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December 29, 2006

"Børk! Børk! Børk!" Schools Banning Cupcakes


The Cupcake Ban

Let me get this straight. According to The Washington Post, schools are now banning cupcakes?

That's right. What of it?

They're just cupcakes – little individual cakes wrapped in paper and coated with icing. What the heck could be wrong with a couple of lousy cupcakes?

It has to do with the Child Nutrition and Reauthorization Act of 2004. Any school that receives funding from the federal lunch program is required to create a wellness policy.

Yes, each school must develop a program to promote good health. Though the government doesn't direct schools on what the programs should include, typical programs are a mix of physical education, a health curriculum, and the elimination of junk food on school grounds.

Wild Thing's comment......

When I went to school, I took my lunch. I think it was only when I got to High Scholl that there were lunches provided by the school.

The thing I find interesting about this cupcake thing is that parents were always the ones to teach certain things to their children and now it is the schools that do this. Sex education etc. and it just seems to be taking the communication and parental involvement out of the equation.

Posted by Wild Thing at December 29, 2006 12:44 AM


"it just seems to be taking the communication and parental involvement out of the equation".

Right there you summed up the whole struggle between parents and the public school system. We were involved in the fight between private schools and the State of Michigan back in the 1980's. During the court battles, it came out that the quality of education wasn't the problem but it was who had control of the children...state or parents. The State of Michigan considered children to be a resource of the state. My son was in a private (Christian) school being taught by non-certified "housewives" and scoring two grade levels higher than his public school contemporaries.

Posted by: BobF at December 29, 2006 07:49 AM

In less than a year, pork products will also be banned where the Muslim population is large enough to make a to speak.

Posted by: Rhod at December 29, 2006 07:57 AM

I remember friendships formed over those silly little cupcakes. My girlfriends and I use to sit together and share all our lunches like a potluck. We had such fun. I think it's sad that the States think our children belong to them. My kids belong to me! I bore them, I raise them--they're mine. If they want cupcakes, they can have cupcakes!
Cupcakes isn't the issue. It's politics. Let's make the children into good little lemmings who will follow every little thing the government and the media tell them to. Teachers aren't teaching anymore--they're indoctrinating.
Thank God I've taught my kids not to believe everything they see or hear.

Posted by: Lynn at December 29, 2006 07:57 AM

Bob that is great about your son thanks for sharing about that.

And this.."The State of Michigan considered children to be a resource of the state."....sounds like it is out of the Hillary book. I lost the quote but she said once about children and labor even at a young age and getting their minds etc. to be part of the State. Very scary

Posted by: Wild Thing at December 29, 2006 11:21 AM

Rhod, hahaha love the pun.

I hadn't even thought of that, I bet your right and that will happen. Like up in Dearborne, there is a heavy population there.

Posted by: Wild Thing at December 29, 2006 11:23 AM

Lynn I know what you mean. My girlfriends and I did the same thing. We would take an apple for an orange or even sandwiches, it was fun.

Your right it is not about cupcakes it is all politics. Thanks Lynn.

Posted by: Wild Thing at December 29, 2006 11:25 AM

Look at your property tax statements, see who gets the lion's share of the tax revenue, the Socialists are not only robbing the parents of any control over their childrens -'EDUCATION" -, but their indoctrination as well and they are extorting you and I to do it.

I support private schools and would like to see vouchers made to them for their support, any parent who pays taxes should have a say in who teaches, what and where their children are taught with the curriculum set by the parents not the NEA or some board of Marxist-Communists posing as a board of directors.

Any person on the tax rolls who has children in private school should have that portion of their taxes mandated to the private school or better yet not be subjected to school taxes.

Bob, like you I've personnally seen the difference in education levels and quality of education of private over public schools. The children being deemed the 'resource of the state' smacks of Castro's Communist Cuba, exposing the root problem, but again isn't that who the American people just voted into power? It's all about control and social engineering.

Posted by: Jack at December 29, 2006 04:36 PM

Jack that is a great idea. I agree, I wish it worked that way instead.

Posted by: Wild Thing at December 30, 2006 02:06 AM