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September 18, 2006

CAIR Up Close and Personal and With Whom

Let's take a little peek at CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations). If we want to do this war right, we need to do something about the enemy within. CAIR should be rounded up and tried for treason. Same deal for any D.C. insiders who have in any way supported them or benefitted from them.

We know they favor the teroriorts, and we know they are anti America.

"If you choose to live here (in America) ... you have a responsibility to deliver the message of Islam," he said. Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant, he said. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth."- Omar Ahmad, the Co-founder of the CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations).

And then there is from Nihad Awad...........

Executive Director Former Public Relations Director for the Islamic Association of Palestine (IAP). A Palestinian born in Jordan and now a U.S. citizen........ "I am in support of the Hamas movement."

We also know this...........

Shortly after the 9/11 attacks CAIR was caught misdirecting funds they were allegedly gathering for 9/11 relief to Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, a group that later had its funds frozen by the Treasury Department because the group was funding Hamas. Later, in 2004, the Holy Land Foundation was indicted for conspiracy, providing material support to a foreign terrorist organization, tax evasion and money laundering (a case that is still in the works).

And of course this as well...............

this year CAIR was pressuring schools to white wash the events of 9/11 in school textbooks in order to avoid giving students a bad impression of Islam.

And this from The Islamic States of America? by Daniel Pipes

"The hardest thing for Westerners to understand is not that a war with militant Islam is underway but that the nature of the enemy's ultimate goal. That goal is to apply the Islamic law (the Shari‘a) globally. In U.S. terms, it intends to replace the Constitution with the Qur'an.

This aspiration is so remote and far-fetched to many non-Muslims, it elicits more guffaws than apprehension. Of course, that used to be the same reaction in Europe, and now it's become widely accepted that, in Bernard Lewis' words, "Europe will be Islamic by the end of the century..."

But how about taking a look at the Representatives in the House who "support the interests" of CAIR as ranked by the organization itself.

If you go HERE to Say Anything and scroll down just a tad there is a list of the Representatives in the House who "support the interests" of CAIR as ranked by the organization itself (Democrats on the left, Republicans on the right.

Posted by Wild Thing at September 18, 2006 12:47 AM


Great post, you've been reading my mind. Notice that the list of CAIR supporters on the left are mostly the Communist-Socialist clatch that Bernie Sanders started, the CPC. Bernie Sanders is running for the Senate, he's a full blown Communist masquerading as an independent. These are the ones working to undermine the Presidency, the Constitution and the Nation. As for the Republicans on the list, I know Don Young, he's as bad as they get in corrupt politics, IMO he's Alaska's Ted Kennedy.
These are the leaders of the enemies within, that old familiar fifth column spoken about by Emilio Mola. They are the ones who will let Moslems take over in the House and Senate.

Posted by: Jack at September 18, 2006 10:10 AM

CAIR exists because we have poor, cowardly leadership that fears to publically state that CAIR is what it is. Add to the pot, anti-American academia, media and legislators/judiciary and we have the receipe for the demise of a free America as born by the Founding Fathers. Or, we may have the Second American Revolution born in the Red States.

Posted by: TomR at September 18, 2006 11:44 AM

New Pope Shows Spine
Islamonazi CAIR Is Not Impressed - video

Please Call The Vatican Embassy In Washington, DC at (202) 333-7121 to Express Your Support!

Posted by: terrorfree at September 18, 2006 12:51 PM

Jack that is a compliment, thank you, you have a great mind.

Posted by: Wild Thing at September 18, 2006 02:44 PM

Tom, a Second American Revolution could happen if they don't reign themselves in with their hate for wanting to do things that have to be done to protect this country. sheesh what a bunch of oh well grrrrrrr I better clean this up. haha

Posted by: Wild Thing at September 18, 2006 02:46 PM

Terrorfree, thanks for the link and information.

Posted by: Wild Thing at September 18, 2006 02:47 PM