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June 17, 2006

Thank You To All Of You

A toast to each of you
for coming to

Theodore's World Blog
aka PC Free Zone Gazette

My blog started on September 21,2005 and I want to thank each one of you for your awesome support, kindness and friendships. You all mean so much to me! Thank you for your input, your comments, your joy, rants and tears as we talk about the good, bad and ugliness in this world.

We support our troops together as one and I love you for that too. Thank you to all of you that are Veterans, thank you for serving our country and even today going that extra mile as you get the word out on things happening that are against America and your sharing about politics, and the war.

Thank you for the pings, the trackbacks and support since day one of my having this little blog. It has all meant so much to me. I have met some of the finest men and women in the entire world from having this blog and I am truly blessed and honored.

Thank you to the troops, thank you for peeking in here and your emails letting me know how you are doing.

Our friendships will go on into forever and always live in my heart.

On this day, Theodore's World blog aka PC Free Zone has hit the 100,000 mark.

I toast each one of you and there is plenty of champaign for each of you.

Thank you to my blog Mom Linda at Something.....and Half of Something for helping me set up my blog. And to my blog Uncle Vinnie at Vince aut Morire

Thank you
((((((( hugs )))))))
Wild Thing

Posted by Wild Thing at June 17, 2006 12:55 PM


100,001 !!!!!!!!!!!

Its our distinct pleasure Chrissie, you are one of the nicest blogfriends I have.

Posted by: Jane at June 17, 2006 01:47 PM

Woo-woo! Get some, girl!

Posted by: John of Argghhh! at June 17, 2006 02:00 PM

...and we all love you :)

Posted by: sierrahome at June 17, 2006 02:05 PM

thank you honey!

Posted by: annika at June 17, 2006 02:16 PM

Ya done well Wild Thing, and we love and respect you for your work.

Posted by: TomR at June 17, 2006 02:21 PM

Congrats Chrissie! We love you! :)

Posted by: jody at June 17, 2006 02:34 PM

Who needs Bob Hope? We can drop by your digs every day. Thanks 'til the end of time, Chrissie.

Posted by: Rhod at June 17, 2006 03:16 PM

Congrats Sweetie!
You have my heart and you know how Cuchieddie feels about you. Thanks for being there for our guys then and continuing to be here now.

All my love!

Posted by: Stepperg at June 17, 2006 03:23 PM

Congratulations, thats quite an acomplishment for a "new" shows that you do the highest quality work.

Thank you for all the goodies you've let me have over this past year.

Posted by: Delftsman3 at June 17, 2006 04:27 PM

Congrats Chrissie!!! Party down in Sarasota!!!

Posted by: raz0r at June 17, 2006 04:50 PM

Congrats WT. Thanks for all you have done and for all you are doing. A soldier or veteran couldn't ask for a finer friend or ally, you are loved and admired for all you do. Give my best to the Old Salt and have an extra glass of the bubbly for me.

Posted by: Jack at June 17, 2006 06:57 PM

CONGRATULATIONS!!! 100,000 is only the beginning.

Posted by: BobF at June 17, 2006 08:24 PM

Congratulations Chrissie, and thank you for all you do.

Posted by: John 5 at June 17, 2006 08:38 PM

Congratulations Chrissie! Here's a toast to a million more!

Posted by: Beth at June 17, 2006 09:32 PM

Hope to see you soon Chrissie! Congratulations!

Posted by: Vinnie at June 17, 2006 10:33 PM

Congrats, Chrissie! Way to go!!!! Keep up the great work!

Posted by: Merri at June 17, 2006 11:01 PM

Here's to the next 100,000!

Posted by: CraigC at June 18, 2006 01:25 AM

Congratulations Chrissie

Posted by: Robert at June 18, 2006 01:57 AM

Murtha could not make a pimple on a real Marines
Butt my brother was a real Marine

Posted by: Robert at June 18, 2006 02:00 AM

I love you all!!

((((( hug )))))


Posted by: Wild Thing at June 18, 2006 02:24 AM

Robert, I agree, I wish the Marines had a way of kicking him out as a disgrace and a traitor.

Posted by: Wild Thing at June 18, 2006 02:26 AM

Dearest Chrissie
Please forgive me for being late. I was in Nashvile getting some Medical stuff done.I hope you know how I fell about you and all that you have done for GI's everywhere. You are with out a doubt a treasure of humanity a very special person and there is a place for you in my heart for ever.

Posted by: Jack Hamilton at June 18, 2006 07:34 AM

Congratulations,Wild Thing! I have had you as a "must read" for months now. Thank you for your love and service to all of our service members.


Posted by: DickB at June 18, 2006 07:56 AM

Hi Jack, welcome home. I have missed seeing you. I hope it all went well in Nashvile.

Thank you.

Posted by: Wild Thing at June 18, 2006 12:35 PM

Hi Dick, thank you so much. It is really nice to see you.

Posted by: Wild Thing at June 18, 2006 12:38 PM


Posted by: beth at June 18, 2006 01:56 PM

Beth thank you my sweet friend.

Posted by: Wild Thing at June 18, 2006 07:56 PM

...and many more. You are magnificent, thanks for all you do!

Posted by: MajMike at June 19, 2006 09:11 AM

MajMike thank you for your kindess. Thank you for all you do MajMike.

Posted by: Wild Thing at June 19, 2006 10:28 AM