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March 11, 2007

Gathering Of Eagles Caravan Heads Out For March 17th Rally

Pictures of Gathering Of Eagles Caravan & Rally Pictures

Caravan Route - “THESE COLORS DON’T RUN”

Map is the route for Move America Forward and also the photos below.

San Francisco, California

Lafayette, California

Vacaville, California

Sacramento, California

Stockton, California

Bakersfield, California

Phoenix, Arizona

Gathering of Eagles website

God bless all our troops, our Veterans and their families and loved ones. I love you all so much.

Posted by Wild Thing at March 11, 2007 12:55 AM


O Michael of the angels
And the righteous in heaven,
Shield thou my soul
With the shade of thy wing;
Shield thou my soul
On earth and in heaven;
From foes upon earth,
From foes beneath earth,
From foes in concealment.
Protect and encircle
My soul 'neath thy wing,
Oh my soul with the shade of thy wing!
- Prayer From Celtic Tradition

Posted by: darthcrUSAderworldtour07 at March 11, 2007 05:25 AM

As the song goes, WE SHALL OVERCOME!

Hey, if it works for the hippies and the dummycraps, it can work for us, too!

God Bless you all!

Posted by: Lynn at March 11, 2007 08:43 AM

Thanks Chrissie for keeping everyone up-dated on this.

Posted by: John 5 (VN 69/70) at March 11, 2007 08:58 AM

I hope the caravan grows all the way to DC. And I really hope the Gathering of Eagles is a success. It appears the GOE removed the head counter from their site, maybe so the peace protestors won't have an idea of their opposition. There could be significant numbers if Rolling Thunder and veteran organizations in the NorthEast can get their troops together and organized.

I wonder if active duty troops are prohibited from participating? There was never a counter rally like this during Vietnam, so I don't know. I do remember that we were ordered to stay on base at the Presidio of Monterey in 1969 during Moratorium weekend(to protect the protestors from harm and us from legal problems!).

Posted by: TomR at March 11, 2007 11:27 AM

OK, the head counter is on GOE petition site. The site is very difficult to find. There are only 1350 names so far of people going. I hope because the site is virtually unknown, and difficult to find, that this is only a percent or two of those who are going. The sponsered hotels are booked up, so that is a good sign. AAaaarrgghh - I would like to have at least a couple of brigades if not several divisons of vets and supporters.

Posted by: TomR at March 11, 2007 01:47 PM

If only I can organise something like this in France , unfortunatly we are maybe 50 persons who believe in the real Freedom spirit
God bless America the land of the Free

Posted by: RWC at March 11, 2007 02:23 PM

Onward Christian soldiers! Marching as to war!
With the cross of Jesus going on before.
Christ, the Royal Master, leads against the foe.
Forward into battle, see His banner go!
Onward Christian soldiers! Marching as to war.
With the cross of Jesus, going on before!
Like a mighty army...We are not divided,
All one body we. One in hope and doctrine, one in charity!
Onward...Join our happy the triumph song! Amen and Happy Holy Season of Lent Patriots!

Posted by: darthcrUSAderworldtour07 at March 11, 2007 09:36 PM

darthcrUSAderworldtour07, thank you.

Posted by: Wild Thing at March 12, 2007 01:58 AM

Lynn, hahahahha.......Love ya, that was great. I agree if they can use it so can we.

Posted by: Wild Thing at March 12, 2007 01:59 AM

John, thank you too for the updates that you get and send me.

Posted by: Wild Thing at March 12, 2007 02:00 AM

Tom, glad it is back up. I think some people are just letting them know in emails maybe not sure. They have been getting some disruptors signing and trying to mess with it I think.

Posted by: Wild Thing at March 12, 2007 02:03 AM

Hi RWC, good to see you. Knowing there is support from you and others, even when a person can't be there still means a lot. I know it will be felt too just to know.

Yes that would be neat if this could be happening all over the world. People that know how important it is to fight back or it will be too late one day. God help us all.

Thanks again RWC.

Posted by: Wild Thing at March 12, 2007 02:05 AM

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Posted by: darthcrUSAderworldtour07 at March 12, 2007 04:27 PM

Darth, thank you so much for the link. Thank you for your comments on here Darth!!

Posted by: Wild Thing at March 12, 2007 11:44 PM