over my head all day," Waldrip said. "Sometimes I can't wait to jump in the pool, but I don't even have the energy to do that."

Wild Thing's comment.......

LOL this is just too funny. I have heard Rush Limbaugh tell about how the Dems and the Media have to make people panic, how so many things are presented in a " the world is ending " kind of approach. Everything is a drama with the left and this is just another one of those times.

Sure it is HOT outside, it is summer for pete's sake. I have been in Las Vegas when it was 117 degrees. Within 2 seconds of being out of a pool my bikini was dry. Same with Nick and his swimtrunks. When even the lifeguards at the pool for the hotel were not around because it was way too hot and few people were even attempting to sit outside. They even tell you there that the testes heat inside a car in Las Vegas in the summer can get up 10 160 degrees, if the doors and windows are closed and no air on. No wonder when out and about running errands there a person feels like there head will explode when they get back in the car. We lived there for a few years and I can tell you this is for real about the 160 inside a car like that.

New York in the summer, I have been there when it was 108 in the summer, and maybe it has been even hotter then that as well.

California heck I lived there for many years and we had it so hot and muggy that one could hardly breath when outside.

This heat wave is nothing new, but the media will play it up like it is the most important news item there is.
One would think they have no other news stories when we KNOW THEY DO.

They could be telling us about our troops, wonderful, awesome stories about them. But nooooooooo that would mean they supported them and if they did that they would choke!!

So stay cool, have a cold drink, stay indoors if possible with air conditioning, put your feet up and enjoy life. The weekend is here and we live in America, how much better can life be!!!

If the media wants to talk about heat they should do stories on how HOT HOT HOT it is in Iraq and Afghanistan for our troops. Think about wearing 80 plus pounds of equipment, riding in a non air conditioned Humvee or just walking around with those 80 plus pounds of equipment on in that heat. They deserve a medal just for that alone or for starters for sure!!!!!!

Posted by Wild Thing at July 6, 2007 05:45 PM


A while back, my area had a devastatingly cold August. The mother of one of my son's little friends looked me straight in the eye and said, "It's the global warming that's doing this."

I kid you not.

I was speechless, of course. It just goes to show you the mentality we're dealing with.

Posted by: Trish at July 6, 2007 07:32 PM

Hot is an asphalt runway at 115 degrees in one of the rectum of the world bases working around a jet with the engines running..sweat running down the seat of the pants and dehydrated to the point of not being hot any more..and some asshole shoots at you while you are doing all this..yep, that is what it means to be hot..especially when you can't shoot back

Posted by: GUYK at July 6, 2007 07:36 PM

I heard on one of the various stations here, that this is the hottest summer on record. Ok, how long have we been keeping records.

From what I can find out we have been keeping records since about 1880, that is a mere 127 years. If the earth is over 6000 years old, and that depends on what you believe, but for the sake of argument we will say a mere 6000 years, then we have been keeping records for a mere 2 % of the time of the earth has existed.

Now when did accuracy really become important and when did thermometers really get to be accurate,probably in the last 40 years. that narrows the percentage down a lot less than 2 %.

If you go by left wing scientists, who say the earth is over 200 million years old, then we have collected NO data at all. Yet we are to accept with blind faith that these people know what they are talking. They can't really tell you with a whole lot of accuracy what the weather will be a mere 7 days from now, but they expect us to believe they can predict the climate in 10-20 years, why are people so gullible ?

So the Government is depending on, half-baked computer generated models, which when taken out of their perfect scenario's don't work at all, and recorded data for the past 40 years,(when in the real scheme of things means nothing) and this is to determine our future ?

Why don't people think ? Just looking at how long we have been keeping records ought send a red flag up for somebody.

Hottest Summer on record, or the hottest summer in 127, (+ or - 87 years) and that they can't prove either.

Posted by: Mark at July 6, 2007 08:10 PM

The early presidential primaries are the cause of the heat wave! Heh, heh.

Here in North Texas we just broke a 2 year drought, big time. It has rained for almost 2 months like an Asian monsoon season. We have flooding and some of our lakes are over 20 feet above normal. I wish we could share this water with those who need it, but this is the nature of Nature. Somebody this winter will set a record for cold weather. Normal weather is only an average, between extremes.

