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November 04, 2006

The Bunker Notebook ~ News From In Country


This Category Bunker Notebook at Theodore's World, 
will be about the things shared in emails from 
our troops and other Americans that are 
located in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Theodore's World is very aware of how 
loose lips endanger our troops and other Americans 
working in the hot zones, so at all times great care will be 
taken in how much information is posted. 

Some notes will be directly from the troops 
and other notes from those such
as employees with Halliburton and others.


From an employee of Haliburton in Baghdad

Hi Chrissie,
Just some quick notes right now, but wanted to check back with you just in case things change here fast. Yesterday was pretty quiet, but it's been kind of bumpy the past week or so. We expect tomorrow to be a bit wild because the Saddam verdict is due. The IZ is now on high alert because of it.

I am not far from that courthouse at all. I imagine it's going to be pretty bumpy around here by Sunday. But if he gets convicted, there will likely be celebratory gunfire in the streets. Perhaps a stray celebratory bullet could, well you know, just going to be careful.

I had to laugh when you said in your last email about Ramsey Clark can stay over here. LOL We have enough terrorists here. We don't want that one, too. Maybe we can come up with some other country where he can be left, like Iran or something.

The Iraqis seem to favor hanging. Saddam said he prefers a firing squad because it's more dignified for his "position." (All the more reason to favor hanging.

Iraq tends to carry out death sentences within 30 days after sentencing. All in all I have a feeling Sunday might be a little noisy in the Green Zone.

About my being here again this year at Christmas, I'm OK with it. If all of these troops have to be away from their loved ones for Christmas, then I'll do it too. We'll makle it nice. :)

Sent my ballot in October 9th. Even us dumbasses stuck here in Irak are allowed to vote. Thanks Kerry. That stupid Kerry I am still very angry for Kerry saying such a nasty thing about our noble troops.

It makes me shudder to think what might have been if we had waited any longer to invade Iraq. Reading that New York Times article online from over here, everyone I talk to says the same thing. I supported the war and the reasons for it all along, but I never, ever suspected that Iraq was that close.

OH and before I end this letter, I have lost all my patience with Maliki. He had better get it together fast and stop kissing Iran's butt.

Stay strong and thanks for your prayers


Posted by Wild Thing at November 4, 2006 02:55 AM


Great message from Andy, I share his apprehension about Maliki and often wonder if he isn't working with Iran to install that idiot Muqtada al Sadr as Iraq's supreme religious leader. Religious qualifications mean little when the prevailing attitude is "an enemy of my enemy is my friend", this happened in Iran when they had their revolution. His name was Ruhollah ibn Mustafa Musawi Khomeini Hindi (meaning the Indian). He spent most of his years in exile stirring up hate and discontent amongst the young hotheads. Muqtada is doing the same with help from the Iranians.
People like Andy and our troops are increasingly put into danger because our media and our politicians continually put out the cut and run message that emboldens the enemy to increase their attacks on our military as well as the civilian population.
Maybe the NYT is having a moment of concience, I think not, they and the rest of the media have the blood of an awful lot of Americans on their hands, not to mention the thousands of civilian deaths by the Islamist death squads. I can't wait until tommorow to find out the fate of Saddam, I know that either way there will be chaos in Baghdad. God Bless our men and women in that hell hole.

Posted by: Jack at November 4, 2006 11:44 AM

Thanks Jack, and I am praying too for our men and women over there.

Posted by: Wild Thing at November 4, 2006 11:48 PM