Theodore's World: Pelosi Wants Military Flights for Herself, Her Family and Delegation

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February 03, 2007

Pelosi Wants Military Flights for Herself, Her Family and Delegation

Speaker pursues military flights

The Washington Timnes

The office of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is pressing the Bush administration for routine access to military aircraft for domestic flights, such as trips back to her San Francisco district, according to sources familiar with the discussions.

The sources, who include those in Congress and in the administration, said the Democrat is seeking regular military flights not only for herself and her staff, but also for relatives and for other members of the California delegation. A knowledgeable source called the request "carte blanche for an aircraft any time."

"They are pressing the point of her succession and that the [Department of Defense] needs to play ball with the speaker's needs," one source said. The request originally went to the Pentagon, which then asked the White House to weigh in.

Mrs. Pelosi's request is not new for a speaker, who is second-in-line in presidential succession. A defense source said the speaker's regular access to a military plane began after the September 11, 2001, attacks. Rep. J. Dennis Hastert, Illinois Republican, who was speaker at the time, started using U.S. Air Force planes for domestic travel to and from his district for security reasons. A former Hastert aide said the congressman did not use military planes for political trips or regularly transport his family.

Sources said Mrs. Pelosi's request goes beyond what Mr. Hastert received. The speaker's legal counsel is spearheading the talks.

Congressional access to military passenger jets is generally restricted to official trips abroad, or for domestic flights to military bases or events to which the Pentagon invited the lawmaker. Al Qaeda attacks on the U.S. changed the procedure in the case of the speaker.

U.S. Air Force travel for VIPs such as members of Congress is first-rate. The planes are staffed with stewards who serve meals and tend an open bar. Communications suites allow members to conduct business while traveling.

Such flights are one of Congress' cherished perquisites, providing lawmakers a chance to visit foreign lands at government expense. Official duties are often mixed with sightseeing and fine dining.

Wild Thing's comment.......

It seems she is telling the Pentagon she has to have the plane because of her place in the LINE OF SUCCESSION.

Sad that our fine Air Force personnel must serve those who seek to undermine them at every turn. These planes are expensive and cost the taxpayers a small fortune. Even if Pelosi could make the case for her, how can she justify relatives and California congressmen?

Pelosi wants to use the aircraft for herself, staff, family and other members of the California delegation for the commute between Washington and San Francisco. Power hungry Pelosi wants her California Delegation to ride free on Military planes!!

California has 53 that what Pelosi hope rides for them too? What about their families also?

What about Pelosi using Ron Brown's old plane?


Posted by Wild Thing at February 3, 2007 12:44 AM


I hope her pilot is the same guy in the credit card comercial flying the crop duster.

Posted by: jack hamilton at February 3, 2007 04:24 AM

If she can't support the troops, then she can't have military transport or escorts. Plain and simple.
Too bad, Nancy.

Posted by: Lynn at February 3, 2007 07:52 AM

Gee, She really took her Coronation seriously, she ought to look at Prince Chaaaarles, he uses a regualar commercial jet, afterall isn't she one of those Concerned environmental left-wing kooks.

Someone should suggest that she learn Wing-Walking that way she could earn her air-fare, and be a real part of the circus she has created in washington.

Posted by: Mark at February 3, 2007 09:50 AM

Jack H. oh that would be great.

Posted by: Wild Thing at February 3, 2007 12:53 PM

Lynn, that is a brillant way to say it and true too. I wish they would say that to her with a big NO stamped on the memo of hers requesting this. Good one Lynn!!

Posted by: Wild Thing at February 3, 2007 12:54 PM

Mark hahahhaa good one.

Posted by: Wild Thing at February 3, 2007 12:54 PM

Imagine my pleasant surprise to see a picture of a Cessna L19/O1 Birddog spotter plane. I was a crew chief and observer on one of these mighty mites in Vietnam, the littlest warbird.

Now the military uses unmanned remotely controlled vehicles to do what we did with 4 eyeballs. Of course now they don't have to clean the Schlitz cans out of them. And they do from 15,000' with a Hellfire missile what we tried from 20' with hand grenades and an M60.


Posted by: TomR at February 3, 2007 01:42 PM

This reminds me of one of those 'Keep on Trucking' type cartoons I had where a political celebrity is shown boarding Airforce One, elbowing the steward out of the way in the process, captioned "Outa my way knave!!! A liberal is boarding'. I wish I could find that cartoon it fits the real situation. BTW Thank you TomR, smilin' here:)

Posted by: Jack at February 3, 2007 04:51 PM

Tom how cool, that is so neat!

I picked it for the graphic because I like that plane and it would be just the right size to make Pelosi not be able to bring all her family and luggage with her. heh heh

Posted by: Wild Thing at February 3, 2007 05:53 PM

Jack that would be great!!!

Posted by: Wild Thing at February 3, 2007 05:54 PM