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May 29, 2007

Robert Mitchum in 1966

"Should we pull out of Viet Nam?" new crew ask Actor Robert Mitchum in 1966. Here is his answer.

* Blue Star Chronicles...thank you for the Video

Wild Thing's comment................

Just as our military was winning in Vietnam and they were!!!! So has our military won in Iraq, the media want us to think we have lost the war, are failures and never should have gone there. OH we hear it daily, several times a day from politicians, from our TV sets, and in newspapers.......... woe is me, woe is America, we lost, our military did not and could not win this BUSH war yadda yadda yadda.

Bullshit I say!!!!!

Here is imo what the propaganda machine has done. You can label it either war as you like.

Activists groups start up, they are well organized right up their asses, better then our side has ever been. Hell they have more time, less of them have jobs to go to each day, and some of them get PAID as well, by Soros etc. to do their dirty deeds.

The media being leftists jump in, promoting the left's hate for our military and thus making sure they get the propaganda out there even if many times it is only small groups gathering on a street corner or in front of a Government building.

The Progressive Socialists, Communists Politicians, mostly the entire Democratic party join in, this causes their agenda to zoom. Because they can get on talk shows on Sunday mornings and push their bullshit up the wazzoo of every mindless American and we have a lot of those in this country.

Keeping all this propaganda machine going at full speed takes time, and money, but it works every time. At first it does not bother our troops, they just say STFU and let us do our jobs. But then little by little, it sets in and wears them down. Funny not laughing here but weird in a way, it effects our military from the top down. What you say????

Yep, look at how Generals etc. from past wars start to come on talk shows and spew the propaganda of the left, oh they were left to begin with but now they have enough behind them to " well I support the troops BUT...."

Then after enough time the Generals etc. from the war we are in now, start to weaken. They have our troops be more careful about shooting, more careful about their mission and demand to make a battle, a war zone......politically correct. Hell they even had our soldiers take touchie feelie courses in how to be nice to the enemy. sheesh!

So we have a soldier, armed and a walking talking killing machine THANK GOD! He is smart, sharp and knows what he has to do in battle, or in an attack. But he is told to pause, pause in battle to make sure it is OK to fire back, pause and not fight back with his instincts that have been ingrained in him from his awesome training. NO he has to PAUSE, he thinks of the headlines....soldier kills innocent militia ( note the word insurgents are getting more and more seldom used) and a few children ( kids used to carry IED's on their bicycles etc.) Was our soldier ever so polite when he entered a home with known insurgents were hiding? OH my goodness, God forbid if he broke the door in and barged in to catch the enemy off guard.
God forbid if he fires back after seeing the insurgents take out some of his fellow soldiers. That would be a court and judges of his actions and possible prison.

Soldiers WIN, they won battles in Nam, they won battles in Iraq and Afghanistan, BUT no way do the above mentioned politicians brag about how great our military is, no way does our media tell of the successful missions day in and day out. NO, they only want to point out how many dead Iraq's or how many dead Vietcong there were in Nam.

Then little by little those that are the last hold out that are not like me and all of you at this blog and thank God millions of others that know war is hell but not fighting back is death to what those before fought and died for....our Freedom...NO I am speaking of those last hold out people that want to go after the terrorists yes, but can't handle the daily grind of BS from the left, it just gets to them and they want to have everyone just get along.....they start to join in with the we need to get out, we have lost. Their stamina is weaker, they collapse in tuff times , they are not made of the stuff that existed in our Founding Fathers, those that crossed our country in covered wagons, those that raised our Flag at Iwo Jima and other places. The rely on our strength, our determination to keep them strong.

I am so sick and tired of the propaganda machine I have mentioned. But I will never give up the fight against the terrorists and supporting our military and their missions. I don't care how many countries decide to hate us, heck many have always hated us under their breath over the years. We help others then they hate us for our help. I say we should be the strongest Nation in the world, provide our military with all they need and more, take down any traitors in our land and speak out to anyone we can how wrong they are, how not fighting back is giving in.

The thousands that fought to give me a land of the Free from the beginning of the USA in all the wars right up to today deserve better then the left and what they offer......... a weak military, a wimpy Politically Correct "fighting" machine, and if we do not speak out then one day the same scenario that exists in Israel of buses bombed, out door cafe's being a target zone............ will be our lifestyle right here in the United States of America.

Posted by Wild Thing at May 29, 2007 12:47 AM


You are an inspiration and a great patriot Wild Thing. Thanks.

The leftist propaganda/spin machine is very powerful. But it is also flawed. Those flaws show up in the form of nut cases like Cindy Sheehan and Rosie O'Donnnell. Even the big shots of the leftist media fall, like Dan Rather.
Too many average Americans know what is going on and don't fall for the socialist crap. It is only the elitists and the lowest segments of society that support the socialist agenda.

Posted by: TomR at May 29, 2007 11:43 AM

BTW, I saw Robert Mithchum in 1967 in Vietnam. He was doing handshake tours to smaller camps. He was hungover the day he came to our camp, but he was fun to visit with.

Posted by: TomR at May 29, 2007 11:46 AM

I'll always miss Mitchum. I never got the opportunity to go to the USO shows while there but I was acutely aware of the visits of celebrities like Robert Mitchum, Martha Raye, Raymond Burr and our beloved Bob Hope. Thank you WT for the memories, like them, you didn't have to go but thank you WT for being there.

Posted by: Jack at May 29, 2007 01:33 PM

Tom, I am so glad to hear that he came over there. That is wonderful.

Posted by: Wild Thing at May 29, 2007 11:38 PM

Jack, me too, Mitchum was a bigger then life kind of person, like some of the others back then. I miss the old celebs we used to have around.

Posted by: Wild Thing at May 29, 2007 11:43 PM