Posted by: TomR at July 6, 2007 08:28 PM

In Kansas City, on July 3, 2007, the news reported that so far this year, they've hit the 90 degree mark once. By this time last year, 2006, the 90 degree mark was hit 23 times. Hottest summer on record...Bovine Scatology.

I was stationed in Great Falls, Montana and temperatures hitting 100 were not uncommon.

Posted by: BobF at July 6, 2007 09:12 PM

Here's a post I did on the 1/2 Degree Boogyman.

Posted by: BobF at July 6, 2007 09:14 PM

Posted by: BobF at July 6, 2007 09:15 PM

Trish, haha it is cute, but at the same time it shows how they hear something enough and just repeat it and don't know what it is if true or not.

One of my girlfriends was tucking her son into bed and when she kissed him goodnight he looked up at her and said....." Thank you Payne Webber". LOL This was years ago when they had that Payne Webber ad running on TV.

Posted by: Wild Thing at July 6, 2007 10:57 PM

GUYK, good to see you.
Whew yes that is hot, that probably should have made them invent a new word for hot. And ot be shot at too on top of everything else.

Posted by: Wild Thing at July 6, 2007 10:59 PM

Mark, hahaha good one!!! That is great Mark, the whole breakdown.

Posted by: Wild Thing at July 6, 2007 11:00 PM

Tom....."The early presidential primaries are the cause of the heat wave!"......LOL

Good one!

That is really something about all the rain there.

Posted by: Wild Thing at July 6, 2007 11:09 PM

Bob thank you for the link. Good posts you did over there. Thank you!

I like the name of the blog too.

Posted by: Wild Thing at July 6, 2007 11:10 PM

Hot was the Mojave near Camp Irwin, California at the edge of Death Valley in July and August. There's something about Tankers and hot weather that just don't seem agreeable, paint them OD on the outside and white on the inside, your skin still sizzles when you touch either surface, add the engines and the ordinance and it does get miserable, let's not forget the sand and dust either, nor the critters that only come out at night to cohabitate with you. Sleeping on the ground or if you're lucky the tank fender, in a dust storm where there is only a breathing hole visible afterward in your personal sand dune. Makes a fellah hate his own mother for giving him birth. God I feel for our people in the MiddleEast dungheaps where they get shot at too. Then like Darth says, there is Washington State, where in can be -25 in winter and +110 in summer, I've enjoyed both seasons in the field, I'll take the heat over the cold.

But wait, wasn't Death Valley hot before Algore and Global Warming?

Posted by: Jack at July 7, 2007 02:25 AM

Darth, hahahaha well see here is the thing. hahahhahahaha

Yes they said no problem in Las Vegas it is a dry heat. Well guess what, after a very short time I started to say..." dry heat this!!! I hated it. LOL

Posted by: Wild Thing at July 7, 2007 03:35 AM

Jack I can feel the heat reading what you said. whew I can't take the heat. I am a snow bunny through and through.

If I was a soldier in this war in that heat, just give me a gun and point me in the direction of the enemy and I would take every last one of the terrorists out! heh heh

Posted by: Wild Thing at July 7, 2007 03:38 AM

Ouch, WT.

"They can even tell you that the testes heat inside a car in Las Vegas in the summer can get up 10 160 degrees....:

I am NEVER going to Las Vegas.

Posted by: Rhod at July 7, 2007 06:50 AM

Rhod we had moved there from Calif. when Nick retired because of the cost of living in Los Angeles. And every summer in Vegas, they would report on the news about the temp inside cars with windows shut and no air on.

Every summer there would be several deaths of babies left in cars while a mom or dad ran in a store to run an errand, and the baby died. I don't think I ever have been as angry as I was when we would hear news like that.

They told us how it would be, the baby literally cooked from the inside out. OH my God just to type this makes me ill, but you know what Rhod. Every one of the parents that did this was a Mormon and they got off. The made excuses for them that they didn't realize what would happen etc. But the truth is that Nevada is a heavy Mormon state apparently and the Judge etc. would let them go because of the Mormmon connection.

The police dept. would run tests every summer so they had proof and kept them recent of what temps would be inside a car like that to let people know how dangerous it was to leave anyone inside a car in the summer there.

Posted by: Wild Thing at July 7, 2007 09:23 AM