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August 30, 2006

ACLU In Love With Terrorists

ACLU Wants Suspected Terrorists Allowed Back Into U.S.

U.S. Blocks Men’s Return to California From Pakistan

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 28 — Federal authorities have prevented two relatives of a father and son convicted recently in a terrorism-related case from returning home to California from Pakistan unless they agree to be interviewed by the F.B.I.

The United States attorney, McGregor W. Scott, reiterated a comment he had made to The San Francisco Chronicle, which reported Saturday about the Ismails’ troubles.

“They’ve been given the opportunity to meet with the F.B.I. over there and answer a few questions, and they’ve declined to do that,” Mr. Scott said through a spokeswoman, Mary Wenger.

The Ismails live in Lodi, Calif., a small farming town south of Sacramento, where their relatives Umer Hayat and his son, Hamid, were arrested last summer as part of what federal prosecutors said was an investigation into terrorist links.

The Ismails discovered they were on the federal government’s no-fly list of people not allowed to enter the United States after they were refused permission to board a connecting flight in Hong Kong on April 21; they had been trying to return to California after several years in Pakistan, said Julia Harumi Mass of the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California, who is representing them.

Now lets get one thing straight… this is not a case of profiling. The FBI received information that Jaber had attending a Pakistani Terrorist Training camp. Now here comes this young man trying to return to the United States after being in Pakistan for 4 years doing “religious study”. I applaud the FBI and Department of Homeland Security for denying him access to this country until he submits to a polygraph test to determine if he has indeed attending a terrorist training camp.

The ACLU on the other hand believes “They want to come home and have an absolute right to come home,” according to Julia Harumi Mass a lawyer for the American Civil Liberties Union. An absolute right?? The term absolute right reflects rights that cannot be taken away, such as Freedom of Speech, and Freedom of Religion. Suspected terrorists DO NOT have an absolute right to enter this country, even if they are US citizens!

Wild Thing's comment.....

I would like to know who the hell died and made the ACLU the boss, the leader of this country. Who the heck put them in charge of Homeland Security!!!

* Stop the ACLU

Posted by Wild Thing at August 30, 2006 01:55 AM


Polygraph "testing" has no scientific basis, and as used by law enforcement agencies in criminal investigations, often serves as little more than a pretext for interrogating a suspect in the absence of legal counsel. No citizen should be denied re-entry to the United States simply for exercising his constitutional right to remain silent. Our government's action in this regard is unconstitutional. If the government has a case against these men, it should bring charges.

Moreover, be aware that polygraph "tests" are easily passed through the use of simple countermeasures that polygraph examiners have no demonstrated ability to detect. Al Qaeda and affiliated jihadists know this. The “Myth of the Lie Detector" from an Iraqi jihadist electronic magazine and the section on lie detection from Al Qaeda's Encyclopedia of Jihad. The FBI's reliance on such pseudoscience as polygraphy for national security purposes reflects great irresponsibility and incompetence.

Posted by: George Maschke at August 30, 2006 04:55 AM

George Maschke....
first this, I took out your many links to your website that you put inside your comment. You have a link already when a person clicks on your name so overkill is not necessary and your desire to use my blog to get more hits by inserting your website link that way is not something I allow on here.

Now in regards to some other things.....

You said, "No citizen should be denied re-entry to the United States simply for exercising his constitutional right to remain silent."

If a person has nothing to hide they have absolutely no reason on earth to say no to being interviewed by the FBI or any other organization that is working with our Homeland Security.

If someone, anyone said NO to me if I worked for the FBI or CIA or Homeland Security a big ole red flag would go up immediately.

We are at war with Islam and the followers of this cult Islam need to be profiled, asked questions and if the person is related to someone that has already been proven to be a threat, you damn well better believe we do NOT need to allow them back in our country. That would not only be stupid but dangerous to the citizens of this great nation.

Then you said,”If the government has a case against these men, it should bring charges.”

Hahaha sorry but one cannot bring charges without physical evidence, that would blow the case. Right now the physical evidence is what it is as you can read in the article and for me that is more then enough NOT to let them back into the USA.

George, I am very well aware that a polygraph test can be controlled. The mind is a terrible thing to waste and if a person is able to control their emotions and other bodily functions with their mind it is not a big thing to confuse the machine into not knowing a lie. Also if a person is a sociopath they are worthless on a polygraph test because they have absolutely no emotion or bodily reaction to lies they tell so it is useless. Richard Jeffery Dahmer was a sociopath and to lie meant nothing to him. Same with Bill Clinton, no remorse, no guilt, nothing.

What I get from your comment is that you sound more like an ACLU lawyer then anything else or at least a leftie that wants all terrorists to be allowed to walk our streets.

No thank you!

Posted by: Wild Thing at August 30, 2006 11:31 AM

As American Citizens you would think these people would want to talk to the FBI and assist them in protecting the United States. How could any loyal American not want to help protect their fellow citizens from Terrorist actions. I would think it be an honor to help defend this nation from attack.

Posted by: BobF at August 30, 2006 11:45 AM

This looks like a clear example of a Moslem that doesn't wan't to fit in as an American citizen after being naturalized, who then took his son to Pakistan for formal Islamic indoctrination which put them both in jeopardy of being barred from re-entry. Leave them both in Pakistan, they made that decision and no one else.

WT, your statement "If a person has nothing to hide they have absolutely no reason on earth to say no to being interviewed by the FBI or any other organization that is working with our Homeland Security. " says it all.

Two organizations openly serve the enemies of this nation and it's people, both have innocuous names to mislead the public perception to believe that they are there to serve freedom and liberty, in a sense they are, for our enemies that is.

They are the American Civil Liberties Union and The National Lawyers Guild, both are founded on Communist principles, both represent anarchists, terrorists and un-american activities.

Both are out to destroy the Constitution, our religious freedom and our liberty.

My personal feelings are that if you leave this country to assist the enemy in trying to bring down this country you have forfeited the right to live amongst it's people, your citizenship is null and void.

If such a citizen is captured they should be tried for treason and executed, non citizens - deported, family included. This country tolerates too many of the types like Clark Kissinger and Lynne Stewart due to ACLU and NLG activities.

Any lawyer who takes the position of supporting these traitors and granting them super rights, like Ramsey Clark, are as guilty as the perpetrators.

Posted by: Jack at August 30, 2006 01:23 PM

I'm soooo glad I live in California (please insert very sarcastic tone here). I was just sent a map of the US with Hezbollah cells marked on it ~ there are 2 located 40 miles north of my town. How fun! Mad drivers running down moms and their kids and fathers sending their sons to "camp" in Pakistan.
But hey, we have the PC Police here ~ we'll be fine....heh

Posted by: yankeemom at August 30, 2006 03:04 PM

Bob I agree with every thing you said, it would be an honor to help in anyway a person could.

Posted by: Wild Thing at August 30, 2006 07:18 PM

Jack Ditto and Amen!!!

Posted by: Wild Thing at August 30, 2006 07:19 PM

Yankeemom, I live in Sarasota, Florida and 45 minutes to an hour from me is Tampa. It is loaded with cells. Florida has tons of them.

I guess a lot of places are more and more like this. I know they are being watched like hawks but I wish they would just kick them out or something.

Posted by: Wild Thing at August 30, 2006 07:22 PM

Here is a short reminder of what the ACLU is and what it is all about.

Posted by: Jack at August 30, 2006 07:57 PM

Jack thank you for that link I am going to save it.

Posted by: Wild Thing at August 30, 2006 11:08 PM